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Tomar Seed Oil

Tomar Seed Oil


Tomar tree is indigenous to Eastern Asia to China along the Himalayas and few other parts of India. The essential oil is extracted from the seeds of this tree through steam distillation. The naturally spicy, warm, woody, peppery, rich and floral aroma has made its use remarkable since the pre-historic period.

Tomar seeds have been used for hundreds of years in India for treating numerous health conditions including oral problems and this is the main reason why this tree has been named as Toothache tree.

Common Uses:

Skin: Tomar seed oil is said to possess antioxidant properties and it also contains phenolic compounds. It can help rejuvenate old and wrinkly skin when blended with a suitable carrier oil and applied.

Body: Tomar seed oil has been used as a gentle massage oil blended with carrier oils like coconut oil to treat fibrositis, rheumatism, leg cramps, varicose veins and certain other skin problems. It is also said to stimulate the mucous membranes, lymphatic system and promote blood circulation.

Caution: Avoid during pregnancy and with sensitive skin. It can cause possible sensitization in some individuals, so use in very low concentration only.