Nourish And Hydrate: Discover The Power Of Castor Oil In Conditioner


Are your hair dry and brittle naturally? Do you face a lot of dryness around your hair and split ends due to rough hair? This is because you might be using conditionals that are loaded with toxic chemicals and sulfur-based ingredients that might be harmful to your hair. Many people prefer market-based hair masks and conditioners to repair their hair but little did they know that these can do worse for their hair. It may also lead to hair thinning which is a worldwide problem and may damage your hair follicles. So, the best way to get rid of all hair concerns is by using natural remedies. Using conditioner with castor oil brings in a lot of benefits for your hair especially when they are damaged from inside.

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Castor Oil is one of the most effective natural ways to revive your hair and provide nourishment to your locks without being greasy. Castor Oil is rich in various minerals fatty acids and vitamins including vitamin E which helps to condition your hair seamlessly and deals with hair thinning issues. Not only this but castor oil is also packed with amino acids which makes your hair feel thicker and darker after regular usage.

Benefits Of Using Castor Oil For Hair

You can make a moisturizing conditioner with castor oil and apply it to your hair ends before washing your hair. This will help to rejuvenate your hair while keeping them soft and bouncy. There are a lot of benefits of using castor oil in your everyday Hair Care routine as it comes with an array of benefits for your tresses. So without any further a do let's have a look at the top benefits of using castor oil.

  • Hair Conditioner With Castor Oil

If you are browsing the best hair conditioners for dry and brittle hair, then do not purchase high-end chemical-based hair care products. Castor oil works as an ideal hair conditioner that bids farewell to brittle hair strands and split ends. By mixing hair conditioner with castor oil you can enhance the properties of your minimal hair conditioner by two times. Castor oil enhances the blood flow in your scalp and offers oxygen to your hair roots which provide the enrichment of nutrients and essential vitamins in your hair. Deep conditioning with castor oil for your hair promotes the health of your hair in unusual ways. Even if you are unable to use castor oil as a hair conditioner, you can simply mix castor oil in a conditioner for additional benefits.

  • Castor Oil For Shiny Hair

Castor oil can add a subtle shine to your hair by moisturizing your hair deeply. When you mix castor oil in your conditioner, it nourishes and repairs your damaged and dull hair ends and provides shine to your hair. But only this but castor oil is also rich in antioxidants that help to promote keratin production in your scalp and help strengthen it for improved texture.

  • Castor Oil For Hair Growth

If you are unaware of the benefits of castor oil then you must look at how it helps to improve your hair growth. Castor oil for hair growth is one of the widely recognized remedies as it is used by several people all around the world to grow their locks in a short period. Castor oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins like vitamin E which promotes the blood circulation in your scalp and reinvigorates your roots and hair follicles thereby promoting hair growth.

  • Castor Oil For Dandruff And Bacterial Infection

Do you know that castor oil is rich in antibacterial qualities that help to reduce bacterial infection on your scalp? If you are thinking about how castor oil improves the condition of your scalp then you can simply combine it with tea tree essential oil or peppermint oil for phenomenal benefits. The best leave-in conditioner with castor oil along with other potent essential oil works well to eliminate fungal growth on your scalp and reduces dandruff, flakiness, irritation, and itchiness to a great extent. Castor oil also helps to maintain the pH balance of your scalp and kills lice and fungal growth.

Should You Wash Off Castor Oil With Shampoo Or Conditioner?

If you are applying caster oil directly on your sky without mixing it with any other oil then you have to wash it with a shampoo followed by a conditioner. Castor oil has a thick consistency and might feel a tad too heavy if you do not dilute it before usage. So, it is important to wash off castor oil with shampoo.

How To Use Castor Oil As A Conditioner For Hair?


We know you are excited to discover the best ways to use castor oil as a hair conditioner or castor oil combined with hair conditioner for optimal benefits. But before that, it is very important to know the proper measurement and quantity that you should take before using castor oil as a conditioner. 

Castor oil is packed with potent nutrients and vitamins that help to enhance your hair growth and keeps frizziness, roughness, and dryness at bay. The fatty acids present in castor oil perform as an exceptional hair conditioner to nourish your hair deeply. So, now let's quickly check out how you can use castor oil for hair conditioning.

Recipe 1 - Castor Oil In Hair Conditioner

For this easy hair DIY hack, you can mix 1 tsp of castor oil with your regular conditioner for maximum benefits. Mixing castor oil with conditioner enhances its potency and provides deep nourishment to your hair. It also conditions your hair well keeping them frizz-free for a good time.

Recipe 2 - Castor Oil Hair Conditioning Mask



  • In a bowl add aloe vera gel. 
  • Now combine castor oil, avocado oil, and peppermint oil to it.
  • Mix all of this well to form a hair-conditioning mask.
  • Once everything is combined, apply this hair-softening mask to your little damp hair.
  • After applying leave it for 2 hours and then wash it off with shampoo.
  • Skip the conditioner if you are using this hair mask.
  • The results will blow your mind.


Castor oil is a miracle remedy for damaged and dry hair. Castor oil is an excellent repairing agent for damaged locks, particularly those facing dryness after dyeing or coloring. A castor oil hair treatment will, in addition, minimize further damage (Kudos to omegas and vitamins), although it additionally makes broken ends and frizzy hair appear less obvious. The reason for this is a result of the moisturizing properties of the antioxidant vitamin E and the omega-3 fatty acids that maintain the shafts and scalp of your hair. So, make a prominent choice and use the best castor oil for hair from Moksha Essentials

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1. How frequently can I use castor oil for hair?

You can use castor oil for hair once in a week. For DIY hair conditioning masks you can use castor oil every time you apply the hair mask. 

2. Does castor oil help with hair growth?

Yes, it does. Castor oil helps to improve your hair growth by 2x times. It enhances your hair growth resulting in thicker and longer tresses.