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Clays & Salts

Shop Organic Body Clays and Salts Online Today From Moksha Essentials in USA

Moksha Essentials is a premium supplier of natural clays, salts and other natural ingredients at wholesale prices in the USA. We are based out of Herndon (Virginia) with our own manufacturing units and offer high quality products at reasonable prices. We are leading supplier of organic and natural clays and salts in USA and Canada. We also supply other ingredients like pure essential oils, carrier oils, fragrance oils, hydrosols etc. Moksha is one of the first leading companies to start natural clay and salt delivery in USA using our large network of warehouses and shippers.

We are preferred ingredient supplier to many leading as well as home-based businesses in the USA. Natural clay body wraps and salts often find their usage in skincare, haircare, lip care and body care products. Moksha Essentials is the one stop solution for all natural clays and salt requirements and boasts of its own in-house lab with latest technology and experienced technicians where all our products are tested for purity and quality.

All our organic body clays and salts are 100% natural and pure and are free of synthetic fragrances or preservatives. Over time we have acquired/contracted with many producers around the world and source the remaining ingredients from trusted and ethical producers.

Obtain The Best Body Clay Powders Online At Great Deals From Moksha

Clays are naturally occurring, mineral rich and earthy elements which are derived from sources like volcanic ash, rocks, soil or sediments. Each clay has different composition and comprises of minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Silica. Cosmetic clays are mainly used to eliminate oil, bacteria and other impurities from skin, leaving skin feeling cleansed and clarified. 

Wholesale body clay mask are often used to make facemasks which help balance pH level and help retain natural moisture in skin. They can also be used to help treat acne and pimples and are effective at reducing scars and blemishes.

Moksha best body clays and salts are skin benefitting ingredients and can be applied on various skin types.  They are beneficial for hair as well and help draw impurities from scalp. Clays and salts also help in removing dead skin cells, flakes and excess oil, thereby promoting growth of healthy hair.

Choose From A Huge Collection Of Body Clays & Natural Salts Online At Moksha Essentials

Moksha provides wholesale body clay mask and natural salts online at affordable rates which are free of synthetic colors, fragrances or preservatives. They are 100% natural and chemical free and are safe to be used on skin and hair. We have a large variety of clays which are sourced from authentic sources. Some of these include:

Kaolin Clay Powder- Kaolin superfine clay is mildest of all clays and is suitable for all skin types. It is rich in silica and helps balance pH levels in skin. It has excellent absorbent properties and absorbs excess oil, sebum and dirt. Kaolin clay has also been used in natural deodorants such as a product with kaolin clay for body odor control.

Bentonite Clay Powder – Bentonite clay powder is one of the most powerful and healing clays. It is formed from volcanic ash and is known detoxify and cleanse skin deeply. It is an ideal clay which can be used for face masks, hair masks etc. Cosmetic companies also use bentonite clay for body wraps.

French Pink Clay – French pink clay is mode of a unique composition of Kaolinite, Montmorillonite, and Calcite. It is a mild clay and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Natural pink clay has light texture and has restorative properties which help retain moisture in skin while drawing out impurities. Some personal care brands also use french pink clay for body detox products.

Fullers Earth / Multani Mitti -Fullers earth also known as Multani mitti is comprised of all skin loving ingredients. It is known for its purifying and absorbent properties and is an excellent agent to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish skin.

Dead Sea Salt – Dead sea salt is obtained from the bottom of Dead Sea and is known for its healing and skin benefitting properties. It is rich in Minerals like Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and helps rejuvenate skin cells. Dead sea salt is also known to reduce dandruff and balance excess sebum production.

Aloe Vera gel – Pure and organic aloe vera gel is rich in Vitamins, Minerals and anti-oxidants. It can be used to treat multiple skin ailments like dry skin, sun burn etc. It deeply nourish and moisturises skin because of its humectant properties. It can also be used to strengthen hair and promotes hair growth. Our aloe vera gel is free from Carbopol and made using fresh pressed aloe veral gel, aloe vera juice, a mixture of natural and organic gums and an ECOCERT approved organic preservative. This is truly the best aloe vera gel you can get.

Why Order Organic Body Clay and Salt From Moksha’s Online Store in USA

Wholesale body clay mask and salts are safe for use on skin and are free of any synthetic colorants, fragrances or preservatives. These pure powders have a shelf life of 2 years and can be used for a variety of products like face masks, Hair masks, Bath bombs etc. Pure clay and salts help remove impurities from skin and hair, leaving it feeling fresh and clean. 

Skincare: Pure salts and clays can be used to make a variety of skincare products. These can be used to make creams, lotions etc. to remove impurities from skin, improve blood circulation and brings about natural glow. Some other uses include products such as french green clay for body odor, Rhassoul clay for body wraps, kaolin clay body wrap for weight loss, zeolite clay for body detox. 

