Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils

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Moksha Essentials is one of the world’s premium producers of cold pressed carrier oils and other natural ingredients which are used in health, beauty and wellness industry. Moksha Essentials is based out of Herndon (Virginia). Our production units are based in India and we offer worldwide shipping through our Central Warehouse there. We offer over 70 pure Carrier oils, Essential oils, Fragrances, Hydrosols and other natural and organic ingredients at wholesale prices to many clients in the US and Canada. Moksha is proud to be one of the first companies to start Carrier oil online delivery to not just the USA but worldwide using our large network of shippers and warehouses.

We are one of the leading suppliers to many leading as well as home based businesses in the USA and are one stop solution for all natural ingredients requirements. We boost of an in-house lab with latest technology where all carrier oils are tested for their purity. This ensures when you buy oils from us, you get best quality cold pressed carrier oils.

We have our own network of distillers / contract farming located all over the world and source from ethical and approved producers only. Since we buy organic carrier oils in bulk, our purchasing allows us to offer largest selection of best natural carrier oils at affordable rates in USA. We offer various pack sizes ranging from 30ml to 200 litres bulk drums.

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Carrier oil is a nomenclature given to vegetable oils which are used to dilute pure Essential oils and fragrance oils to make them suitable for topical application. Since essential oils are quite concentrated plant extracts, applying them directly on the skin can cause irritation or in serious cases even burning. Therefore Cold pressed carrier oils are used to dilute them. Carrier oils are also known as Base oils or vegetable oils, but unlike their name, carrier oils are not extracted from vegetables but from seeds, nuts or kernels.

Carrier oils are mild and can be directly applied on skin. Each carrier oil has a distinct mild nutty aroma and exhibit distinct characteristic like colour, viscosity, penetration and offer therapeutic properties. They contain various constituents like fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients which enhance the appearance of skin and hair by infusing essential moisture, soothe any existing irritation or inflammation and reduce dryness.

Carrier oils are an important part of aromatherapy massage as these form base of the oil and provide lubrication for massage. They get absorbed in skin and provide a wide array of benefits like reduce joint pain, strengthen muscles etc. Due to various benefits of carrier oils, they are being increasingly used in Skincare products, Hair care formulations, Lipbalms, Soaps etc.

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A high quality carrier oil is as pure and unadulterated as possible and is ideally extracted using cold pressing method. Other methods of extraction include Expeller pressing and maceration. Low quality refined oils are even extracted using solvent extraction commercially to reduce cost of production. Organic Carrier oils are known to be of highest quality. The quality of carrier oils is determined by various factors like Aroma, Extraction method, Consistency, fatty acid profile, shelf life amongst other factors. Pure Carrier oils should be stored in cool dark place, away from sunlight.

Explore The Various Uses of Organic Carrier Oils

Carrier oils provide therapeutic properties through their components which include nourishing constituents that cannot be produced by our body on its own like essential fatty acids.

Soap Making: Natural carrier oils are often used in soap making as base oils. They provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and are soothing and restorative to skin.  They also enhance nourishing properties of soap and help harden it.

Aromatherapy & Massage oil: A good Carrier oil is an essential component of a soothing aromatherapy massage as they provide a medium for essential oil blend to work and provide calming experience. Their emollient properties help reduce pain and stiffness in muscles while providing relief to joints.

Candle Making: Pure cold pressed carrier oils have mild nutty aroma which enables them to be added to candles. They have almost odorless or very mild aroma which makes them suitable as an additive for candles. When added along with the wax, they help to make the candles less brittle and more luxurious feeling. Few oils which are often added to candles include Jojoba oil, Coconut oil etc.

Skin Care Products: Carrier oils have the ability to nurture skin through hydration and provide nourishment to skin. Most carrier oils are non-comedogenic and are plant extracts from seeds and nuts which makes them safe for use on skin. They contain minerals, protein molecules, essential Vitamins and long as well as short chain fatty acids which are beneficial for skin.

Hair Care Products: Pure carrier oils have nourishing properties and presence of Vitamins makes them an excellent addition to haircare products like shampoo, conditioner, hair massage oil etc. They are natural emollients and thus help soften and condition hair.

Lip Products: Carrier Oils are often added to lip products like Lip balms, Lipsticks, etc as they provide nourishing benefits to skin. They help make lips soft, smooth, supple and help moisten dry and chapped lips.  

Reed Diffusers: Carrier oils make up the perfect base for reed diffusers. You can blend essential oils with our cold pressed carrier oils for making reed diffusers. Lighter oils like Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil work well in reed diffusers as they rise up quickly.

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Wholesale prices: Moksha offers high quality pure natural carrier oils online at best prices. We are carrier oils suppliers and offer one of the widest range of organic carrier oils in bulk at the best prices in the industry. You can now buy carrier oils online in bulk quantities at wholesale prices in USA with complete confidence.

Wide Variety: We offer an amazing variety of pure carrier oils which includes over 70 different pure cold pressed wholesale carrier oils each having its own properties and benefits.

