Tick-Free Living: How Geranium Oil Can Help


Welcome to another episode of insect-repellent solutions that are a must-have for your vanity. It is finally that time of the year when insects are making their permanent place in your home. These days ticks insects, bugs and flies are all over the garden and even in your home. They keep buzzing around greenery and places where there is food. Thankfully we have a solution that keeps those ticks away from your house. Geranium oil it is. Geranium oil for tick repellent serves as an ideal remedy because of its unique smell that keeps them away. Are you wondering how ticks go away with this smell? Well, humans adore the fragrance of geranium oil but ticks hate it to the core. That's why this remedy works well and promises a clean environment that is insect-free. