Nargis (Narcissus) Absolute

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Nargis Absolute

Botanical Name: Narcissus Poeticus  

Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction

Type of Oil: Absolute

Plant part used: Flowers

Product Colour: Dark green Brown, thick liquid

Product Odour: Sweet, Fresh and Floral

Country of origin: India

Blends well with: VetiverSandalwoodPatchouliJasmineRose, Ylang Ylang, and Frankincense

Shelf life: 2 years


Description of Nargis Absolute

Nargis Absolute is extracted from the flowers of Narcissus Poeticus or Nargis. It is obtained through Solvent Extraction method and is a thick consistency liquid. It has been called by different names like Poet’s Daffodil, Poet’s Narcissus, Pheasant’s eye, etc and it native to Colder regions of India. Nargis belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family of plantae kingdom. Narcissus is deeply related to Greek literature and myths; it was also used in their Folk Medicine. Poet’s Narcissus Flowers were put on graves to bring peace. In Korea, it was used in Medicine to treat Conjunctivitis, Amenorrhea, and others.

Nargis Flowers are cultivated in many parts of the World including South France to for obtaining Nargis Absolute. It is primarily used for making perfumes of high quality. It has a sweet, floral and fresh aroma kind of like a mix of Jasmine and Hyacinth. This helps in creating a long-lasting aroma. Its aroma is also believed to sedate mind and promote calmness. It is used in Aromatherapy to reduce stress, tension and promote positivity. It is also used in Cosmetic Industry to create high end products like Bathing gels, Shower gels, Body scrubs, etc. It Is considered very rare and precious in Ayurveda, Nargis absolute can hydrate and nourish dry skin as well. It is used in making skin care products for dry and sensitive skin type. Where its aroma is considered calming and sweet, it is also famously added to Scented candles and believed to bring out sensual feelings. It can also be used to make Air fresheners, used in diffusers and making Potpourri.


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Buy Nargis Absolute online in India and worldwide at best prices on Mokshalifestyle. Nargis Absolute can be used for making skin care products, especially anti-ageing products. It helps in toning skin tissues and hydrate skin deeply. It is also used in making cosmetic products like soaps, shower gels, lipsticks, lip balms, etc for many high-end brands. The most famous aspect of Nargis Absolute is its floral and sweet aroma, that is used in making perfumes and colognes. It is also used in making Air fresheners for the same reasons. Its smell is an aphrodisiac one, which can increase sexual performance in both men and women. Nargis absolute can have a sedative effect on mind and body, that helps in treating symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. Which is why it is used in Aromatherapy to treat such conditions. It can also be massaged on lower back to promote healthy menstrual cycle.

Nargis Absolutel is highly concentrated and should always be used externally. Nargis Absolute is used both aromatically as well as topically. Essential oils even though are 100% natural, they should always be diluted in pure carrier oils before using for topical application. 

Moksha’s Essential oils are passed through numerous quality checks and tests using our in-house lab using GC; GCMS to ensure premium quality reaches customer. We apply highest quality and packaging standards using eco-friendly materials for packaging to ensure our products reach safely. We have secure payment portal to safeguard your transactions. We are leading wholesalers and suppliers of natural ingredients, and thus provide best prices to our bulk customers.


Benefits of Nargis Absolute

Moisturizing: Nargis Absolute has been famous in Ayurveda for its great moisturizing and nourishing benefits. It is a soft and hydrating product that reaches deep into skin layers. It goes down to the bottom layer and nourish skin from within. It is perfect for dry and sensitive skin type. Nargis flowers were used for beauty and skin care for a very long time.

Anti-Ageing: It has astringent properties, that means Nargis Absolute contracts skin and removes fine lines and wrinkles, which are an onset result of ageing. It also has great toning qualities, which means it tightens skin structure and tone skin tissues. It gives you an uplifted and younger look.  

Hormonal Balance: Nargis flowers have been used to treat menopausal symptoms in women in Korea for a long period. Its smell and essence stimulate the production of natural hormone, which aids to regular period. And of course, its smell also promotes sexual desire and performance in women.

Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression: Nargis Absolute has a sweet, floral smell that is known to sedate mind. It relaxes nervous system and promotes a good mood. It is believed to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, by relaxing mind and reducing hyper activity.

Improves Sleep: The most popular benefit of Nargis Absolute is its sweet, floral and refreshing smell. It can be used to create a calm and peaceful environment, and can also be sprayed on to bed to improve sleep quality.



Uses of Nargis Absolute

Skin Care Products: It is used in making skin care products especially anti-ageing treatment. It tones face and skin, and gives it an uplifted look. It is added to night creams, ointments, hydrating masks, etc. It is also added to moisturizers, creams and lotions to nourish skin and prevent it from drying.

Scented Candles: Its sweet and floral aroma is a quite popular fragrance in Scented Candles market. It gives candles a unique and calming aroma, which is useful during stressful times. It deodorizes the air and creates a peaceful environment. Its floral and clean aroma helps you to relax and just let loose in the sweet aroma.

Aromatherapy: Nargis Absolute has a sweet, floral and pleasing smell that has a sedative effect on mind and body. It is therefore used in aroma diffusers to treat stress, anxiety and depression. It is also used to treat mood swings, overwhelming emotions and past trauma. Its aroma allows you to be calm and deal with such emotions.

Soap Making: Its sweet and floral aroma is used in making luxury or high-end soaps and handwashes. Nargis Absolute has a floral jasmine like scent and it also has moisturizing benefits for skin. It adds to the luxurious feel and nourishment of products like body washes, soaps, body scrubs, etc.

Massage Oil: Adding this oil to massage oil increases healthy flow of emotions and relieve menstrual cramps in women. It can also be massaged on to abdomen to increase sexual performance. The topical application of Nargis Absolute will allow nerves to relax and release all the held-up tension.

Diffusers and Steaming Oil: It can be used in a diffuser, to refresh the surrounding and relax mind. It will uplift mood and increase happy thoughts. Nargis Absolute can also be diffused at night to increase sleep quality and relax properly. If you wish to spend a romantic night with your partner, you can also diffuse a few drops of Nargis Absolute to create just the right mood.

Perfumes and Deodorants: The most popular use of Nargis Absolute is to create Perfumes and Colognes. It is mainly extracted for this purpose and already a part of many high-end brands. It has a sweet, floral and jasmine-hyacinth like aroma that is popular in creating more feminine aromas. 

Air Fresheners: Nargis Absolute is used in making air fresheners as well, because of its sweet and natural aroma. Although it is a soft and delicate fragrance, it can still remove any hard, foul smell from the environment and make it fresh and floral.  



Nargis Absolute is available in different pack sizes starting from 30ml, 120ml, 250ml and 1 litre.

Bulk pack sizes are available in 5kg, 25kg and 180kg pack sizes.

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Note: Actual Packaging may vary. For Indian orders, 250ml and 1L pack may be in 100% recyclable HDPE bottles for safety if deemed necessary.



Avoid during pregnancy and with sensitive skin. It can cause possible sensitization in some individuals, so use in very low concentration only. It is important to note that all Essential Oils are extremely concentrated in nature and if to be applied on the skin or body, should always be diluted up to a maximum dosage of 4% in a suitable carrier oil.

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