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Essential Oils

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Moksha Essentials is one of the world’s premium producer of high quality pure Essential oils and other natural raw materials used in the health, beauty and wellness industry. Headquartered in Herndon (Virginia), we have our own manufacturing facilities located in India and other locations and offer quality products at wholesale prices. Moksha Essentials is the leading supplier of over 200+ varieties of pure Essential oils, Carrier oils, Fragrances, Hydrosols and other natural and organic ingredients to various clients in the US and Canada. We are one of the first companies in the world to start Essential Oil online delivery to not just the USA but worldwide using our large network of shippers and warehouses.

One of the preferred suppliers to many leading as well as home based businesses in the USA, Moksha Essentials is a one stop store for all natural ingredient requirements. Our in-house lab boosts of latest technology and all oils are tested for their purity using GC-MS testing. This ensures when you buy oils from us, you get the best quality therapeutic grade essential oils. We started with a few distillers and over time have acquired/contracted with our own  distilleries worldwide now and source remaining from approved and ethical producers all over the world. Since we buy best natural essential oils in bulk, our purchasing allows us to offer the largest selection of best natural essential oils at affordable prices in USA. We offer retail pack sizes ranging from 30ml or 1 Oz to 1 liter or 32 Ounces till wholesale drums of 200 liters. 

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Essential oils are volatile essences obtained from plant parts. They retain natural smell with unique chemical compositions within. Although their aromatic uses have long been established, they are currently finding increasing use in natural medicine and holistic treatment. Organic Essential oils are used for their therapeutic benefits in aromatherapy and help reduce stress and other mental issues. Essential oils are now very popular due to their therapeutic benefits including the ability to heal the body and influence the mind. As part of cosmetic products, they can also boost collagen production which helps maintain skin elasticity and youthful skin. Organic Essential oils find their usage in hair care products as well as they help deal with various hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, greying of hair etc. Some popular Pure Essential oils which are often used in soap making, candle making include Lavender oil, Peppermint oil, Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus oil etc.

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Moksha Offers a varied range of Certified Organic Essential oils, absolute oils and other natural plant extracts. These are backed by certificate issued by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and are of premium quality. Most Essential oils are extracted using steam distillation method which involves passing steam over plant materials such as flowers, leaves, bark, etc. and then condensing the steam to get the essential oils. This process enables to retain therapeutic properties of the oil. Some essential oils are extracted using solvent extraction as the plant parts used are so delicate they can be destroyed during steam distillation. These are known as Absolutes and include essential oils like Blue Lotus, Jasmine, Frangipani etc. Few plants belonging to the citrus family are also extracted using Cold pressing method (Like Bergamot, Tangerine, Sweet Orange, etc.)

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Essential oils are often added to base/carrier oils to make luxurious massage oils and offer therapeutic benefits. They are packed with vital elements and constituents including minerals and active ingredients. Massage oils can help replenish natural softness and suppleness of skin. Every essential oil has unique property which help relax mind and alters your mood. Some of the best natural essential oils include:

  • Lavender Essential Oil- Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oil which has antiseptic and analgesic properties that help soothe pain and promote healing. The scent of Lavender has been known to reduce anxiety, stress and can serve as an aid in curing insomnia. It is the best natural essential oil for anxiety, sleep and headache cure. 

  • Rose Essential Oil – Rose essential oil is well regarded for its sweet exotic and warm aroma and has amazing anti-stress and anxiety relieving properties. It can also be used to reduce acne and enhance skin tone.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil- Peppermint oil has a immediate cooling effect which helps boost blood circulation in the skin. This prepares the skin and hair follicles to help promote growth during the hair growth phase. You can even try this essential oil for toothache, as it works wonders and relieves bad breath. 
  • Rosemary Essential Oil-  Rosemary essential oil is great at nourishing the scalp and keeping hair looking healthy and shiny. This organic essential oil also helps to make cellulite less noticeable and helps with balancing intense emotions, managing mood swings, lifting spirits and fighting depression. It's even helpful with controlling stress levels in our lives.

