Beyond Toothpaste: Bentonite Clay for Effective Teeth Whitening

Beyond Toothpaste: Bentonite Clay for Effective Teeth Whitening

Your smile holds great value. With value comes responsibility and that's why we present you the ultimate solution to keep your oral hygiene in check. The toothpaste that you use might be a hub of toxins and chemicals, all thanks to the powered technology that creates cheap products at nominal prices. But, not anymore. The artificial tubes of toothpaste packed with chemicals and Flavors are not the ones you should rely on. Instead, bentonite clay for teeth whitening and oral hygiene is an ideal pick. Yes, you heard it right. Bentonite clay addresses your skin concerns like a Pro.

If you're concerned about your dental condition, you've probably thought about the mineral bentonite clay. Bentonite clay, derived from volcanic debris brought into collision with ocean water, has recently been demonstrated to possess absorbent properties. As a result, it is a fantastic option for dental care. Below is all you need to understand about bentonite clay and its many benefits.

Bentonite clay is an excellent teeth-brushing agent that does the job well and keeps your teeth white and clean. Bentonite clay for teeth whitening has been used for years because of its impact to draw positively charged minerals. The clay provides an effective cleansing action that keeps your teeth white and clean.


Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Teeth Whitening

As mentioned above bentonite clay is an effective ingredient for teeth cleaning and whitening. But do you know that it holds some mind-blowing benefits that are hidden from the users? Many people know Bentonite clay as a perfect treatment or home remedy for acne, pimples, and other skin concerns. But little did they know that when tonight's play also works for oral hygiene and has some extraordinary benefits for teeth whitening. Without any further ado let's have a look at the prominent benefits of Bentonite clay.

  • Bentonite Clay Tackles Infection

At times germs make a place around your teeth and get deposited there for a prolonged period. This can lead to a tooth infection and other issues like gingivitis and periodontal issues. Thanks to bentonite clay for teeth infections helps to eliminate the presence of germs and bacterial infections in your tooth. Not only this but Bentonite clay also fights against the diseases mentioned above as it is antibacterial in nature. It keeps your teeth clean and protects them from harmful bacterial infections that may soon lead to tooth infections.

  • Bentonite Clay For Teeth Whitening

Do you have plaque stuffed in the back and front of your teeth? Do you feel embarrassed while smiling with your teeth on just because the plague shows up every time you laugh or smile? Well bid farewell to those nasty bacteria like a plague and clean your teeth effectively with bentonite clay. Bentonite clay for teeth whitening is an effective remedy to get rid of stains in your teeth and also the plague that settles down somewhere. The chemical-infused teeth whiteners are supposed to stress up your life by attacking your tooth enamel. But, with Bentonite clay for teeth whitening things are easier than you think. Bentonite clay keeps your teeth healthy and fresh and sways away darkness and stains keeping them polished and white.

  • Bentonite Clay Reduces Tooth Decay

A large group of microorganisms and pathogens team up together to induce tooth decay in your mouth. Keeping bentonite clay for teeth whitening handy at your place can be very beneficial. Bentonite clay is a powerhouse of potent bacterial properties that tackle infections and reduces the chances of several types of tooth decay in your mouth. Do not worry about the process because rinsing your mouth with Bentonite clay and water can help eliminate the toxins and positive ions that Bentonite clay attracts.

  • Bentonite Clay For Brushing

You need to include Bentonite clay in your daily oral routine because it offers benefits that your normal toothpaste doesn't. Bentonite clay helps in the deep cleansing action of your teeth and cleans them by eliminating bad breath. Not only this but bentonite clay also eradicates other germs that might hamper your gums and teeth.

  • Bentonite Clay Reduces Tooth Pain

Suffering from intense tooth pain? You have to try bentonite clay for tooth pain which works just as effectively as clove oil for tooth pain. A blend of clove oil and bentonite clay works as an effective home remedy for tooth pain. You might have heard of the best essential oils for tooth pain and other oral concerns. But, did you know that bentonite clay also acts as an excellent choice for people who suffer from tooth pain and other oral concerns? Including bentonite clay in your oral hygiene routine can bring tremendous benefits.

Can I Use Bentonite Clay For Brushing Teeth Whitening?

Traditional brushing is mainly intended for eliminating infections. While this is an imperative objective for good oral hygiene, it disregards one of the most crucial aspects of oral wellness: which is remineralization.


Your pearly whites are made up of strong dentin and enamel, which both have been organically supported by minerals. Sadly, food habits, habits of living, and contaminants from the environment all tend to drain nutrients from the enamel of the teeth. When the teeth shed minerals quicker compared to when they receive them, you may experience troubling signs such as soreness and rotting.

However, if the restoration of minerals procedure outpaces the breakdown of minerals process, you may shield your teeth from abscesses and intense zings of hypersensitivity. Cleaning with bentonite clay significantly speeds up the remineralization activity since clays naturally include elements such as silica, potassium, zinc, calcium, and magnesium.

How To Use Bentonite Clay for Teeth Whitening?

How To Use Bentonite Clay for Teeth Whitening?

Want to use bentonite clay for teeth whitening but are confused about the procedure? We will give you some tips. The best ways to use bentonite clay for teeth whitening and cleaning are listed below.

Recipe 1 - Organic Tooth Powder


● 2tbsp of bentonite clay
● 1 tbsp of cinnamon powder
● Baking Soda (Optional)


Combine 2 tbsp of bentonite clay with 1 tbsp of cinnamon powder.
● You can also add 1 tsp baking soda if you are not allergic because it is very strong.
● Now simply brush your teeth with this organic and natural tooth powder.
● It will instantly give amazing results while keeping your tooth infections and abscess at bay.


As we approach the end of this editorial, we wish you get the best recipes of organic and natural tooth powder at Moksha Essentials. Bentonite clay for teeth whitening is no surprise because it has been used for years now. If you prefer to have natural and pure bentonite clay, check out moksha essentials. 


1. Can I use bentonite clay for teeth daily?

Bentonite clay can be used daily considering its potent cleaning effects. A natural tooth powder with bentonite clay will provide you with amazing benefits for teeth whitening.

2. Where can I buy bentonite clay?

Bentonite clay comes in different variants and you can choose other clays along with bentonite clay from Moksha Essentials offers high-quality ingredients at cost-effective prices. These natural ingredients are great for your skin, hair, health, and other concerns. Get yours now.