Balancing Blood Pressure Naturally: Essential Oils Unveiled

Balancing Blood Pressure Naturally: Essential Oils Unveiled

Bodily conditions like blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight should be monitored every week to keep a check on your optimal health. While talking specifically about high blood pressure one usually thinks of many remedies and precautions to manage it effectively. We know you are on the same page to and that's why today we present you the best natural way to tackle high blood pressure. If you have the problem of hypertension commonly known as high blood pressure then you can include a traditional approach in your routine which is essential oils. High BP is one of the most common health issues that many people are suffering from. While you might think that it is quite obvious in adults, even youngsters these days face the problem of high blood pressure. The reason is pretty evident that talks about the unhealthy lifestyle, sedentary actions, and lack of Nutrition.

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In severe cases, high blood pressure can be alarming and might lead to silent death due to a heart attack or any such issue. Thankfully, we at Moksha Essentials focus on the natural approach to tackle health disorders. The essential oils for high blood pressure are known for their efficacy and potency which instantly manages the symptoms and also cures the condition over time.

Essential Oils for Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

Many people wonder if essential oils for Cholesterol and high blood pressure do something to the body or not. Well as per studies essential oils help to relieve anxiety stress and restlessness from the mind which keeps your BP in check. On the other hand, the best essential oils for Cholesterol are meant to reduce weight with their high vitamin and nutrient-rich content. (Subjected from Person to Person). Overall the best essential oils for high blood pressure serve as a complementary addition to your regular treatment to manage the symptoms and eliminate them effectively. So are you ready to discover the ideal Essential oil for high blood pressure? Let's get started.

Best Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

1. Lavender Essential oil for high blood pressure

One of the most effective and strong Essential oils for high blood pressure is none other than Lavender oil. Lavender Essential oil as you all know is directly linked to reducing stress and anxiety. The pain-relieving properties of lavender Essential oil come in handy to reduce muscle aches, joint pain, and stiffness in the body. The soothing properties of Lavender oil instantly calm the mind, enhance blood circulation, and decrease high blood pressure. Packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and analgesic properties, the Essential oil offers an overpowering effect on the body while reducing blood pressure.

2. Lime Essential oil

One of the best essential oils for high blood pressure is  lime Essential oil. Did you know that citrus Essential oil has a very invigorating and uplifting effect on your mind? Well as per research lime Essential oil offers a pungent citrusy and juicy fragrance which incidentally reduces stress and also lowers blood pressure. If you are wondering about essential oils safe for high blood pressure then lime Essential oil is the one for you.

3. Rose Essential oil

If you are wondering about pregnancy-safe essential oils for high blood pressure then rose Essential oil might help you in the long run. Rose Essential oil as suggested by Aromatherapists has been utilized for years as it lowers blood pressure and improves the circulation in the body. Additionally, the Essential oil is rich in vitamin C which effectively eradicates the excess production of fluid in your body and acts as a prominent filter to keep the toxins away. A recent study published in 2009 reveals that rose Essential oil relaxes the body in the best possible way and enhances blood circulation while keeping your mind at ease. Packed with the most enticing and pleasing floral Aroma this Essential oil smells like a dream and offers immense health benefits. The soothing properties of rose Essential oils relax your mind, keep your blood pressure in check, and help you enhance your health.

4. Frankincense Essential oil

frankincense oil

Did you know that frankincense Essential oil can be a great addition to your healthcare routine because of its medicinal benefits? One of the most potent and strong essential oils is frankincense oil which effectively manages blood pressure. Researchers have found that frankincense Essential oil is mainly used in Eastern medicine as it is packed with anti-inflammatory properties. Not only this but the Essential oil also offers antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-microbial properties that reduce anxiety and stress. Less stress in the mind is directly linked to your blood pressure. These effects of Frankincense Essential oil majorly help to tackle high blood pressure levels and maintain it over some time. If you are wondering how and where to apply essential oils for high blood pressure then you can simply diffuse the one you like and inhale the Aroma.

5. Citronella Essential oil

How about including citronella Essential oil in your routine for that instant pick-me-up feeling? Well, many people are not aware of the Exclusive benefits of citronella Essential oil for high blood pressure. Traditionally and even today many people have been using citronella oil as an effective insect repellent to keep those pesky mosquitoes, bugs, and spiders at bay. Guess what Essential oil also benefits your health and heart in the long run. Just inhaling the Aroma of citronella Essential oil effectively combats high blood pressure and improves blood circulation. A recent study in 2012 served by the Journal of Health Research demonstrated that inhaling the Aroma of citronella oil through a diffuser reduces blood pressure. Additionally, it keeps your heart rate in check and also enhances your respiratory health.

6. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang Essential oil might be a new addition to your routine but it works well in combination with other essential oils. If you are confused about essential oils for Cholesterol and high blood pressure then this one works like a 2 in 1. Yes, you heard it right. Ylang Ylang Essential oil effectively lowers blood pressure and keeps your heart health in check. Not only this but the Essential oil has been known to reduce the cortisol level in your body. A study published in 2012 revealed that Ylang Ylang essential oil manages the cortisol level which is the prominent hormone that is linked with feelings of stress and anxiety. So, one can include it in their routine to manage stress conditions and thereafter bid farewell to the problem of hypertension.

How to use essential oils for high blood pressure?

There are several ways to include essential oils in your routine.

● You can simply inhale the Aroma from the bottle itself by taking a whiff of it
● Another best way to use essential oils for high blood pressure is to diffuse it. Through a diffuser, you can inhale the soft fumes of the Essential oil and it might help for better effects on your health.

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Essential oils as you all know are highly concentrated and require specific regulations while using them. So, make sure to dilute them before topic usage and get yours from