Castor Oil for Stretch Marks I DIY Recipes

Castor oil is an all-in-one carrier oil and one of the most popular as well. It is used as a moisturizer, a cleanser, growth serum as well as a treatment for acne and scars. Now this diverse oil has surely proven its worth throughout the ages, and was also called the, “Palm of Christ” because of its healing properties. In the contemporary world, Castor oil is mainly famous for two reasons, hair growth and reducing marks and appearance, majorly stretch marks.

With so many false claims in the skin care market, it gets difficult to tell, what’s true and what’s not. That’s why we are here with some facts and pointers about using Castor oil for stretch marks.

castor oil for stretch marks

What are Stretch marks?

First of all, let’s understand that Stretch marks are common and a natural process of growth. They happen to everyone and there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of them. Basically, stretch marks occurs when your skin grows in a short duration of time. These changes cause Collagen and Elastin to split and rupture, and the skin heals we are left with these scars. They can be pink, red, purple or brown, according to your skin colour. For a fact, stretch marks are like any other scar, they won’t go away completely but you can lighten them with certain cosmetic and home remedies.

Genetics and Hormones also play a role, in the appearance of stretch marks. But few of the common reasons are-

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Puberty
  3. Muscle growth from training
  4. Sudden weight loss or gain


Benefits of Castor Oil as a home remedy

Castor Oil is a plant-based oil made from the seeds of Ricinus Communis which is used in many cosmetic and skin care products. Castor oil is famous for its moisturizing and nourishing benefits it has for skin. What makes Castor oil useful for skin rejuvenation and reducing scar marks is-

  • It is rich in Ricinoleic acid, which is an unsaturated fatty acid that helps in skin nourishment. It keeps skin from getting dry and prevent cracks.
  • It reaches deep into the skin layers and hydrate them from within.
  • Castor oil has a thick consistency, and doesn’t completely absorb in the skin. It leaves a thick layer on skin which keeps it nourished for long hours.
  • Castor oil is a natural humectant, which means it can retain moisture in your skin and prevent moisture loss that happens over time.
  • It helps in regrowth of dull and damaged tissues and promote the growth of new ones.

All these factors ensure that Castor oil can be helpful in reducing the appearance of Stretch Marks.


How to use Castor Oil for stretch marks?

The simple way to use Castor oil for reducing the appearance of stretch marks is directly. However, there are different methods to increase effect.

  1. Warm Castor oil in a microwave or with double boiling method, and apply it on your marks and massage for 2 to 3 minutes. Leave it overnight and wash off in the morning.
  2. Mix Castor oil with other hydrating oils like Coconut Oil or Jojoba oil. Heat this mix, apply on the stretch marks and massage and leave it overnight.
  3. Add it to your daily lotion or moisturizer, and use it daily to increase effect.
  4. In winters, you can use Castor Oil after taking a warm bath. Warm water deplete skin from moisture and nourishment and leads to dry, irritated skin. Apply Castor oil on your damp body and see the difference.


DIY Stretch Mark Removal Recipe

  1. Turmeric & Castor Oil

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which when combined with castor oil helps reduce stretch marks.

  • Turmeric – ½ tsp
  • Castor Oil – 1tsp
  1. Take a bowl and mix Turmeric and castor oil
  2. Massage this mixture on stretch marks
  3. Keep for an hour and then wash it off. Follow with a moisturiser

 Note: Turmeric may leave stains on the skin and your clothes.


  1. Aloe Vera Gel & Castor Oil

Aloe Vera gel has the ability to boost collagen production and keeps skin moisturised. It deeply conditions skin and when mixed with conditioning properties of castor oil, it works as an excellent agent to reduce stretch marks.

  1. Take a bowl and mix aloe vera gel and castor oil
  2. Apply this blend on stretch marks
  3. Leave it till it gets soaked in skin. This can be done daily to get faster results.


  1. Almond Oil & Castor Oil

Bitter Almond Essential oil helps reduce appearance of stretch marks and also helps prevent occurrence of new ones. Sweet Almond oil helps reduce itching on the stretch marks and prevents progression.  Castor oil is known to fade appearance of stretch marks and improves elasticity of skin. When mixed together, these ingredients prove to be an excellent remedy for treating stretch marks.

  1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl
  2. Massage this blend on stretch marks
  3. Leave for an hour or overnight. You can repeat it daily.


How effective is Castor oil for Stretch Marks?

Castor oils works on stretch marks due to its humectant properties. It fastens healing process and helps reduce scarring. It also acts as a moisturiser and deeply conditions skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil helps maintain healthy skin and maintains elasticity of skin.

Castor oil also helps soothe burn any burning or itching sensation caused by stretch marks. Rigid stretch marks take time to heal and castor oil may be helpful with long term use. One cannot expect overnight or quick results, therefore one has to be patient with them.


Benefits of castor oil for skin and hair |

Can Castor Oil help with Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

Yes, castor oil has been traditionally used to treat pregnancy stretch marks. It is known to prevent and lesson spots and blemishes. Castor oil deeply hydrates skin and keeps it firm which helps in firming loose skin.


  • Apply castor oil on stretch marks and massage for 5-10 minutes in circular motion
  • Wrap the affected area with thin and clean cotton cloth.
  • Apply heat with the help of heating pad or hot water bottle for 30 minutes
  • Repeat this daily for one month to get best results.


Things to know before using Castor Oil

  • It is always recommended to do a patch test before applying on larger areas of skin. Some people with sensitive skin might be allergic to castor oil.
  • Castor oil is a comparatively heavy oil and therefore might cause blockage in pores. People with oily skin should use it sparingly
  • You should only opt for pure and cold pressed Castor oil which is free of harmful chemicals as it helps heal stretch marks.


Note- Using Castor oil for stretch marks is a timely process, and for seeing difference being consistent is the key. Use it for at least 2 months, to see actual difference. Also use Castor oil for massage at night time, as that’s when our skin does most of the healing. 


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