SIBO Relief: Oregano Oil's Healing Power

SIBO Relief: Oregano Oil's Healing Power

A very prevalent condition these days is SIBO. Today, we will talk about SIBO. Along with the condition we will also look at how to treat sibo with natural remedies like essential oils. Oregano oil for SIBO is one of the most preferred natural remedies to tackle this health condition.

A lot of people are talking about SIBO and its symptoms and occurrence, So, today we will discuss more or less everything about SIBO and how oil or oregano for SIBO works like a PRO to handle this situation.

What is SIBO?

SIBO also known as Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth is a stomach discomfort. If you are dealing with this unresisting pain that gradually grows and never stops then it's high time you look for a doctor and get consulted. He will undeniably recognize it as SIBO which is an intestinal issue.

As the name suggests when you face bacterial growth in your small intestines it leads to intense pain and discomfort which leads to SIBO. The small intestine in your body has a wide population of microbes. When these microbes overdevelop in your body they cause a serious infection which is known as SIBO. The bacterial overgrowth in small intensities triggers a lot of abdominal pain, bloating, and gas.

  • Risk Factors for SIBO
  • Chronic Constipation
  • High dosage of antibiotics
  • Acid suppressive medication
  • Intestinal surgeries

Patients with SIBO have significant gas, bloating, and abdominal pain. This happens because the small bacteria in the small intestines produce hydrogen and methane gas. People who suffer from SIBO also go through systematic symptoms. Some of the common symptoms and signs of SIBO are -

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Joint pains
  • Changes in bowel movements
  • Malnutrition
  • Low B12 levels

So, SIBO patients feel distasteful and bloated almost all the time. They also tend to become allergic and more sensitive to food in their normal diet. They usually feel very limited in what they eat in order to avoid bloating. Now that we have covered almost all the major points about SIBO, it is time to glance at the home remedies.

One such remedy for SIBO is Oregano Oil. Yes, oregano oil for SIBO is one of the well-known remedies that tackles the problem of bloating, gas, acidity, and pain in the intestines. Oregano oil is extracted from the stems and leaves of the Mediterranean-native species of Origanum vulgare shrub. For many thousands of decades, this pungent herb has been utilized as a form of herbal medicinal and savory seasoning. The technique of steam distillation is used for separating oregano oil, which collects the essential oil holding the herb's medicinal components.


Carvacrol and thymol are two of the foremost prominent biologically active substances found in oregano oil. Because these chemicals have significant antibacterial characteristics, the oil of oregano is a favored alternative treatment for a variety of medical conditions, particularly SIBO.

Oregano Oil for SIBO

Oregano oil for SIBO

Oregano oil is very powerful and particularly concentrated and therefore it should be used with proper precautions. As experts, we recommend you dilute oregano essential oil with a carrier oil or any other ingredient to minimize the strong actions of this compound. Oregano oil for SIBO has been used for many years now and is considered one of the most effective natural remedies for SIBO.

Oil of oregano is loaded with powerful components known as carvacrol and thymol which is known to have potent anti-microbial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Recent studies have revealed that oil of oregano for SIBO when used with other herbal ingredients brings in tons of benefits. Since oregano oil has anti-microbial qualities it helps to fight against the bacteria that triggers the intestinal condition. Another major study revealed that oil of oregano for SIBO is considered an ideal remedy because of its antibacterial qualities.

Is Oregano Oil Good for SIBO?

  • We know you might be confused about the oregano oil dosage for SIBO and if it is effective or not. Well, recent studies have revealed that oregano oil is very efficacious for the stomach condition known as SIBO and it also tackles the bacterial infection present in your intestine.
  • Oregano oil has amazing anti-microbial and antibacterial properties which help to fight against the bacteria causing SIBO. It is also a powerful ingredient to tackle multiple microbes like Salmonella and Pseudomonas.
  • Oregano oil is a prominent essential oil because it helps to destroy microbes and bacteria in your intestine. It simply goes from the holes of the cell membrane and provokes an instant leakage of fungal microbes in your intestine.
  • The powerful compound present in the oil of oregano for SIBO popularly known as Carvacrol helps to damage the bad bacterial growth and brings in the good bacteria. You must know that oregano oil does not destroy the good bacteria in your gut and it also doesn't affect or cause any side effects on your body.

How to Manage SIBO with a Good Diet?

As mentioned above oil of oregano for SIBO is a natural approach towards this health condition. But along with this you definitely require a holistic and nutritional diet that helps you to manage the symptoms of SIBO effectively. Not only this but some lifestyle and dietary changes also help to tackle this condition and help you get rid of it permanently.

  • Opt for a SIBO appropriate diet: Are you wondering what is appropriate SIBO diet? Well, you have to make some small diet changes in your routine to get rid of SIBI symptoms. This simply requires you to consult with your doctor and follow their instructions about a SIBO-friendly diet.
  • Incorporate prebiotics and probiotics into your routine: A number of antibiotics prebiotics and probiotics are beneficial to restrict the growth of bad bacteria in your intestine. Incorporate probiotics in your routine to revitalize and restore a healthy and flourishing gut to eliminate gas acidity and bloating due to SIBO.
  • Do not stress: Stress is one of the primary factors which may lead to trigger the symptoms of SIBO in your body. Chronic stress may hamper the functioning of your gut and induce signs of SIBO. So, make sure to include stress-relieving activities like regular workouts, 7 hours of sleep, meditation, deep breathing exercise, and connecting with nature. All these exercises help to improve your overall gut health and also reduce the symptoms of SIBI.


It's the end of the series of SIBO but not for oregano oil. Oregano oil dosage for SIBO acts as a perfect natural remedy in all cases. If you are wondering how to take oregano oil for SIBO, then simply consult your doctor. However, make sure to use high-quality oils for ingesting or inhaling. The best oregano oil for SIBO is available at Moksha Essentials. We offer 100% pure and organic essential oils in India. So, make sure to check them out.



  • Can I ingest oil of oregano for SIBO?

Taking essential oils is something we do not recommend. However, if your doctor allows you to ingest oregano oil for SIBO treatment then you can definitely take it without any issues. Oregano oil is very potent and strong and that's why it is very important to dilute it.

  • Where can I find pure oregano oil for SIBO?

If you are looking for pure and steam-distilled oregano oil for SIBO then head to