Rosemary Oil: Your New Best Friend For Locs


Deadlocks have been one of the popular hairstyles, especially in foreign countries. Nowadays in India, people also crave locs and their special look and appearance. But do you know maintaining your deadlocks can be very difficult? Since the oil application is a tough one it is a very challenging process to maintain shiny, healthy, and moisturized locks. Thankfully the natural oils available at Moksha Essentials make the process easier and hassle-free. The best natural oils are loaded with moisture content which maintains your locs and prevents them from breakage and dryness. Are you wondering which is the one oil that helps to keep your dreadlocks strong and shiny without causing any side effects? Presenting the only ultimate potion for hair growth Rosemary Essential oil.

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Rosemary oil for locs is a natural remedy that helps to improve the texture of your locks drastically. Not only this but it also helps to maintain and moisturize it well without any breakage. Rosemary Essential oil for locs is also used for immense hair growth and to reduce hair fall. Rosemary Essential oil for logs works well with a variety of carrier oils that include castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil and olive oil. Many people rely on this natural remedy all their life to get prominent results and a majority of them observe it sooner than expected. So, are you ready to explore the incredible benefits of using Rosemary oil for locs? Here we go.

Is Rosemary Oil Good For Locs?

Using Rosemary Essential oil for locs brings in several benefits. Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that is adored in India and around the globe. This natural hairstyle requires a lot of maintenance and care. Apart from the care it also craves much-needed nourishment shine and hair growth tactics that reduce its breakage. In the entire situation, Rosemary Essential Oil comes like magic to cure this problem. There are so many reasons as to why you should use Rosemary oil for locs. Rosemary Essential oil helps to repair the damaged and frizzy hair ends well. Dreadlocks are usually prone to breakage and a lot of hair fall. Rosemary Essential oil comes as a rescuer and tackles this problem. It treats frizzy hair ends and reduces the chances of split ends to a great extent. Not only this but Rosemary Essential oil for locs also moisturizes your hair well so that they look neat and clean.

So now you know why Rosemary Essential oil plays a very important role in the treatment of locs. But this is not enough we have several more benefits of using Rosemary oil for locs. Here we go.

Benefits Of Rosemary Oil For Locs

1. A Powerhouse Of Vitamins And Minerals

While talking about the usage of Rosemary Essential oil for locs how can we miss the presence of essential minerals and vitamins in the oil? Rosemary Essential oil is loaded with essential vitamins like vitamin B6 which helps to maintain the texture of your hair and treats scalp damage. Rosemary Essential oil also has rich minerals that help to reduce scalp irritation, dandruff, and inflammation.

2. Improves Hair Growth

Rosemary Essential oil for locs is a great ingredient as it helps to boost hair growth. Rosemary Essential oil is widely recognized for its hair growth properties for natural hair. For dreadlocks, Rosemary Essential oil is a magical potion. Not only this but it also controls the appearance of dandruff and prevents the multiplication of scalp issues. Once your scalp is free from dandruff and other concerns it immediately begins the hair growth process which is possible only using Rosemary Essential oil.

3. Anti-Bacterial Properties

Did you know that you can use tea tree oil and Rosemary oil for itchy locs as they are loaded with antibacterial properties? Well, this is absolutely. Tea tree oil and Rosemary oil for itchy locs is a powerhouse of anti-bacterial fungal and anti-microbial properties that disrupt the growth of bacteria on your scalp. Both of these essential oils reduce the multiplication of microorganisms on your scalp and tackle fungi and bacterial infections. Using Rosemary oil directly on your scalp can be a little irritating as it is very potent. So, as experts we recommend you combine tea tree oil and Rosemary oil for itchy locs with a carrier oil of your choice. After mixing it with the carrier oil it drastically reduces the itchiness in your hair and keeps it dandruff-free.

4. Conditioning Properties

How can we not talk about the moisturizing and conditioning properties of Rosemary Essential oil for locs? Using Rosemary oil for locs helps to hydrate your hair intensely and also protect it from environmental damage. Rosemary oil is loaded with deep conditioning and moisturizing properties which nourishes your hair internally and also promotes blood circulation on your scalp. So next time when you incorporate Rosemary Essential oil for hair growth in your routine make sure to use it on locs for wonderful benefits.

Rosemary Oil For Shiny Locs

We cannot begin to elaborate on the benefits of Rosemary Essential oil as it is loaded with incredible qualities nutrients and vitamins. One such benefit of using Rosemary oil for locs is its capacity to add shine to your locs. Rosemary oil improves the appearance of deadlocks and makes them look captivating and lustrous. Not only this but Rosemary Essential oil also has an herbal fragrance to it which makes your locs feel and smell pleasant. If you are a fan of herbal scents with Woody tones then Rosemary Essential oil is the one for you.

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How To Use Rosemary Essential Oil For Locs?


If you are confused about the usage of tea tree oil and Rosemary oil for each locs then here is the perfect remedy.

  • In a bowl two tablespoons of carrier oil.
  • You can choose from a variety of carrier oils including Argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, kalonji oil, and almond oil.
  • Now simply add 4 to 5 drops of Rosemary Essential oil to it.
  • If this goes well you can also add 3 to 4 drops of tea tree Essential oil for locs.
  • Combine it well and apply it on your dreadlocks once a week.


Using natural oils for deadlocks is a safe treatment to nurture your locs internally. But as experts, we always recommend you to do a patch before the initial application. Also, do not forget to use 100% pure and organic essential oils from Moksha Essentials.


1. How can I thicken my locs fast?

You can adopt a variety of tips to maintain thick locs. Also, we suggest you focus more on your internal well-being instead of topical application.

2. What oils can I use on my dreadlocks?

You can go for Rosemary Essential oil for locs peppermint Essential oil, tea tree oil, castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil.