Aromatherapy Rescue: Best Essential Oils for Splinter Relief

Aromatherapy Rescue: Best Essential Oils for Splinter Relief

A splinter which is also known as a wound caused by wooden thorns, broken glass, or any other pointed object might lead to a piercing-like structure in your skin. Did you know that this structure can usually go to the bottom layers of the skin and may cause severe irritation and inflammation? Also, splinters on your skin can be extremely painful and might also embed in your skin, leading to several bacterial infections. Thankfully we are here to deal with this condition inherently by employing the best home remedies. By best home remedies we mean the natural essential oils for splinters. Essential oils for splinters are known to be quite effective as they hold anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Today will explore the best of them along with the ways to remove a splinter.

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Before moving forward, let us understand more about the causes and symptoms of Splinters.

Splinters as mentioned above can occur to anyone at any time due to a foreign object that might go deep into your skin. Not this object may lead to intense pain beneath the skin and might also induce discomfort, inflammation, and swelling in severe cases. It is important to understand the major causes of splinters and avoid the objects that may trigger the risk. So let us check them.

Causes of Splinters

Let us first understand the major causes of splinters.

● Pieces of glass might lead to accidents. Well, that's true. The small tiny pieces of glass which are usually the frame fragments that are not visible clearly may lead to splinters on your skin. Sometimes these glasses might also embed on the skin which can lead to infections.
● Another major cause of splintering is the sharp wooden surfaces. If you ever come in contact with wooden surfaces including furniture, decks, or fences, and if the small wood pieces appear they can penetrate your skin. If not handled properly it might also lead to swelling and redness.
● People who work at the metal factory might often get splinters due to the tiny fragments of metals. Additionally, these tiny metal fragments might embed in your skin, especially in the nails, and increase the chances of infections.
● Did you know that the prickly plants and the ones that have thorns in them might also induce painful sprinters in your skin? Such plants are cactus cacti and Rose bushes have painful splinters around them.

Symptoms of Splinters

While splinters might look like an ordinary cut on your skin they might lead to various concerns beneath your skin. This can further traumatize your skin with several kinds of infections. There are some of the major symptoms of splinters that you might observe.

Splinters can lead to constant scratching on the skin and the urge to scratch just won't stop. It can also wash in the condition and increase the risk of infections in the skin.
● A clear visible point might be seen in the area where you get a splinter. A pointed object usually triggers this condition. Once it enters your skin it appears as a pinpoint mark or even a dark spot in severe cases.
● Splinters can lead to extreme inflammation in a specific part of your skin. This can further turn into extreme redness, swelling, itching sensation, and potential chances of infection inside your skin which can lead to a serious concern.

Best Essential Oils for Splinters

After knowing majorly everything about splinters it is now time to work on the natural remedies that might help in the long run. So here's presenting the best essential oils for splinters.

1. Tea tree Essential oil

Tea tree Essential oil is potentially one of the most effective Essential oil which has phenomenal properties to treat splinters. Yes, you heard it right. The Essential oil possesses powerful anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and anti-microbial properties that treat several skin conditions. Not only this but it also tackles splinters that are inside your skin by controlling the bacterial infection. Studies have revealed that tea tree Essential oil is an ideal choice for fungal and bacterial infections in your skin. It majorly tackles Hair Care conditions like dandruff and itchy scalp along with various skin care concerns.

2.  Eucalyptus Essential oil

Eucalyptus Essential oil is another great choice when it comes to tackling the symptoms of splinters. Once the splinters enter your skin they usually induce swelling irritation and constant inflammation. Reducing them using a natural remedy might take time. But thankfully Eucalyptus oil does it effortlessly. Are you wondering how? Well, eucalyptus Essential oil is widely recognized for its respiratory benefits as it provides relief from congestion breathing conditions sinusitis, and cough. On another note eucalyptus Essential oil also works well for splinters. This is one of the reasons why it is considered one of the best essential oils for splinters due to its potent antifungal and microbial properties. The Essential oil incredibly helps to tackle fungal infections on the skin and also reduces the chances of swelling and inflammation.

3. Peppermint oil

If there is one Essential oil that can help you in various areas of concern then it is peppermint oil. Yes, you heard it right. Peppermint Essential oil has immense properties that tackle digestive concerns like nausea, dizziness bloating, and acidity. Along with this if you have the condition of splinters and if it is getting extreme then make sure to use peppermint Essential oil in combination with a carrier oil. Payment Essential oil possesses a cooling compound known as menthol which cools down your skin, reduces swelling, tackles inflammation, and battles fungal infections.

4. Lavender Essential oil

Lavender Essential oil is another great addition for splinters as it has calming properties that majorly give a soothing effect to the skin. Along with this lavender Essential oil also has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that reduce the side effects of splinters. Additionally, it battles with the infection and reduces the condition effectively.

5. Lemon Essential oil

lemon essential oil

Citrus essential oils are always known for their uplifting properties and mood-boosting qualities. Little did you know that citrus essential oils that include lemon oil or sweet arrange oil majorly help to clear out various skin concerns. One such condition is splinters which are profusely tackled by lemon Essential oil. Lemon Essential oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which clears out the wound, eliminates infections, and minimizes swelling and redness.

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Aroma therapy always comes to the rescue, especially when the problem is related to your skin. While Essential oil has mind-boggling properties that battle with severe skin care concerns it is important to dilute them before usage. Also one should stick to quality-oriented essential oils available at Moksha Essentials.