Cycle Support: Best Essential Oils for Comfort During Periods

Cycle Support: Best Essential Oils for Comfort During Periods

Women go through a lot during their menstrual cycle and the hazels are quite unfavorable at times. Are you wondering what we are talking about here? And it is quite prominent that menstrual cramps mood swings emotional turmoil and a lot goes through during those 5 days. So today we bring you a safe expensive and effective solution to manage all things related to periods. Well, it is none other than the best essential oils for periods. Essential oils for heavy periods are used by many women are there to tackle those painful menstrual cramps. Painful periods irregular periods and even extended periods are something that women go through and a lot more is added to this list. While the list goes on and on, we highly recommend you try essential oils for periods.

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Menstrual cramps and heavy periods can be deliberating to several women. In the past many women were bedridden and some of them even dealt with the most dangerous nightmares of their life. To be precise every month brings in a challenging deal to tackle menstrual cramps extended periods and other major issues related to periods. Thankfully not anymore. The essential oils for periods are considered to be a safe and effective option to tackle the pain triggered by periods. Studies at a leading publishing corporation have revealed that essential oils are directly linked to the severity of pain and do not lead to any side effects on your body if used properly. Dictionary essential oils are packed with the much-needed qualities that majorly tackle menstrual cramps and other effects related to periods.

Best Essential Oils for Periods

While discussing the best essential oils for heavy periods we have a lot to choose from. But the ones mentioned below are packed with vital properties that not only nurture your body but also help you deal with those painful cramps every month without any effects on your body.

Essential oils are majorly extracted from the flowers, buds, stems, roots, and bark of a plant. You might know about Orange Essential oil which comes from the orange peel and cinnamon Essential oil which comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree. In the same way, all the essential oils are extracted from the parts of plants and possess major compounds and strong fragrances that go deep into your nerves and provide instant relief. Let us together explore the beneficial effects of essential oils for periods.

1. Lavender Essential oil

For years, people have been using lavender Essential oil to tackle irregular periods and extended periods. Are you surprised? Well, the potent Essential oil is majorly responsible for providing relief from migraine issues and tackling anxiety, stress, and depression. As mentioned in the previous section women go through a lot of emotional and mental hay-way during their menstrual cycles. Not only this but periods also come with painful cramps and extreme pain along with mood swings. Tackling all the issues is a task, especially during those initial days. Thankfully lavender Essential oil is popular for treating stress-related conditions and lowering mood swings while relaxing your mind. It brings you to a harmonious state and is popular as it elevates mood and lowers anxiety issues. Use lavender Essential oil for painful periods, you can simply combine it with coconut oil  or olive oil and apply it on the abdomen area above the uterus.

2. Peppermint Essential oil

Another great addition to the list of best essential oils for heavy periods is peppermint oil. Peppermint as an ingredient is quite popular as it contains menthol which majorly serves as a cooling agent for your body and skin. Talking specifically about Essential oil, its effectiveness is amazing. Peppermint Essential oil is majorly added in the making of cough relief balms as it promotes better respiratory health and also reduces the chances of cough, cold, and migraine issues. As per a recent study, it is evident that you might suffer from these conditions during your menstrual cycle. So essentially using peppermint Essential oil comes with a heck of benefits. Peppermint oil has an uplifting Aroma due to the key ingredient menthol. Guess what it turns out to be one of the best essential oils for hemorrhagic periods. It tackles nausea, bloating cramps, period pain, acidity, and gas to a great extent.

3. Eucalyptus Essential oil

eucalptus oil

Did you know that eucalyptus Essential oil is truly the best for your skin? Loaded with a cooling effect and soothing sensation, this Essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that instantly reduce inflammation during painful cycles. Not only this but Eucalyptus essential oil has an invigorating and refreshing Aroma that eradicates the chances of mood swings and offers a calming effect during extended periods. Wintergreen Essential oil Have you heard of Wintergreen Essential Oil? Like peppermint Essential oil, this oil is extracted directly from the leaves of wintergreen herb and is used majorly to relieve muscle stiffness, joint pain, and cramps during periods. The active compound in Wintergreen essential oil is more or less like aspirin which helps to eliminate colds, coughs, swelling joint pain, and Arthritis problems. As per studies combining wintergreen Essential oil with a carrier oil to massage on the abdomen works great for irregular periods. Alongside this Essential oil is safe to be used during period pain or to lower anxiety issues and stiff muscles during painful periods.

4. Rosemary Essential oil

The addition of Rosemary Essential oil  for heavy periods truly changes the game and relaxes your mind. Are you wondering how? Rosemary Essential oil is one of the most popular and widely recognized Essential oils to tackle chronic pain and illness related to the menstrual cycle. Yes, you heard it right. Rosemary Essential oil is one of the best herbal essential oils which instantly reduces the stiffness due to muscle cramps and also provides a soothing effect on the nerves. Not only this but the Essential oil is a great remedy to tackle renal colic pain and the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. This condition is related to severe bleeding and extreme period pain.

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We are nearing the list of the best essential oils for heavy periods. If you suffer from this regular pain then you might know that it is quite unbearable. Managing it side by side with your daily household chores can be quite a task. Thankfully essential oils are here to bring prominent relief from menstrual cramps, extreme period pain, mood swings, and other emotional issues that a woman goes through. At  Moksha Essentials, we offer 100% pure and organic essential oils for periods that are very effective and bring in results that you want to experience instantly.