Bombay Breeze Fragrance Oil (Premium)

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Bombay Breeze Fragrance Oil 


Type of Oil: Fragrance Oil

Product Colour: Pale yellow to coloured Liquid

Product Aroma: Citrus and Refreshing

Paraben & Phthalate Free: Yes

Country of Origin: India

Shelf Life: 2 years

Common Use: Cold process Soaps, Melt & Pour Soaps, Candles, Perfumes, Diffusers, Skincare Products, Hair Care Products, Bath Bombs, Incenses, etc

Performance in Cold pressed Soaps 

Acceleration: No Acceleration

Discoloration: No Discoloration 


Description Of Bombay Breeze Fragrance Oil 

This fragrance captures the essence of Bombay in its most beautiful form. The experience is round and sweet, blended with a warm tropical breeze. This fragrance will immediately transport you to a warm, ethnic aroma. Jasmine, peony, and rose are some of the flowers that come together in this enchanting fragrance which hints at a sun-kissed ocean breeze. This natural fragrance can be used to create a calm ambiance. A cool and refreshing scent.


Bombay Breeze Fragrance Oil is a well-liked scent that is used to make a variety of cosmetic items, including creams, lotions/body lotions, body scrubs, face washes, lip balm, facial wipes, hair care products, facial products, and after-shaves. For a smooth and fresh aroma, it is also applied to diffusers, air fresheners, and many other goods.


Fragrance oils are manufactured artificially from components both natural and synthetic. They are produced in areas where either the natural essential oil does not exist (such as in the production of chocolate, strawberry, etc.) or the cost of the natural essential oil is prohibitive (such as in the production of jasmine, rose, etc.). Fragrance oils have a longer shelf life than real essential oils since they contain skin-friendly solvents.


Premium Fragrances from Moksha are 20% more potent and concentrated than the standard ones. In terms of availability and combination, their aromas are exotic and distinctive. 


The Bombay Breeze fragrance oil from Moksha complies with the IFRA 50th Amendment. It is safe to use in cosmetic and skin care products because it is devoid of phthalates and parabens. Since it is 100% concentrated and undiluted, skin contact is not recommended.

Buy Bombay Breeze Fragrance Oil Online At Low Prices 


One of the top producers, suppliers, and exporters of the greatest fragrance oils is Moksha. Our fragrance oils are free of Phthalates, Parabens, and Cruelty. They can be safely added to cosmetic and skincare products. With the use of Moksha's innovative recipe, fragrances may be applied to a variety of goods, including candles, diffuser oils, incense soaps, skin and hair care items, and more.


Moksha is a major supplier of Bombay Breeze fragrance oil to numerous retail businesses. It supplies to nations like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Korea, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. We use logistics partner firms like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, etc. to deliver our products all over the world.


On Mokshalifestyle, you can purchase Bombay Breeze Fragrance Oil at the best prices in the USA and around the world. We offer perfumes in large quantities and at discount rates for usage in businesses. We offer premium goods at discounted pricing. Moksha uses eco-friendly packing materials that meet the highest quality standards to ensure that our products arrive safely. For the protection of your transactions, we have a secure payment portal. We offer the best prices to our large customers because we are the leading wholesalers and suppliers of natural products.

Uses And Benefits of Bombay Breeze Fragrance Oil 

Potpourri: Making potpourri bowls, where the goal is to condense a memory or a larger picture into a few fragrant petals. This smell can be utilised to jog your memory because it has an old-fashioned feel and traces of seaside freshness. The final, crisp aqua notes will add a wonderful, enigmatic smell fill to your space.


Scented soaps: Bombay Breeze Fragrance oil is perfect for soaps because it has a strong, powerful scent. The natural orchid and jasmine will make a graceful bath time fragrance that can be set on the hot-water heater to deter ants. The Virginia cedar wood, which is also used in eucalyptus products, will give your bathing space an extremely clean smell. It is perfect for cold process as well as melt and pour soaps.


Room Fresheners/ Diffuser: The smell of Bombay Breeze, as well as the ones described above, can be used in the form of a room freshener. The scent will fill any space, and because it has a strong fragrance, it will be effective even if only a few drops are used.


Wax Melts: Bombay Breeze Fragrance oil can be used in wax melts to place your memories with the scent of your loved ones. The woods and flowers will give you a comforting, warm, and romantic feel without any chemical substances.


Candles: Similar to the intended uses for potpourri bowls, Bombay Breeze Fragrance oil can be used in candles to fill your current candle with old memories or new ones that you want to keep with you all the time. 


Bathroom Products: Bombay Breeze Fragrance oil is the perfect smell for bathroom products such as soap, lotions, and body wash. You can use the fragrance to make a product that smells like you are sitting on a beach!


Moksha's Bombay Breeze Fragrance Oil comes in a variety of pack sizes, including 30ml, 120ml, 250ml, and 1 litre.


There are 5kg, 25kg, and 180kg bulk pack sizes available.


There may be variations in the packaging. If it is judged required for safety purposes, Indian orders for 250ml and 1L packs may be packaged in 100% recyclable HDPE bottles.


Bombay Breeze Fragrance Oil is intended only for external usage and is extremely concentrated. Avoid applying scents directly to the skin since this can irritate it.


Skin Care Products: Because Moksha's Bombay Breeze Fragrance Oil is so concentrated, only a tiny amount should be used in skin care products (up to 2-3% for products that are applied directly to the skin and 4-5% at most for rinse-off products). It's ideal for giving your recipes an appealing scent.


Handmade Soap: Making exquisite soap is possible using Bombay Breeze Fragrance Oil. Maximum usage for Melt & Pour soaps should not exceed 3.5%. We advise using 75–90 grams of fragrance oil for every 1 kg of fats and oils in your recipe when making cold-process soap.  We advise using 50–70 grams of fragrance oil for every 1 kg of fats and oils in your recipe for hot process soap.


Please take note that the suggested guideline refers to the amount of FATS/OILS per kilogram of cold- and hot-process soaps, not the overall amount of soap.


Scented Candles: We advise using a dosage of 6-8% for making candles. The scents have a fantastic cold throw and a moderate heat throw. We advise adding a fixative like an isopropyl myristate (about 20% IPM to 80% Fragrance) before applying it to the wax to enhance the hot throw.


Bath products: Since this is a rinse-off product, bath oils can be added up to 5% (although we advise starting low at 2% and increasing as needed).


Note: If in doubt, always refer to the IFRA's suggested dosage for fragrance oils. By responding to the order confirmation email or sending us an email at, you can receive IFRA certificates. 


Fragrance oils should be kept in a cold, dark location to preserve their aroma and extend their shelf life. Before using, allow them to thaw out if refrigerated.

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