Is Sweet Orange Essential Oil Safe For Dogs?


Over the past few years, essential oils have gained immense popularity. From being used in several beauty products to diffusing at home and even using it for treatment for pets, essential oils have become a versatile ingredient. Everyone loves to be treated with special ingredients like Essential oils to nurture their health and skin. But, when it comes to pets there's a lot of hits and trials. Are essential oils safe for dogs? There is a lot of debate if sweet Orange Essential oil is safe for dogs or not. Well, the much-hyped Essential oil is a powerhouse of some sophisticated qualities that not only nurture your skin but are also beneficial for your overall health. However, when it comes to dogs skin and health it might not be a great idea. Using the best essential oils for dogs takes a lot of guts as they might instantly react to the fragrance if they do not like it.

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Dogs are resistant to the outlandish fragrances and might retaliate on a positive or negative note. In general citrus essential oils are not considered to be safe for dogs. Be it lemon oil, pine oil, or even sweet orange oil. But hold on before we move forward. Sweet Orange Essential oil for dogs is not considered safe to apply on their skin. And of course, how can we overlook the point of ingesting it? If by chance dogs ingest sweet orange essential oil, it can lead to poisoning and other severe effects on their health.

Is Sweet Orange Essential Oil Safe For Dogs?

The question of the Year stands about and here is a clear answer for that. Sweet Orange Essential oil or any citrus oil for that matter is not safe for dogs. The fragrance of citrus oils or sweet Orange oil is very mellow and juicy which can irritate your dog's senses. Some dogs particularly little pups and senior dogs are very sensitive to such fragrances and might respond hastily. But middle-aged dogs embrace such sweet and juicy fragrances and that's why it can be used around your charms.

As mentioned above, the case is truly based on hit and trial but pet owners should defy the intake of Sweet Orange Essential Oil for dogs. They must take care of their dogs when it comes to the ingestion of essential oils. No Essential oil is safe for dogs to swallow particularly citrus essential oils. Sweet Orange Essential oil is jam-packed with potent compounds like limonene and a-pinene can disturb a dog's health and may lead to several infections or health issues. So it is very important to keep your dogs away from sweet Orange Essential oil.

Risk Of Sweet Orange Essential Oil For Dogs

After knowing about the severe effects of sweet Orange Essential oil on dogs, it is
quite common to acknowledge the risks associated with this oil. Well, here are some points that will make you wonder if sweet Orange Essential oil is safe for dogs or not:

  • Full Of Toxic Components

Sweet Orange Essential oil is very good for human beings. No doubt it has amazing benefits for your skin, hair, and health. But when it comes to dogs sweet Orange Essential oil is known to have toxic elements in it. It has major noxious elements including linalool, alpha-pinene, limonene, and mycrene. All these compounds are considered to be deadly for dogs. If your dogs ingest it by mistake, it might also lead to virulent diseases. So, it is very important to keep your dogs away from sweet Orange Essential oil particularly when it comes to ingestion.

  • Eccentric Fragrance

Sweet orange Essential oil has a very soothing and juicy fragrance. It is a fantastic treatment for people out there suffering from anxiety, stress issues, depression, and other negative emotions. But when the same oil is considered for dogs it is said to be unsafe. Using sweet Orange Essential oil on dogs' coating or fur or swallowing it for any reason might lead to deadly disorders. This power-packed citrus oil for dogs is not a secure option and must be kept away from your little pups. However, you can try to diffuse it around your dogs and see how they react to the same. But strictly make sure to keep it away from their skin and mouth.

  • Might Lead To Diseases

Dogs also suffer from several diseases. Are you wondering how? Well if dogs swallow any foreign compound that is harmful to their health it may lead to several diseases including diarrhea, seizures, vomiting, weakness, and even coma in some rare cases. If by mistake dogs absorb sweet Orange Essential oil or any citrus Essential oil for that matter, it may lead to such deadly diseases in dogs. It is better to keep the bottles of essential oils away from dogs and focus on their good health by using safe essential oils for dogs. Some of the safe essential oils for dogs include Cedarwood Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, and Turmeric Oil.

Is Sweet Orange Essential Oil In A Diffuser Safe For Dogs?


If we present an answer in one word then it is yes. Sweet Orange Essential oil is not considered safe for dogs especially when it comes to swallowing or absorbing it in any form. However, the essential oils' flawless benefits and distinguishable effects on your dogs are worth praising. It is safe to diffuse Sweet Orange Essential Oil around your dogs especially if they are a grown up. But as experts, we recommend you keep a check on your dog's behavior as in some rare cases dogs are sensitive to juicy fragrances. So make sure to take small steps and diffuse sweet Orange Essential oil around dogs and see how they react. 

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The sweet orange essential oil holds a significant amount of benefits for human beings especially for their health and skin. But while talking about pets especially dogs the Essential oil might not be a great choice. So, keep it slow and see your dog's reaction to diffusing sweet Orange Essential oil.


Sweet Orange Essential oil has some incredible benefits as it holds the essence of sweet orange fruit. Like other essential oils sweet Orange Essential oil is also extracted using cold pressed method and is derived in its purest form. But when shopping for the best and safest essential oils for dogs, it is important to keep tabs on the purity and quality of essential oils. At Moksha Essentials, we offer premium quality and 100% pure essential oils and carrier oils. Scroll through our bestsellers and discover the perfect match of essential oils for your dogs!