No Artificial Fragrance: Our carrier oils are 100% pure and natural and free from any artificial fragrances. They are holistically and ethically produced to ensure their natural properties are maintained and they are as effective as possible over their shelf life of 2 years.

Lab Tested: Moksha boosts of its in-house lab with latest technology and equipment’s. Each batch is tested for its fatty acid profile to ensure purity and best quality products. Certificate of Analysis (COA) as well as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) as per the latest CLP and GHS norms are available on request for each of our oils to ensure transparency.

Eco-friendly packaging: Moksha Essentials follows best industry packaging for our products to ensure that your order reaches you safely. We try and incorporate eco-friendly packaging to keep up with our motto of keeping things natural.

Easy Payment Structure: You can easily buy carrier oils online using our safe and secure payment portal. We offer various payment options via Paypal on checkout for ease of mind for our customers.

Pan USA Delivery: You can buy carrier oils online from our store from any part of the USA and we will deliver the products to you within 8-10 days. We use trusted courier partners such as DHL and FedEx and ship using Priority mode to ensure safety during shipping. DHL and FedEx have approved us to make Carrier oil online delivery anywhere in the US using their services due to our premium and safe packaging which avoids any leakage during shipping.

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Moksha Essentials is one of the largest suppliers of pure Carrier oils online for beauty, health and wellness industry. We provide premium grade carrier oils at wholesale prices which are free from any artificial fragrance or additives. They are 100% pure, natural and high quality oils, available in various pack sizes ranging from 30ml to 200 litres bulk drums.

We deliver best quality carrier oils online and each batch is tested in our inhouse lab for purity and quality. We also apply best packaging standards using eco-friendly materials to ensure our products reach customers safely and securely. We have tie up with leading shipping companies like DHL, Fedex which provide seamless delivery in fastest time possible for carrier oil online delivery.


What is a Carrier Oil?

Carrier oils are, simply put, Vegetable oils. These are fatty oils which are pressed or extracted from seeds, nuts and kernels and used for “carrying” the essential oil or other actives in a formulation inside the skin.

Since essential oils cannot be directly used on the skin as they can burn it due to their concentrated nature, carrier oils are used to dilute and “carry” the essential oil into the skin to get the maximum therapeutic benefit out of the active ingredients.

Most carrier oils in the market are highly refined vegetable oils which have been chemically processed and hence do not possess the effectiveness as their natural, cold pressed counterparts.

Moksha’s carrier oils are pure, cold pressed and unrefined to ensure the maximum effectiveness. We also mechanically deodorize our carrier oils to remove any unpleasant odors while maintaining their unrefined characteristics making these suitable for all skincare and wellness applications.

Which is the best carrier oil to dilute essential oils? 

It would be remiss to term any one carrier oil as the “best” carrier oil. But there indeed are “ideal” carrier oils depending on a user’s particular skin type.

Carrier oils must always be selected based on the skin type of the user as different carrier oils suit different skin types. Care should also be taken to understand their comedogenic rating (which means their ability to clog the skin pores) before use in any product.

Also, the safest carrier oil to use when in doubt about your skin type is Jojoba carrier oil. Jojoba carrier oil is suitable for all skin types since it replicates our skin’s natural sebum and is readily absorbed by all skin types. Hence we can say that Jojoba oil is the best carrier oil for essential oils.

Some other carrier oils good for different uses are

Best carrier oil for hair – Argan oil

Best carrier oil for acne prone skin and scars – Rosehip oil

Best carrier oil for eczema – Sunflower oil

Best carrier oil for skin firming – Grapeseed oil

Best carrier oil for face – Jojoba oil

Best carrier oil for dark spots – Seabuckthorn oil

Which carrier oil for your skin type?

Below are the various carrier oils which are recommended on the basis of skin types:

Normal Skin – Coconut oil, Hemp seed oil, Grapeseed oil

Dry Skin – Olive oil, Avocado oil, Rosehip oil, Coconut oil

Oily Skin – Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil (best carrier oil), Grapeseed oil, Sunflower oil

Sensitive Skin – Sesame oil, Apricot oil, Jojoba oil

Can you mix carrier oils together?

Yes you most certainly can! 

Many of Moksha’s clients blend different carrier oils together to reduce the comedogenic burden  and get benefits of all the ingredients in their formulations!

For example Coconut oil while suitable for normal and dry skin has a high comedogenic rating and can cause acne in people susceptible to it. So you can blend coconut oil with some Sunflower oil (which has a comedogenic rating of Zero) to balance it out in any formulation.

How to blend or dilute Essential Oils with Carrier Oils?

Essential oils can be blended with Carrier oils by simply adding a few drops into the base or carrier oil (single or blended) and mixing well. Sometimes you may need to mix the essential oils and carrier oils together 2-3 times while giving 10-15mins rest between mixes to ensure homogeneity. We recommend first selecting the best carrier oil for essential oils based on the user skin type or blending different carrier oils to get desired suitability before blend with Essential oils.