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Lichen Oil

Lichen Oil


Lichen oil

Botanical Name: Lichen Parmelia Perlata

Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction

Country of Origin: India

Product Description: lichen oil is extracted by solvent extraction of the Parmelia Perlata plant and belongs to the Parmeliaceae family. The beautiful hills of Uttarakhand are the best sources of Lichens in India. Traditonally, these organisms have been used to treat a variety of infectious diseases. It is known to have antiemetic, analgesic, antipyretic, aphrodisiac and astringent properties.

Lichen oil is a pale yellow or olive viscous liquid with a dry-earthy and bark-like odor. This is an extremely rare and versatile essential oil suitable for use in soaps, candles and hand made cosmetics.

Common Uses:

Moisturises skin: Lichen oil soothes skin and keeps it smooth and soft by maintaining moisture in the skin and balances oil production.

Heals wounds: The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of Lichen Oil does not give burning sensation when applied and promotes wound healing.

Reduces Inflammation: The demulcent properties of Lichen oil is good for various types of inflammation.

Blends well with: Cypress, Geranium, Lavender, Neroli, Patchouli

Caution: Avoid during pregnancy and with sensitive skin. It can cause possible sensitization in some individuals, so use in very low concentration only. It is important to note that all Essential Oils are extremely concentrated in nature and if to be applied on the skin or body, should always be diluted upto a maximum dosage of 4% in a suitable carrier oil.