Face Mask: Natural clay body wraps are often used to make facemasks. Organic Dry Clay Powders can be used individually or combined with other clays to make face mask at home. They helps deeply cleanse skin and draw out impurities and excess dirt. They also help balance sebum production, leaving skin feeling fresh and glowing. Some of the best clays for face mask include bentonite clay, kaolin clay etc.

Haircare: Clay body wraps absorb excess oil and soothes scalp. They can be used in a variety of hair care products like hair mash, dry shampoo etc. They help reducing irritation on scalp, dandruff, itching and flakiness.

Soaps: Clay body wraps can be used in soaps to provide skin benefitting properties. These help draw out impurities from skin and cleanses it. They also serve as natural, gentle exfoliant and remove oils and dirt from skin. These also act as a great natural colorant in cold process or melt and pour soaps.

Bath Salts and Bath Bombs: Dead sea salt can be used to make bath salts and bombs. You can make your own bath salt at home using our pure dead sea salt. High mineral content in dead sea salt helps cleanse and detoxify skin. It also helps reduce pain and inflammation and provides relaxing experience at home.

Buy Best Quality Clay And Salt Online in Bulk From Moksha Essentials

Wide Range of Clays and Salts: Moksha Essentials offers a wide range of premium clays and natural salts online at bulk rates. They are suitable for both commercial and personal uses and can be used to make DIY projects.

Wholesale Prices – Moksha Is a leading manufacturer and supplier of natural clay powders and thus provide clays and salts at wholesale rates. Our products are 100% genuine and available at best prices in the industry.

Best Quality Products –Moksha’s natural clays and salts are of premium quality and are derived from natural sources. These can be used to make a variety of products like DIY face masks, body mask, hair mask etc. to draw out impurities and rejuvenate skin. Moksha Essentials gives peace of mind to our customers with our certifications, testing facilities and quality assurance.

Pan USA Delivery – You can buy wholesale clays and natural salts online from our store from any part of the USA and get delivery of products within 8-10 days. We use priority shipping and using our trusted courier partners like DHL, Fedex to ensure safety during shipping. DHL and FedEx have approved us to make clays and salts online delivery anywhere in the US using their services due to our premium and safe packaging which avoids any leakage during shipping.

Secure & Easy Payment – You can buy the best organic body clays and salts online using our safe and secure payment portal. We offer various payment options via Paypal on checkout for safe and secure payments

Order Natural Clay Online Delivery From The Leading Supplies in USA - Moksha

Moksha essentials is one of the leading suppliers of the best body clays and salts and aloe vera gel which are often used in beauty, health and wellness industry. We are manufacturers and suppliers of natural ingredients and provide finest and high quality products only in USA. All our products are tested for purity and quality in our in-house lab. They are free of any artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives. We offer premium clays like Bentonite clay, French Pink Clay which can be used to make a variety of products like Face Mask, Hair mask etc. We offer premium quality clays and salts in various pack sizes starting from 250gm to 180kg bulk drums. We apply highest packaging standards and use eco-friendly materials to ensure our products reach customers safely. We ship using priority mode through our trusted shipping partners like DHL, Fedex which deliver our products across United States.


Where to buy Cosmetic Clays?

Moksha Essentials online store has a wide range of Cosmetic clays such as Kaolin clay powder, white clay powder, french green clay powder, french red clay powder, Rhassoul clay powder and many others. Combined with the quick delivery times, Moksha USA is the best place to order organic body clay and salts online in the US.

Where do I buy Bentonite clay powder?

The best quality Bentonite clay is also called IP grade Bentonite clay powder. This is because this conforms to International Pharmacopeia (pharmaceutical) standards. Moksha Essentials’ Bentonite clay powder is certified as per IP standards and hence the best in the industry. You can buy this online at our online store at wholesale prices and guaranteed delivery within 7-8 working days.

Where to buy white clay powder?

Our Kaolin superfine clay is a super white clay powder suitable for use in cosmetics, clay body wrap, face packs and more. You can purchase this the best prices in the industry from our US store online with complete peace of mind.

Where to buy green clay powder?

Moksha USA’s online store is the best source for high quality, cosmetic grade green clay powder in the US. We guarantee delivery via our shipping partners DHL/FedEx on priority and offer money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our products.

Where to buy dead sea salt?

Dead sea salt only comes from two countries primarily – Jordan and Israel. Moksha’s Dead Sea Salt comes from Jordan and is rich in minerals and actives which make the skin tight and help to detoxify the body. Since our dead sea salt is a fine powder variety, it is also versatile and can be used in a wide variety of products without much processing required.