Soothing Sounds: Best Essential Oils for Hearing Loss Support

Soothing Sounds: Best Essential Oils for Hearing Loss Support

Essential oils are a very important element of your life. While many of you are aware of the potential benefits of essential oils, we are here to tell you all the goodness that essential oil possesses. Essential oils are used to treat several concerns like skin disorders haircare concerns, body issues, and mental problems. But it is quite interesting to note that people also use essential oils for hearing loss problems. Yes, you heard it right. Using essential oils for hearing loss is one of the widely recognized remedies to keep up with the hearing disorder and improve the condition day by day.

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Several essential oils have been used for more than 100 years to treat hearing loss problems. The essential oils for sudden hearing loss help to keep up with your recovery and make the process even easier than before. The infections of the ears are triggered by viral or bacterial disorders entering the canal of the ear and causing irritation or accumulation of pus, resulting in discomfort and acute pain. Some companies promise that essential oils are beneficial to alleviate these ailments. In particular, they present statements like Essential oils are great for treating ear infections. Essential oils for hearing loss reduce pain and whatnot.

Best Essential Oils for Hearing Loss

If you are also interested to know more about essential oils for hearing loss then state tune as we share the top recommendations.

1. Tea Tree Essential oil for hearing loss recovery

If you are looking for essential oils for hearing loss repair and ear wax removal then you need tea tree essential oil in your life. Tea tree oil is widely recognized for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-viral properties. The astounding properties of tea tree oil help to treat a wide number of health issues including hearing loss problems. If you notice ear wax frequently and are suffering from hearing loss problems then you can use tea tree essential oil with a carrier oil or Apple Cider Vinegar for potential benefits. After using essential oils for hearing loss problems you will see a reduction in the hearing loss problem. However, make sure that you are not allergic to essential oils in any sense as using them over the years might irritate you.

2. Cajeput Essential oil

Several people these days suffer from hearing loss problems and they do not get an effective remedy to treat it. Luckily cajeput Essential oil is a prevalent option these days which helps to eliminate fungal infections in your ear. Not only this but using cajeput Essential oil daily can help you get over the problem of hearing loss permanently. However necessary precautions and doctors' prescriptions must be taken along with medications to get over this issue. But on a side note, cajeput essential oil is loaded with natural compounds that keep the problem of hearing loss at bay. Massaging your years with cajeput Essential oil provides amazing benefits for hearing loss recovery.

3. Peppermint Essential oil - Best Essential oils for hearing loss

Peppermint Essential oil is widely known for its cooling and calming properties. Do you know that peppermint essential oil also helps to remove fungal infections in the ear? Be it any type of ear infection peppermint essential oil does it pretty well because of its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the allergic reactions in your ear. The best essential oil for hearing loss after earache is none other than peppermint essential oil. Using essential oils for hearing loss like peppermint along with potent essential oils like basil, lavender, lemon, and tea tree can be a very effective remedy.

4. Garlic Essential oil

garlic essential oil

Have you ever heard of using  garlic Essential oil for ear infections? In simple terms, garlic is widely used as a herb for seasoning and also in several dishes. But it also has some potential health benefits including reducing the problem of hearing loss. The essential oils for sudden hearing loss include garlic Essential oil which is rich in anti-inflammatory antibacterial and anti-viral properties that keep infections at bay and tackle the bacteria that provoke them. Not only this but garlic Essential oil also helps to eliminate the problem of sudden hearing loss. Garlic Essential oil when used with other essential oils for hearing loss like Ginger oil peppermint oil or tea tree oil works wonderfully to solve the issue.

5. Sesame oil

How can we not talk about sesame oil for hearing loss? Sesame oil is a proven way to counterbalance the problem of hearing loss. As per Ayurveda sesame oil is known to be very effective in treating the problem of hearing loss. Not only this but sesame oil vs olive oil both are great companions in the removal of ear wax and the infections residing in your ear. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend using sesame oil with an essential oil of your choice to eliminate ear wax and retract the problem of hearing loss to a great extent. Sesame oil for hearing loss can also be used to reduce ear pain after an infection.

How to use essential oils for hearing loss?

Several remedies conclude this block post and help you find the problem of hearing loss. Do you know how to adapt those remedies to your routine? Or simply how to use essential oils for hearing loss? Fret not as today will share the best remedies and Essential oil blends for sudden hearing loss. Here we go.

Recipe 1 - Essential Oils for Hearing Loss


● 2 tbsp coconut oil
● 5-6 drops of peppermint essential oil
● 6 drops of Cajeput essential oil


● In a bowl, combine coconut oil along with other essential oils.
● Now add this blend to a big bowl of boiling water.
● Use the traditional steaming method and just inhale the fragrance of essential oils for hearing loss.

Recipe 2 - Ear Infections Cream


● 2 tbsp aloe vera gel
● 1 tsp coconut oil
● 6 drops of tea tree essential oil
● 2 drops of garlic essential oil


● In a bowl add aloe vera gel.
● Now mix coconut oil with essential oils and add it to aloe vera gel.
● Mix this concoction well.
● Now use this calming gel to treat ear infections.
● Do not apply inside your ear.
● Instead, just apply it over your ear and earlobe for calming sensations.

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The essential oils for hearing loss story come to an end now. We hope you find some amazing essential oils that not only benefit hearing loss but also treat ear infections. Essential oils can be used to get relief from these situations. However, it should not be used as the only remedy to get rid of hearing loss. Make sure to consult your doctor before anything.


Q1. Are essential oils safe for the ear?
Yes, they are. Essential oils are safe to use for hearing loss and ear infections. However, you should be careful while using essential oils. Use it after proper precautions.

2. Are essential oils effective in treating the problem of hearing loss?
Answer: Yes. Essential oils are packed with potent compounds that help to tackle the hearing loss issue well. It provides relief after regular usage. Do not expect instant results.