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wheargerm oil

Wheat Germ Oil


Product Description :-

This ultra rich, unrefined wheat germ oil is a great ingredient, and has been applied externally for numerous irritations including roughness of the skin, cracking, and chaffing. It nourishes the skin, delays the ageing process and prevents skin cancer. Unrefined wheat germ oil is a very sensitive oil that will degrade quickly when exposed to extremes in temperature fluctuation, oxidization, and light. Refrigeration is highly recommended.

Wheat Germ Oil is widely used as both a cosmetic ingredient and as a dietary supplement. It is naturally rich in vitamins A, D, and E, and also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, F, essential fatty acids, protein, and minerals. Vitamin E improves blood circulation and reduces harmful cholesterol.  Wheat germ oil enhances the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. It can help to diminish wrinkles, help to reverse the effects of sun damage, minimize scars and rehydrate the skin. Wheat germ oil has also been found to be one of the most effective oils for stretch marks.

Because of its anti-oxidant and regenerative properties, wheat germ oil is a wonderful ingredient to add to body care and cosmetic products. For massage oil blends, it is recommended that you incorporate 10-15%.

Product Color : Golden yellow to amber brown liquid. Wheatgerm may be cloudy in appearance due to the presence of natural sediments found in the oil. The product is good to use but if desired, it can be subsequently filtered to remove any sediments.

Common Uses : Wheatgerm Carrier Oil is often used in combination with other carrier oils in order to extend shelf lives.

Caution: It should not be used by those with wheat or gluten allergies, either externally or internally.