Bye-Bye Fruit Flies: Essential Oils to the Rescue

Bye-Bye Fruit Flies: Essential Oils to the Rescue

Summers are almost here and so are the fresh fruits that call out for juices and drinks. If you ever have fruits in your kitchen pantry you might have noticed a bunch of flies buzzing around it. They are known as the fruit flies which usually suspect your fruit and even the food that you cook. Although they do not have the authority to do so insects can hangover at any place or item to destroy it fully. Especially on your countertops and places where the fruit is openly placed, fruit flies usually create a wave around that area. Thankfully we have conquered the best natural remedy that not only kills fruit flies but also repels them. Are you wondering what is that one remedy that works so well for fruit flies? Well, it is none other than essential oils for fruit flies.

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The chemical-based solutions that offer a toxic smell might help you get rid of the fruit flies. But in the long run, it definitely degrades the environment and also the quality of food. The fragrance of chemical-based products might hamper your pantry. Therefore as experts, we always recommend you to choose natural goodies that are effective and 100% safe to bid farewell to fruit flies in your house. So are you ready to explore the best essential for warding off fruit flies? Let's get started.

Top 7 Essential Oils for Fruit Flies

Essential oils attract fruit flies like anything. The fragrance that it comes with usually attracts fruit flies and then kills them so that they no longer buzz around the fruit basket. If you are wondering about the best essential for getting rid of fruit flies then stay tuned.

1. Tea tree essential oils for fruit flies in house

To eradicate those fruit flies and keep your fruits clean and fresh make sure to use Tea Tree Essential. Tea tree oil  is an all-rounder Essential oil that is packed with antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. It serves as an ideal remedy to kick off those bugs, insects, mosquitoes, flies, and pests in your the same way it works to eliminate fruit flies in your kitchen. To use tea tree Essential oil for fruit flies you can simply add it in a spray bottle along with normal water. Shake it well and utilize this mixture around the areas where fruit flies usually appear. Do not forget the countertops of your kitchen around the dustbins and drains. Tea tree Essential oil wonderfully battles with fruit flies and repels them to a great extent. However, do not spray it over your fruits as it might lead to a toxic flavor and smell.

2. Peppermint Essential oil

Did you know that you can use peppermint Essential oil to kill fruit flies? Flies hate the fragrance of  peppermint oil unlike humans as it contains a potent compound known as menthol. Menthol serves as a cooling agent for human beings but flies, mosquitoes and bugs hate it to the core. So using peppermint Essential oil to get rid of fruit flies is a natural way and works really well. Peppermint Essential oil has a distinct fragrance that works like a PRO to eliminate those fruit flies in your house. You can use peppermint Essential oil optimally in the same manner as tea tree oil for fruit flies. if looking for other methods you can simply pour of few drops of peppermint Essential oil into a cotton ball or tissue and keep it on the corners of your kitchen or near the drains or garbage tins. This method works really well to eliminate fruit flies and keep your kitchen feeling fresh.

3. Lemongrass Essential oil

Herbal essential oils always top the list as they are loaded with fragrance that flies do not adore at all. Lemongrass Essential oil  is one of them as it hosts a herbal, citrusy, and strong scent. The essential oil majorly battles with fruit flies bugs and mosquitoes in your kitchen. It serves as an effective remedy to kill fruit flies with its strong smell. If you are keen to include lemongrass Essential oil in your routine to eliminate those nasty flies then simply combine it with water and spread it around the corners of your house. Experts at Moksha Essentials have tried and tested the usage of lemongrass Essential oil by spraying it majorly in the kitchen area. The main points are around the drains, fruit baskets, windows, and entry points. So make sure to use lemongrass Essential oil for fruit flies optimally to get rid of them permanently.

4. Eucalyptus Essential oil

Eucalyptus Essential oil  has a very refreshing and strong fragrance. It immensely works to ward off fruit flies from your kitchen and repels other insects and mosquitoes in your house. Eucalyptus essential oil is further loaded with
antimicrobial antibacterial and antifungal  properties which help to repel insects and fruit flies. You can simply use eucalyptus Essential oil by diffusing it for a few minutes in your kitchen. This remedy works best to ward off fruit flies in your kitchen, especially near the drains and entry doors.

5. Orange Essential oil

orange essential oil

How about using Orange Essential oil to get rid of fruit flies and create a fruity environment around your house? Orange Essential oil  comes under the list of the best citrus essential oils and it definitely works best to repel insects fruit flies and bugs. Orange Essential oil is one of the best essential oils for getting rid of fruit flies permanently as it has a tangy and citrusy Aroma which flies do not like. Additionally it better insects when spread on the entry doors and other potential areas like drains and near the fruit baskets.

6. Neem oil

We can definitely not get over the amazing properties of neem Essential oil for fruit flies. Neem oil  is popularly known for its strong antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-microbial properties. No wonder it does a great job of eliminating the bacterial and fungal infections in your skin. But did you know that it also targets the flies and eliminates them from your kitchen to keep your fruit and food safe? Neem Essential oil has a very strong fragrance which word of fruit flies pretty well. Not only this but it is also popular for its antiseptic and insecticidal qualities which majorly repel the fruit flies and restrict their entry. Make sure to use Neem Essential oil for fruit flies by mixing it with water and spraying it on the major points in your house.

7. Citronella oil

Citronella Essential oil  is undoubtedly the best one to deter fruit flies as the flies cannot stand this smell. The essential oil has a strong Aroma which when placed in the kitchen can create a powerful environment while bidding farewell to the fruit flies that infect your fruits and veggies.

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Essential oils for fruit flies might sound like an unpopular opinion. But honestly, it works like other remedies and even better than that to repel the fly infestations. So, get your hands on the best essential oils for getting rid of fruit flies from Moksha Essentials.