Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes: Tips and Tricks For Best Results


An important part of your personality that adds a spark to your dull face is the eyelashes. Many people have naturally thick and fuller eyelashes while some struggle to grow them even after trying various remedies. If you are on the letter side then this editorial is dedicated to you. It is time to rejuvenate your thin lashes with the beauty of Vitamin E oil. Yes, you heard that right. Vitamin E oil, a rich source of antioxidants and various nutrients works great for eyelash growth. Many people aren't aware that Vitamin E Oil does wonders for eyelash growth and improves its color and thickness. It is one of the most raved beauty ingredients these days because of its potential and benefits. In this editorial, we will discuss the phenomenal benefits of Vitamin E oil for eyelashes and how to use it in the best way for maximum results. Let's dive into the topic.

Is Vitamin E Oil Good for Eyelashes?

If you are wondering about the effectiveness of Vitamin E oil then the answer is a big yes. Many celebrities and events beauty bloggers swear by the effects of pure Vitamin E oil on eyelashes. Vitamin E oil for eyelashes works great for more than 90% of people out there. Additionally, it is also added to various skincare and cosmetic products because of its ultra-nourishing properties and anti-inflammatory qualities. 

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Vitamin E oil benefits for eyelashes 

Many people claim that Vitamin E oil works well in the journey of their eyelash growth while some disagree with the same. To sum it up here is a clear introduction and facts about the potency of Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is recommended by various beauty experts for fuller and thicker eyelashes which also grow strong and do not break frequently. Every girl desires an eyelash extension or false eyelashes because of the scarce lashes that they own. But guess what vitamin E oil solves this purpose quite well without leading to any side effects on your face.

There are immense benefits of Vitamin E oil for eyelashes and here are all of them.

1. Vitamin E oil for eyelash growth 

Vitamin E oil is such a great addition to your routine as it improves eyelash growth and also brings in fuller lashes without any side effects whatsoever. Since the oil is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients it promotes eyelash growth. You can use Vitamin E oil directly on your upper and lower last line for prominent eyelash growth however be careful that it does not go into your eyes in any way. 

2. Vitamin E oil prevents breakage

Are you tired of dealing with eyelash breakage now and then? Does that make you feel uncomfortable and notice scarce lashes? Well, fret not because we are here to help you deal with this problem in the best way possible. Vitamin E oil for eyelashes and eyebrows is an amazingly beneficial ingredient to add to your routine as it reduces and prominently eliminates the breakage of eyelashes. Vitamin E oil religiously for a few months shows mind-boggling results that you might not be prepared for. So, be consistent while using Vitamin E oil for eyelashes and eyebrows, and do not expect results overnight in any case. Consistency is the key when you are using natural ingredients sourced from nature. 

3. Vitamin E oil for thicker eyelashes 

Are you wondering how to get thicker and fuller eyelashes without those hefty-priced eyelash extensions? Well, we have got you covered with a natural remedy that works just the best and also promotes thicker eyelashes. Vitamin E oil for eyelashes and eyebrows works quite well as it promotes thicker eyelashes over some time. The presence of fatty acids like linoleic acid in Vitamin E oil strengthens your eyelashes and offers softness and shine. 

4. Vitamin E oil prevents UV rays

You might be missing out on the best oil for eyelash growth if you are still not using Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil for eyelashes protects it from the harmful UV rays of the sun which otherwise can damage your eyelash and might also make it look unhealthy. Dull, dry, and patchy eyelashes are a sign of excessive UV exposure to the sun. Thankfully, with the astounding effects of vitamin E oil for eyelashes you can take a sigh of relief. Vitamin E oil promises protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun and also keeps your eyelashes looking healthier and stronger over time.

5. Vitamin E oil for shiny eyelashes

No one wants to look like a ghost because of their uneven eyelash growth. As per studies, Vitamin E oil for eyelash growth is a supremely effective natural remedy that shows visible results. It not only enhances eyelash growth but also provides shiny eyelashes. Yes, you heard that right. It adds a touch of shine to your eyelashes which makes them look visibly stronger, smoother, and softer.

How to use Vitamin E oil for eyelashes?


Using carrier oils is quite simple. Since they are very effective, stabilized, and not too strong they can be used as it is.

  • Add pure Vitamin E oil from Moksha Essentials in a clean mascara bottle and apply it to your eyelashes using a wand.
  • Follow this natural remedy for eyelash growth for one or two months for visible results in eyelash and eyebrow growth.
  • Alternatively, you can also combine pure Vitamin E oil with the best essential oils or the best oils for eyelash growth.
  • While using essential oils be very careful as they are quite strong and might affect the corners of your eyes in the form of irritation or inflammation.

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    Vitamin E oil is used for various beauty purposes and even for eyelash and eyebrow growth. The beneficial properties of Vitamin E oil make it a unique one amongst others as it promotes spotless and clear skin and helps with eyelash growth. At Moksha Essentials, we procure 100% natural and organic essential oils and Vitamin E oil along with other raw ingredients from nature.