Cinnamon Essential Oil For Lips: All-Natural Lip Care


Pink and juicy lips are every girl's dream these days. From using various lip glosses to maintaining the health of the lips women invest in a lot of products to keep their lips healthy smooth and plump. Sadly people also rely on artificial and sensitive treatments to achieve a plump look on their lips. It is shocking to know that some people also go for lip fillers and surgeries for that instant plump look on their lips. But is it safe? The treatments and methods are very risky and may cost you dollars of dollars. Well, do not worry as today we have a treatment that will cost a few bucks and will last you for an eternity. Yes, you heard it right. Cinnamon Essential Oil is a natural remedy that costs you next to nothing and works well for your lips. Are you surprised to know the same? Well, today our focus is on using cinnamon Essential oil for lips and how it benefits you in the long one.

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Cinnamon Essential oil is effective and is a natural treatment that verbs graded for juicy and pink lips the Essential oil is very strong and is immensely used in making several lip care products be it lips crop lip serum lips sticks or even lip balms. Using it at home can be very tricky. You can either use it to moisturize your lips or even to exfoliate them for that soft feel. In the upcoming section, we will explore the benefits of using cinnamon Essential oil for lips along with the major precautions that you must take for maximum benefits and no side effects.

Benefits Of Cinnamon Essential Oil For Lips

  • Reduces Dry And Flaky Lips

Using toxic and chemical-based lip care products usually leads to dry skin around your lips which looks extremely ugly. Using cinnamon Essential oil is truly a savior in this case cinnamon Essential oil for lips helps to rejuvenate the area and also treats dryness and roughness. Combining it with carrier oil brings in miraculous results as a trait the dryness in your lips and also reduces fine lines on the lips.

  • Tackles Infections

Bacterial infection can overpower your lips because of using harmful lip care products that are based on toxins and chemicals. Several times spiders or other insects or fleas also cross over your lips and lead to severe bacterial and fungal infections. While this condition is becoming very prevalent in the coming years it is important to find the treatment for the same. Cinnamon Essential oil for lips is the perfect option to treat a variety of disorders. Cinnamon oil is loaded with anti-inflammatory microbial antibacterial and antifungal qualities which makes it up perfect choice to tackle bacterial infections on lips and skin. However, it is very important to dilute the Essential Oil before usage as it is very strong and might irritate your lips.

  • Promotes Blood Circulation

Proper blood circulation in your lips is very important as it helps to reveal a juicy and plump look. Positively cinnamon Essential oil is a powerhouse of active compounds that when massaged on lips helps to promote blood circulation. Cinnamon oil is rich in essential antioxidants and vitamins which help to reduce infections on your lips and also boost the blood flow. Guess what cinnamon Essential oil for lips also helps to exfoliate it well while reducing dryness and dark lips.

  • Reduces Irritation

Lip irritation is a very serious concern these days. It is usually induced after eating extra spicy food or if you are allergic to certain ingredients or lip care products. Using cinnamon Essential oil for lips helps to reduce skin and irritation to a great extent. Since cinnamon Essential oil is high in antibacterial fungal and anti-inflammatory properties it works as a natural alternative to reduce inflammation swelling and skin irritation.

  • Ideal Treatment For Chapped Lips

Do you have dry chapped and flaky lips? Does that make you feel underconfident and restrict you from applying a gorgeous coat of your favorite lipstick? Well, not anymore because cinnamon Essential oil is here to tackle chapped lips. Essential oil is rich in hydrating moisturizing and antioxidant qualities which not only heals chapped and flaky lips but also makes them look plump fuller and juicy. The Essential oil when combined with sweet almond oil or any carrier oil brings in incredible results to reduce lip dryness and irritation.

Is Cinnamon Essential Oil Safe For Lips?

While talking about the effectiveness of cinnamon Essential oil it deserves a 100 on 100. But is it safe to use on lips? Well, to be precise cinnamon Essential oil is good for lips but using it frequently might damage the barrier and skin of your lips. Not only this but cinnamon Essential oil is very strong and in some rare cases it might lead to severe irritation on your lips. So as specialists, we always recommend you do a patch test before applying cinnamon Essential oil to your lips. Also how about diluting it? It is very important to dilute any Essential oil while applying it on your face or lips because essential oils are the pure essence of plants and are very strong. So it is necessary to reduce their potency for maximum benefits.

DIY Cinnamon Essential Oil For Lips Recipe


Recipe 1 - Cinnamon Lip Scrub

  • For this easy-peasy recipe, You only need one teaspoon sugar one teaspoon coconut oil, and two drops of cinnamon Essential oil.
  • Simply combine all the ingredients and store them in a small jar.
  • Scrub this mixture gently on your lips for 2 to 5 minutes and keep it on for a plump effect.
  • Wash it off after 10 minutes and you will see your lips feel incredibly soft and juicy.

Recipe 2- Cinnamon Oil Lip Serum

  • Are you wondering how you can make cinnamon oil lip serum using only a few ingredients?
  • Well simply combine two teaspoons of coconut oil 1/2 teaspoon of glycerine along with 3 to 4 drops of cinnamon Essential oil.
  • Mix it all well and transfer it to a lips serum bottle.
  • Apply this cinnamon oil lip serum for plump and juicy lips.

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    Cinnamon oil is such a versatile ingredient to include in your skincare and healthcare routine. And why not, the oh-so-benefitting skincare ingredient does wonders for your lips and provides a juicy and plump effect. Using it with caution is the best thing to do. Explore a variety of pure essential oils and carrier oils only at Moksha Essentials.