Lavender Oil: A Natural Approach To Ear Infections


Using essential oils for ear infections is one of the most popular remedies these days! Essential Oils are packed with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties which are very beneficial to tackle several healthcare concerns. One such concern includes ear infections or earaches. The infection can be triggered due to many reasons. Some of them enclose the inclusion of foreign content in our bodies. Apart from this, ear infections can be caused by excessive build-up of ear wax or grinding teeth at night. Well, whatever the reason is, the main concern is the solution to this problem. The primary symptom that you will notice once you get an ear infection is constant earache. This earache can build up within a few days and may lead to other potential health diseases.

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If you have issues with your thyroid or tonsils or even if you have a sinus infection for that matter, you might suffer from intense earache which may lead to ear infections in the future. Thankfully, these days we have the power of essential oils which help to quickly resolve these issues and provide instant relief. Well, that is true! Essential oils like Lavender oil for ear infection is one of the proven remedies that work well. Several reasons might lead to ear infections but lavender essential oil brings a sigh of relief in the chaos. Essential oils are loaded with phenomenal properties along with versatile effects which are very useful in battling such health issues.

Can You Use Lavender Oil For Ear Infections?

Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils in aromatherapy. It quickly helps to reduce the pain and also tackles the inflammation that triggers ear infections. Guess what, many people consider lavender Essential oil as a one-stop solution to tackle chest issues, bloating problems, and other cognitive conditions including anxiety, stress, and tension. While all these reasons might lead to severe health concerns, they may also enhance the severity of ear infections. 

For severe earache, people use lavender essential oil because of its amazing healing properties. Lavender oil has soothing and relaxing qualities as well which when used professionally helps to cure ear infections to a great extent. So, without any second thought, you can utilize lavender essential oil for ear infections.

Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil For Ear Infection

We can't get over the stupendous qualities of lavender essential oil for an ear infection. But to be precise, here are some of the properties of lavender essential oil that help to tackle ear infections and also reduce ear pain:

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Lavender Essential oil is anti-inflammatory. The fact that Lavender essential oil carries major anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to cure inflammation in your ear. Mostly during ear infection, the skin around that area gets inflamed and itchy. Lavender oil tackles this condition well and reduces itchy skin.

  • Anti-Fungal

Did you know that lavender essential oil is loaded with antifungal properties? The
potent and strong essential oil has antifungal qualities that help to combat the fungal infection around your ear. Mostly ear infections are triggered due to fungal growth or excess wax build-up in your ear. To tackle this, you can use lavender essential oil for ear infections which eliminates the chances of bacterial growth in your ear.

  • Pain Relieving Properties

Lavender essential oil is loaded with amazing pain-relieving properties. Yes, you heard it right! Lavender essential oil reduces pain while battling ear infections and the symptoms that take over your health. The oil is a powerhouse of potent healing compounds that also serve as a perfect treatment for earaches. 

Using lavender Essential oil as a stand-alone remedy also works perfectly well to tackle ear infections. If you are suffering from extreme pain in your ear and want quick relief then we recommend you go to your doctor and consult for the possible issues that might occur. Alternatively, if the pain is mild you can employ lavender essential oil for ear infection to combat it in a few hours.

How Do You Use Lavender Oil For Ear Infections?

  • The usage of lavender essential oil is very typical. Since it is a very strong essential oil one needs to be very careful while utilizing it, especially for their health concerns.
  • Talking about ear infections you can simply massage the oil behind your ear and rub it gently.
  • Another way to use Lavender oil for ear infections is to combine it with a carrier oil of your choice and massage it for 5 minutes.
  • As experts, we recommend you do not put essential oil inside your ear as it might lead to some other issues that can be very harmful.
  • Make sure to use Lavender oil with carrier oil and rub it only outside your ear to reduce inflammation.

Other Essential Oils For Ear Infection


If you think only lavender essential oil can do everything then, you are wrong. There are a bunch of other essential oils that are very strong to tackle ear infections to a great extent. So, here are some of the other best essential oils for ear infections:

1. Oregano Oil For Ear Infection

While talking about earache and infection how can we not mention oregano oil? Oregano oil is packed with essential active ingredients along with antioxidants which help to reduce earache. Apart from this, oregano oil for ear infections also helps to clear any blockage in your ear and at the same time reduces pain and inflammation.

2. Peppermint Essential Oil For Ear Infection

If you have been suffering from constant earache and infection for a very long time then definitely include peppermint essential oil in your routine. Peppermint oil is a soothing and cooling oil that is widely recognized for its capability to eliminate inflammation and redness around your ear area. Not only this but, it is also considered safe to be used for children. But as always we recommend you do a patch test and be cautious while using essential oil for kids.

3. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil for ear infections might sound a little new to some people but it is an ancient remedy that is trusted by our ancestors. Mustard oil is often underestimated because of its easy availability but the oil is loaded with potent antibacterial qualities. It is very effective in combating symptoms related to ear infections. It also cures inflamed tissues and reduces muffled hearing problems.

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By now you might know how essential oils for ear infections can help you in several ways. Many health concerns might follow you but the best part is to take instant action by employing natural remedies such as essential oils. Even though essential oils are highly effective for ear infections, to be on the safe side we always recommend you do a patch test before trying any home remedies. Buy your stock of the best essential oils from the Moksha Essentials.