Reveal Radiant Skin: Olivem 1000 Benefits


Oliven 1000! Have you heard of this ingredient before? It is a natural ingredient that is added to skincare products to enhance your skin and rejuvenate it. Today, we will deep dive into the Olivem 1000 benefits for the skin. Yes, that's exactly what we are going to do today. Olivem 1000 is a natural emulsifier wax that beauty enthusiasts use extensively while formulating beauty products and treatments. In today's blog, we will learn more about what Olivem 1000 is and why formulators use it in their formulations. Not only this but today's blog focus on ingredient and also talks about the substitution of these ingredients.

What Is Olivem 1000?

Olivem 1000 is a naturally non-ionic cell thickening emulsifying wax that produces oil and water immersions that is vegan and biodegradable. Also to mention that Olivem 1000 is also peg free. A wide range of studies has revealed that olive 1000 is microbial friendly and is a very functional and versatile ingredient that retains your skin's cutaneous microbiota, combination, and biodiversity. Olivem 1000 is partially made from olive oil and is sold as white flakes which are thin and brittle.

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They look like most of the white flakes that you might see in the market. But to be precise, it is very important to keep a check on the labels and the formulations from where you are buying. In this case, Moksha Essentials is your only safe place. Moksha Essentials offers 100% pure Olivem 1000 for skin which is sourced from trustworthy areas and always crosses the benchmark of quality standards. Olivem 1000 is added to several skincare products as it adds moisturizing and thickening properties to your product.

Why Use Olivem 1000 For Skin?

Are you wondering about the usage of Olivem 1000 in the formulation and for your skin? Well, there are many reasons why this ingredient is added to your beauty products. But it is essential to know that this emulsifying wax is mainly added in formulations. Skincare formulators use Olivem 1000 for the same reasons as they would use any emulsifying wax for that matter.

  • Olivem 1000 is added in a formulation to combine and bring oil and water together. It also helps to create stable and sturdy emulsified lotions, creams, moisturizers, and other creams. Not only this but it also adds a high content of viscosity to the skin care formulations.
  • It is amazing to know that Olivem 1000 also contributes mild rinse-off properties in various facewash and cleanser formulations. Now you might be wondering why to use olive in 1000 specifically in formulations apart from using other emulsifying wax.
  • Well, Olivem 1000 is relatively easy to find and is one of the major strengths of skin care formulators as it has a wide range of benefits for your skin.
  • Olivem 1000 is a natural emulsifying wax that is usually found in North America and other parts across the globe and is very easy to work with.

Now you know that using Olivem 1000 offers amazing benefits over other ingredients.

If you are looking to make your very own natural formulation of creams, moisturizers, or anything in particular then this is it. If you are searching for formulations that opt for ingredients like emulsifying wax then you can generally swap normal emulsifying wax for Olivem 1000. The beauty ingredient perfectly naturalizes your emulsifier in the formulation.

Olivem 1000 Benefits For Skin

Are you scrutinizing the benefits of olive in 1000 for skin? We have got you covered here. Olivem 1000 is a very versatile lipid that dissolves in water and has properties to recover sebum and naturality in your skin. It provides a very soothing and relaxing effect on your skin. Not only this but the functional ingredient also smoothens out the imperfections in your skin well.

  • Olivem 1000 is a very powerful solubilizer of perfumes cationic surfactants and essential oils.
  • Olive and 1000 benefits for the skin include its cleansing properties. It helps and improves the cleansing action in your face wash and cleansers. It is also widely used in cleansing balms and cleansing oils to provide an instant rinse-off action which helps to eliminate the oily residue from your skin
  • Olivem 1000 for skin is widely used in skin care formulations as it is non-greasy and non-sticky. It has a very soothing and clean feel on your skin.
  • Olive in 1000 is widely used in after-bath oils and various body oils because of its emulsifying properties. It enhances the capacity of body oil to emulsify on its own with moisture or water on the surface of your skin while applying the product.

How To Use Olivem 1000?

  • First things first, Olivem 1000 comes in a solid form so you have to melt it before adding it into your skincare formulations. You cannot do much with it if it is in solid form. So, changing its state of matter is very important.
  • Olivem 1000 melts at around 70 degree Celsius or 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It is usually added in the heated oil phase.
  • Another point to note is that even 1000 works well to emulsify lotions, moisturizers, and creams when it is included at 25% of the oil phase.
  • If you are keen to add Olivem 1000 in any anhydrous formulation such as cleansing balm for an added cleansing activity then you do not have to add it in the 25% of the oil phase.

3 Formulations To Make With Olivem 1000


There are several formulations that you can make with this spotlight ingredient Olivem 1000. But, today we will list the three top most formulations that you can make on your own using Olivem 1000.

  • The first one is the hand lotion. The luxurious hand lotion is very moisturizing and hydrating on its own because of the presence of olive in 1000. Also, it is very lightweight as it contains hyaluronic acid, rose hydrosol, colloidal oatmeal, and a blend of essential oils. You can blend all these ingredients and make your very own formulation using Olivem 1000.
  • The second formulation that you can try is almond oat balm. This balm is like a balm to milk cleanser. It is creamy and has emulsifying properties that eradicate your makeup in just one go.
  • Another formulation that you can try with the help of Olivem 1000 is a cleansing cream. It is generally like a face wash for dry skin that does not dry out the skin in winter and still feels soft and hydrated on the skin.

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    The topic now comes to an end. We hope you found the much-needed information about Olivem 1000. Olivem 1000 benefits for the skin are commendable. You can utilize it in your formulations for much-needed hydration and moisturization. Also, do not forget to check out the high-quality Olivem 1000 at Moksha Essentials. We offer pure and high-quality skincare ingredients at an amazing price.


    1. Is Olivem 1000 safe?

    Yes, it is. Olivem 1000 is clinically proven to be safe to use in skincare and beauty products. However, it should be used by specialized and qualified skincare formulators.

    2. What are the benefits of Olivem?

    Olivem 1000 carries several benefits for your skin. It provides a deep cleansing action and also moisturizes your skin.