  • Tea Tree Oil- Tea Tree essential oil is best known for its ability to help stimulate the immune system and fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Tea Tree oil has also found itself used in diffusers when combating illnesses like colds, measles and flu. The oil can be applied directly onto the scalp and face by massaging it into the skin, which helps to reduce acne breakouts as well as combat dandruff growth on the head and hair loss.

  • Jasmine Essential Oil – Jasmine oil smells absolutely out of this world and used in high end cosmetics and perfumery. It is known to rejuvenate the skin and assist in dealing with problems such acne, aging etc. It is also known to brighten skin tone and has beneficial properties for hair as well.

In addition to these Essential oils, Moksha offers over 200 type of bulk essential oils which can be used for aromatherapy as well as massages. Each oil has different aroma and properties which makes it unique.

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Natural Essential oils are concentrated and volatile plant extracts. Essential Oils should always be diluted with a suitable base or carrier oil or other natural bases like Aloe Vera gel before applying on skin or hair. Since these are concentrated in nature, only a few drops are sufficient to do its magic.

Different Essential oils have different Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-fungal properties. Some are known for their detoxifying properties like Peppermint, Rosemary, while others are known for their cleansing effects. There are few energizing essential oils like Bergamot, Clary sage etc. which have uplifting aroma. Some relaxing essential oils include Lavender, Chamomile etc.

  • Used in Aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy is an ancient art combining aromatic plants or plant extracts, steam distillation, and other processes such as massage, to remove impurities and water from certain herbs which may then be used for a therapeutic effect on physical being or even mental health because plants contain volatile oil compounds which can enhance the sense of well-being in humans. Today people are using essential oils for anxiety, headache as they have the power to serene the mind and hence, they are helping in improving their well-being.

Nowadays with its increasing popularity, we see people using essential oils for sleep as many people who were suffering from insomnia or disturbed sleep have received tremendous benefits after introducing essential oils to their sleep routine. 

  • Essential oils for skincare  

There are certain organic essential oils that, when combined with carrier oils, can help to achieve glowing and healthy skin. Today, there are many different essential oils used in beauty regimens that offer a variety of benefits. Organic Essential oils like lavender oil, tea tree oil and rosemary oil have given the skin industry a great deal of credibility through the years. These types of oils are known for their healing and soothing qualities when it comes to skincare maintenance. 

  • Essential oils for hair growth

Haircare is such a nuanced matter. What works for one person might not work out for another and vice versa, but massaging the scalp with pure essential oils may prove immensely beneficial for the health of your hair. Because we all have different types of hair that are stylistically different, it’s critical to know about the various benefits specific essential oils can bring to each individual’s hair. 

Using essential oils to massage hair such as lavender combined with rosemary, thyme, and clary sage - may be an effective addition to a hair-growing regime. Essential oils for hair growth are commonly used among many individuals as a way of caring for their hair roots, which allows for nourishment and strengthening at just the same time. These can also add movement and volume to your locks.

  • Essential oils for sleep 

Nowadays, with the growing popularity that essential oils have achieved over the recent years, we can see that a lot of people are using them to help them fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly throughout their nights. People who had previously suffered from insomnia or disturbed sleep have received tremendous benefits after introducing these natural remedies into their sleep routines. Nowadays night time anxiety also is affecting lot of people. The best way to use essential oils for anxiety is to put a few drops on the pillow or on a cotton ball and keep next to you while sleeping. This promote good sleep and also prevents anxiety.

  • Other uses 

With so many benefits in aromatherapy, like being able to use essential oils for congestion and also essential oils for cough as well. One can see how combining the right blend of these oils can have a multitude of uses relating to their health. As they help to open the nasal passage when used properly and get rid of cough and cold.  You can also use Essential oils for headaches to soothe the mind. We have also had customers give feedback on how they used Essential oils for toothache by using clove oil. You can find these and many other uses on our blog.

Take into account all these benefits that may await your sense of smell if you start incorporating some essential oil blends into your routine.

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No Artificial Fragrance- Moksha’s pure therapeutic essential oils are of top quality without any addition of artificial fragrance. They are 100% natural and pure and are backed by certified documents like COA, MSDS to ensure transparency and traceability.

Wholesale Prices - We are suppliers of wholesale essential oils at wholesale prices. Moksha sources oils from contracted farmers all over the world in bulk quantities. This wholesale sourcing allows us to get the best bulk prices and pass on these discounted rates to our customers.

Best Quality Products – All our oils are tested in-house using GC-MS machine for their purity. Each batch is tested which helps us ensure quality and standardization of our essential oils. While there may be many places to buy essential oils, Moksha Essentials gives complete peace of mind with its money back guarantee, quality certifications and GCMS testing. Companies such as Young Living Essential Oils have similar quality certifications as us but the price is 4-5x of what we sell at. So you why buy at high price when you can get directly from the Essential Oil makers?

Pan USA Delivery – You can buy wholesale essential oils online from our store from any part of the USA and we will deliver the products to you within 8-10 days. We use trusted courier partners such as DHL and FedEx and ship using Priority mode to ensure safety during shipping. DHL and FedEx have approved us to make Essential oil online delivery anywhere in the US using their services due to our premium and safe packaging which avoids any leakage during shipping.

Secure & Easy Payment – You can easily buy certified organic pure essential oils using our safe and secure payment portal. We offer various payment options via Paypal on checkout for safe and secure payments.

Wholesale Essentials Oils Online Delivery in USA From Asia’s Biggest Certified Manufacturer

Moksha is one of the largest Essential oil suppliers providing Essential oils online for beauty, healthcare and wellness industry. We offer premium grade essential oils at bulk prices which are pure therapeutic grade oils, free from any artificial fragrances or additives. They are 100% pure and natural, high quality oils and are available in a variety of pack sizes starting from 30ml to 200litres bulk drums. We deliver best natural essential oils online and every batch is tested in our in-house lab to ensure that best quality and pure essential oils reach customer. We also apply highest packaging standards using eco-friendly packaging materials to ensure our products reach safely.   


What are essential oils? 

Essential oils are concentrated plant essences which are the volatile part of various plant parts such as flowers, leaves, stems etc. They are extracted through steam distillation, cold pressing or solvent extraction. They are highly concentrated so they must generally be diluted when used for skin, hair or make be in diffusers. You can buy essential oils online at a reasonable price which are loaded with therapeutic properties.

Where to buy essential oils online?

It is very important before buying pure essential oils, you must check that they are certified and free from synthetic chemicals. Therefore, we suggest buying from authentic sources whose products are back by certificates like USDA, HACCP etc. You can buy pure essential oil online and other natural ingredients online from our online store. Our products are shipped Pan USA including New York, Florida, Virginia, Washington, California, Colorado,  Texas and any location near you. Are you wondering where to buy Essential oils near me? Then your search is surely over! Moksha Essentials is your go to destination for all organic and natural oils and should be your choice among different Essential oil suppliers.

How to use essential oils?

You can use organic essential oils in numerous ways like inhaling them or topically. However, you should never ingest them! Before applying these super-concentrated substances on skin, always do a patch test by applying little on the inside of your forearm and test for any allergic reaction.

What are essential oils used for? 

Pure Essential oils are becoming more and more popular based on their increased visibility thanks to the many health benefits they claim to provide. Their usage depends on whether you're looking for an aromatic benefit (aromatherapy) or a topical effect (topical). They offer various benefits like stress relief, insomnia etc. Essential oils are increasingly used to treat skin and hair care problems like dandruff, hairfall, acne, pigmentation etc.

How long do essential oils last? 

There is no simple answer for this. Different natural essential oils have different chemical makeups, so their shelf life can vary widely. Essential Oils don’t really go bad but start to “mature” or age over time. Most Essential oils last for at least two years before they start to mature or change their aroma profile and hence we guarantee a minimum shelf life of 2 years from date of purchase.

Who are some of our clients?

Either directly or through our re-sellers we supply to some of the biggest names in the Industry such as Young Living Essential Oils, doTerra Essential Oils and many other Essential Oil companies.

Where can I buy Certified Organic Essential Oils near me?

If you are based in the USA and looking for high quality and vitality Essential oils, then you can order simply at our website and be assured of delivery within 7-10 days by DHL/FedEx with complete quality assurance.