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Buy Organic Body Butters Online in USA From Moksha To Keep Yourself Hydrated

Moksha Essentials is a premium supplier of natural body butters and other natural ingredients online at wholesale prices in USA. Based out of Herndon (Virginia), we have our own manufacturing units and offer high quality products at wholesale prices. Moksha is leading supplier of top body butters in USA and Canada. We also supply other natural ingredients like Pure Essential oils, carrier Oils, Hydrosols, Fragrances etc. Moksha is one of the first leading companies to start online delivery of the best body butters in the USA using our large network of Warehouses and Shippers.

We are preferred ingredient supplier to many leading as well as home-based businesses in USA. Moisturizing Body Butters are often used in Skincare, Haircare, Lipcare and Bodycare Products. Moksha Essentials is one stop solution for all natural ingredients such as Organic body butters. We have our own in-house lab which boosts of latest technology combined with experienced chemists where all butters are tested for purity and quality.

Over time we have acquired/contracted with various distilleries and manufacturers all over the world and source remaining ingredients from trusted and ethical sources only. All our wholesale body butters are free of synthetic fragrances or preservatives and are 100% pure and natural.

Shop Skin Soothing High Quality Natural Body Butters Online At Moksha

Our moisturizing body butters comprise of botanical oils and are plant based in nature. They are derived from natural sources like seeds, beans and nuts. They are rich of proteins and fatty acids and are best suited for dry skin. Our butters have excellent emollient properties and can be used along with essential oils to provide therapeutic benefits.

Moksha’s Moisturizing Body butters are ideal for formulating products like creams, balms, lotions, soaps, whipped body butters and more. Butters have a thicker consistency as they contain long chain fatty acids which are solid at room temperature. Though most butters melt when they come in contact with the skin. 

Butters are known to add viscosity, stability and sometimes hardness to products. Their quality is determined by its aroma, consistency, absorption rate, fatty acid profile, tocopherols, sun protection amongst other characteristics.

Order From A Wide Range of Exotic Wholesale Body Butters For Skin Care

Natural body butters are blends of various oils which are extracted from beans, nuts or seeds/kernels. Top Body Butters do not contain water and therefore butters do not need preservatives. Different Butters have different textures ranging from soft to semi-solid, to hard or solid. Moksha’s are extremely well suited for dry and chapped skin due to their higher moisturizing ability.

Moksha offers the best body butters at wholesale prices. Our butters are suitable for skincare, haircare and personal care products.

All our wholesale body butters are tested in our in-house lab for purity and quality by our experienced technicians.

Cocoa Butter: Moksha’s organic cocoa butter is known for its pelasant aroma, rich aroma. It is an excellent emollient and provides moisturizing benefits. It is also known to slow down signs of aging. 

Mango Butter: Soothing properties of organic mango butter mango butter makes it suitable for sensitive skin. It is a perfect butter for inflamed and dry skin and provides deep hydration. It helps replenish loss of water in skin and can be used in various skincare and haircare formulations. Mango butters is also considered as one of the best body butters due to its hypoallergenic nature.

Shea Butter: Shea butter is one of the most popular organic butters and is known for its deep moisturizing properties. It has smooth texture and consistency and is often used in DIY and natural cosmetic formulations. Shea butter is also considered as one of the best body butters for eczema and used in such formulations.

Kokum Butter: Kokum butter is a non-greasy, lightweight butter which is solid at room temperature. It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients which makes it a multi-benefitting body butter. It helps maintain skin moisture and promotes healthy skin.

Aloe Butter: Organic Aloe butter is considered as one of the best body butters for dry skin and is beneficial to treat sunburn and rashes on skin. It is a soft semi-solid at room temperature and is very easily absorbed. It is an excellent healer for all skin types.

Buy Natural Body Butter From Moksha’s Online Store in USA 

Organic butters are perceived to be of best quality. However they do have a shelf life of 2 years and go rancid after expiry. Remember - Butters should always be stored in a cool and dark environment. There are various factors which determine the quality of body butters.

Aroma: Most body butters are either completely odorless or have a very mild nutty and sweet aroma characteristic of the plant source.

Extraction: Best body butters which are ideal for use in natural products are raw, organic and unrefined. Unrefined butters have to be filtered to remove dust and small particles which do not compromise nutrients, vitamins and fatty acid profile of the oil. Moksha’s Butters are also deodorized using a mechanical process free of any chemicals to make them suitable for use in Cosmetics since many cosmetic formulators require butters which are odorless and do not interfere with the aroma of essential or fragrance oils.

Consistency: Different butters have different consistency varying from soft to hard. It is important to note the intention behind using a particular butter. Soft butters absorb quickly into skin while hard butters add to the hardness of the end product.

Fatty Acid Profile: Butters contain fatty acids which provide moisturizing and nourishing properties. These constituents provide stimulating and regenerative qualities which promote younger, fresher and healthier hair and skin.

