Garlic Oil: Your Natural Solution To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay


The constant buzzing of those hilarious mosquitoes is next-level annoying and makes you frustrated even without a cause. No wonder these mosquitoes create a Buzz in our lives and increase our blood pressure when they constantly snore. It's quite a task to eliminate them from the house because they are just used to entering your space without consent. But not anymore. It's enough of a mosquito arena in your own home. It is time to get rid of diseases such as dengue malaria and other health risks associated with mosquitoes. But how we do that is the main question. Well, a home remedy works just as effectively as other chemical-based products and it is essential oils. Essential Oils for mosquitoes particularly garlic oil aur mosquitoes is a tried and trusted remedy. Let us explore more about the efficacy of Garlic oil to repel mosquitoes.

Garlic oil as you all know has been used for decades as an effective natural remedy for several purposes. Garlic in general also brings amazing health benefits and various skin-related advantages that might not even be considered. Other than the benefits that it offers for your health and skin it also works wonders to repel those pesky mosquitoes and keep them away from your entity. Are you wondering how? Recent studies have concluded that Garlic oil or garlic extract is used in making natural DIY sprays for mosquito repellent. Yes, you heard it right. This natural mosquito repellent spray involves a lot of other ingredients along with garlic oil as it prominently helps to repel mosquito insects and other bugs.

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We have now covered every minor detail about garlic oil. It is now time to understand its properties to repel mosquitoes and how it works.

Garlic Essential Oil For Mosquitoes

Using garlic oil for mosquitoes is one of the best things you can do in your environment to get rid of those tiny bites that they give you every minute. Let us understand more about the mosquito-repelling qualities of Garlic oil.

  • Garlic oil has a unique formulation that comes from the steam distillation method of the plant. Once the extracts are combined offer exemplary compounds of sulphur. Allicin is one of the most popular and notable compounds present in garlic cloves. It is very strong and helps to deter mosquitoes, insects, and bugs. Yes, you hear it right. The pungent and tacky Aroma of Garlic comes from Allicin as it strongly repels insects as well. So, now you know how mosquitoes will instantly go away from your house because of the presence of allicin in garlic oil.
  • How can we overlook the antifungal and anti-microbial properties of Garlic Essential oil? While talking about the best essential oils to repel mosquitos, garlic oil also makes it to the list. It offers strong antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-microbial properties which can eliminate insects including bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, flies, and more. Not only this but garlic oil also helps to reduce the spread of bacterial infection in your house once you use it in the cleaning floor or other areas. Well, this is true. The exclusive properties of Garlic oil not only repel mosquitoes but also keep other insects at bay.
  • Studies have concluded that Garlic oil is rich in multifaceted action. This action specifies its efficacy in deterring mosquitoes, and restricting the spread of bacteria, fungus, and pathogens while making your house smell fresh without any toxic chemicals. Not only this but garlic oil is a versatile Essential oil that offers immense benefits for your overall health and also keeps inflammation and infections away from you.

How To Use Garlic Oil For Mosquitoes?

If you are wondering about the usage of Garlic Essential oil for mosquitoes then here is a simple yet effective remedy that might help you in the long run. 

  • For this remedy, you simply need garlic Essential oil along with water or any other liquid to dilute it.
  • Now in a spray bottle add water and pour 15 to 20 drops of Garlic Essential oil.
  • Once that is done, cover the lid and shake the bottle.
  • No spray this mixture on the areas where mosquitoes reside or simply on the corners of your house to restrict their entry once and for all.
  • Another way to include garlic Essential oil for mosquitoes in your house is by diffusing the Essential oil.
  • The diffusion method works well and offers amazing results.
  • You simply have to add a few drops of Garlic Essential oil to a diffuser and let it diffuse for a few minutes.

Best Essential Oils To Repel Mosquitoes


Garlic oil is truly a pro-level Essential oil that not only repels mosquitoes but also offers several health-related benefits. Did you know that there are a bunch of other essential oils that effectively repel mosquitoes? Let us understand a little about them.

1. Peppermint Essential Oil for Mosquitoes 

One of the highly-rated essential oils to repel insects in mosquitoes is peppermint oil. Known for its cooling and refreshing properties this Essential oil deters every other insect and keeps them away from your house.

2. Lavender Essential oil for insects 

While talking about the best essential oils, how can we not mention Lavender oil for mosquitoes? Lavender Essential oil helps you get rid of those nasty insects and mosquitoes that might be roaming around your house freely. 

3. Cinnamon oil for mosquitoes 

Cinnamon Essential oil is a strong one and can be used to deter various insects including spiders, mosquitoes, rodents, and flies.

4. Orange Essential oil 

We, humans, relish the fragrance of orange Essential oil because of its tangy background and juicy Aroma. But mosquitoes hate it and that's why orange essential oil for mosquitoes works in the long run.

5. Rosemary oil for mosquitoes

If there is one Essential oil that you need in your life to get rid of several concerns be it health-related, skin-related, hair-related or anything in general Rosemary oil is the one. Get yourself your Rosemary oil from Moksha Essentials and deter those mosquitoes and their buzzing sound forever from your house. 

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Getting rid of mosquitoes and keeping yourself safe from several diseases is the only solution these days. Natural remedies are indeed the best choice to get rid of mosquitoes in sets and other concerns.