Scented Control: Essential Oils For Natural Appetite Suppression


Curb those unhealthy cravings for doughnuts, Chinese platters, and waffles with the aromatic compounds readily available in your kitchen! Surprised? Keep your senses indulged as we share certain essential oils that not only suppress your appetite but also promote the weight loss process. The natural remedy which is mentioned in the other half of the blog is a valuable addition to your routine that offers prominent benefits. One cannot deny the worth of these natural remedies as they are packed with the essence of plants. By now you might have guessed it right. Is none other than the best essential oils for appetite suppression.

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For the longest time essential oils have been utilised to cure a variety of skin and health disorders. It cures muscle pain, and joint pain, and also uplifts your mood. The volatility of these naturally extracted essential oils is impressive. Using them for various purposes has been in our blood. Today will explore one of the many benefits of essential oils which includes appetite suppression. Essential oils promote the energy levels in your body and energy is your brain to make mindful decisions. When the best decisions are made by your brain, you will variably stick to a nutritious diet while bidding farewell to those unhealthy indulgences.

How do essential oils for appetite suppression work?

After knowing about the effectiveness of a natural approach to curb appetite suppression, you might wonder how essential oils work for this purpose. Well here is a detailed explanation about the efficacy of essential oils for appetite suppression. The digestive system of our body primarily communicates with the nerves in the brain. The vagus nerve usually transfers the signals and is considered as one of the longest cranial nerves in the nervous system. Once the stomach is full and the gastric juices are secreted the brain decides that the stomach is full and restricts telling it. In such cases, you feel hungry and it comes in the form of cravings. It is a two-way communication process both the brain and stomach have to indulge an intertwin in the process to consider the emergence of appetite. 

If your appetite increases it usually comes in the form of cravings and sometimes it is due to mood swings and other treatments that you might be going through. So overall essential oils have an amazing scent that tackles your mood swings and further suppresses the appetite. Aromatherapy practices are incredibly salutary for your overall health.

5 Best Essential Oils for Appetite Suppression

If you are wondering what essential oils are beneficial in the process then stay tuned as we share the top 5 of them.

1. Peppermint Essential oil for appetite suppression

Several people are aware of the usage of peppermint Essential oil for appetite suppression. Essential oil is undoubtedly one of the best essential oils for weight loss and to lose maximum inches in a short period. Surprising isn't it? Peppermint Essential Oil usually releases satiating hormones in your body such as Lepton which majorly helps to curb cravings. Additionally, peppermint Essential oil also wards off the hunger hormone popularly known as ghrelin. So consuming it with a proper dilution process typically helps to shed excess pounds effectively.

Recent studies have revealed that peppermint Essential oil has a unique scent which when inhaled reduces stress eating and also provides a cooling sensation to your body. The presence of menthol in peppermint Essential oil typically impacts the taste and smell of your food which prevents you from overeating. Studies have also revealed that peppermint Essential oil has soothing properties that boost Your immune system and metabolism.

2. Grapefruit Essential oil 

Did you know that grapefruit Essential oil can be a great addition to your weight loss routine as it serves as an organic appetite suppressant? Grapefruit Essential oil has a distinct fragrance that initiates and promotes the enzymes in your saliva. This further helps to enhance the weight loss process by breaking down those extra inches around your stomach. Grapefruit Essential Oil also benefits the weight loss process as it is extracted from the grapefruit which is rich in essential compounds including d limonene which cleanses your lymphatic drainage.

A recent study has revealed that grapefruit Essential oil is one of the best essential oils for appetite suppression as it eliminates body fat and also lowers the Savory cravings that might restrict the process. Grapefruit Essential oil has an uplifting fragrance that immensely reduces stress eating emotional eating and also reduces depression and anxiety levels to a great extent.

3. Cinnamon Essential Oil 

How about using the very strong and effective cinnamon Essential oil for weight loss and appetite suppression? Cinnamon oil also tops the list of the best essential oils for appetite separation as it manages the blood sugar levels in your body and also balances GTA (Glucose tolerance factor). Cinnamon Essential Oil has been known time and again for its profitable benefits in the weight loss sector. The Essential oil is rich in a potent compound known as Cinnamaldehyde which induces the body cells to be careful with the insulin.

Once the blood sugar levels of your body are under control it effectively curbs the cravings and keeps you full for a longer period.

4. Lavender Essential oil 


The holy grail of many people out there is lavender Essential oil which also comes under the list of best essential oils for appetite suppression. Even though Lavender oil is widely used in aromatherapy practices to get rid of anxiety issues, feelings of depression, and stress it practically helps in the weight loss process as well. Are you wondering how? Lavender oil has a floral yet spicy fragrance which limits the outflow of cortisol in your body. A recent study in 2010 by the Journal of International Clinic Pharmacology demonstrated that Lavender Essential Oil effectively reduces the stress levels in your body and also curbs cravings which almost diminishes emotional and stress eating at various times. Not only this but lavender Essential oil also improves your sleep quality which is another factor that adds to the weight loss process. Less sleep may lead to more cravings and the development of ghrelin which is a hunger hormone. So indulging in the affair of Lavender oil promptly gives you good sleep which helps in appetite suppression 

5. Fennel Essential Oil

You might have heard of fennel as one of the most prominent ingredients that helps in the weight loss process. The same way fennel Essential oil works in different ways to curb Savory cravings. Yes, you heard it right. Fennel Essential Oil helps you get good sleep which eventually suppresses hunger hormones. Secondly, studies have revealed that inhaling the Aroma of fennel Essential oil after your meals can help with a better digestion process.

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Losing weight and managing those cravings is a tough task. But once you get a hang of it with the best essential oils for appetite suppression there is no going back. However, it is also very important to indulge in some kind of workout and maintain a balanced and nutritious diet that helps in weight loss.