Skincare Benefits Of The Raw Natural Cosmetic Body Butters At Moksha 

Moksha’s exotic butters can be applied directly on skin or can be incorporated into spa, cosmetic or massage formulations like creams, lotions, soaps, lip balms, body balm etc. Butter melt when they come in contact with body heat and add softness and smoothness to skin and hair, thereby relieving dryness, rough skin, breakage and irritation.

Soaps: Moksha Essentials’ Moisturizing Body Butters can be added to soaps and body scrubs as they provide exfoliating properties. Butter contributes to firmness of the soap and provide deep moisturization. They help in smooth and rejuvenated skin. Few exotic butter which are often used in making soaps include Mango butter, Cocoa Butter, Kokum butter etc. 

Cream and lotions: Body butters can be added to skin care formulations to add luxurious moisturization. Organic body butters are also known to provide texture and consistency to cream and lotions. Best butters for creams and lotions include shea butter, aloe butter, sal butter etc

Lip Products: Organic butters are often added to lip balms and lipsticks as they provide firmness to the product in addition to skin loving properties. They help deeply moisturize skin and helps heel dry, chapped lips.

Hair: Body butters are often added to haircare products like shampoo, conditioner, hair mask as they provide nourishment and deep moisturization. They help soften dry, brittle hair and help strengthen hair. Some of the examples of best butter for hair include shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter etc.  

Whipped Body butters: You can make your own whipped body butters using our raw, organic and unrefined butter. Whipped body butters are extremely popular these days and are known for providing moisturization. These get absorbed quickly into skin and provide deep nourishment.

Why Choose Moksha Essentials Wholesale Body Butters Online in USA

Wide Range of Butters: Moksha offers wide range of raw and natural moisturizing body butters at wholesale prices. They are suitable for both commercial and personal uses and can be used to make DIY projects.

Wholesale Prices – We supply wholesale body butters at affordable prices. Some of the organic butter are made in-house while few are sourced from ethical and trusted suppliers.

Best Quality Products –Moksha’s natural body butters are of premium quality and are derived from natural sources. These can be used to make a variety of products like DIY Body creams, lotions, hair masks, shampoo, conditioner etc. Moksha Essentials gives peace of mind with our certifications, testing facilities and quality assurance.

Pan USA Delivery – You can buy wholesale body butters online from our store from any part of the USA and get delivery of products within 8-10 days. We use priority shipping and ship through our trusted courier partners like DHL, Fedex to ensure safety during shipping. DHL and FedEx have approved us to make body butter online delivery anywhere in the US using their services due to our premium and safe packaging which avoids any leakage during shipping.

Secure & Easy Payment – You can order pure and natural butters online using our safe and secure payment portal. We offer various payment options via Paypal on checkout for safe and secure payments.

Hassle-Free Organic Body Butters Online Delivery in USA Now With Moksha 

Moksha Essentials is one of the leading suppliers of Organic body butter which go in health, beauty and wellness industry. We are manufactures and suppliers of the top body butters in USA. We do not add artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives to our butters. You can easily make whipped body butters using our organic butter. We offer premium quality butters like aloe butter, shea butter, cocoa butter in various pack sies starting from 30ml to 200 litre bulk drums. Every butter has unique composition and properties and can be added to skin, hair, lip and body care products. We also apply highest packaging standards using eco-friendly materials to ensure our products reach customers safely. We have tie up with trusted shipping partners like DHL, Fedex which deliver our products across United States.


What are Body Butters?

Body Butters are the pressed fat from the seeds/kernels of various fruits/nuts such as Shea, Mango, Kokum, Cocoa, Sal, etc. They can also be made using hydrogenation of pressed carrier oils such as avocado, olive, etc. They are essentially more moisturizing and longer lasting than regular oils in cosmetic formulations and have a long lasting skin feel.

What are Body Butters used for?

Body Butters may be used directly on the skin for moisturizing and other therapeutic benefits, or they may be added to cosmetic formulations such as Cosmetic Butters, Face Butter, Lip Butters, Body Lotions, Creams, etc. Some body butters also provide therapeutic benefits. For example Shea butter is highly prized as one of the best body butters for eczema creams and lotions.

How to use Body Butters?

Body Butters are simple to use and can be used either directly on the skin or added to cosmetic products similarly to how carrier oils are added/used. When using directly on the skin it is recommended to do a patch test overnight on the inner elbow overnight to check suitability.

How long do body butters last?

Compared to carrier oils, body butters last longer on the skin as they are thicker and form a layer on the skin which is also slightly water resistant.

Which are the Best Body Butters?

While all Body Butters have their own benefits and suitable for different types of skin, one of Moksha Essentials’ best selling ones is Mango Butter. This is because it is hypo-allergenic and suitable for all users including children as it does not contain any potential allergens. So when in doubt, Mango butter is the one that is recommended. In terms of skin type, Aloe Butter is one of the best Body Butters for Dry Skin.

Where to buy cheap body Butters?

Moksha Essentials USA offers organic body butters wholesale in the US with online delivery and money back guarantee for all its natural body butters. Our online store offers some of the best prices in the industry for the top body butters including rare ones such as Coconut Butter and Aloe Butter.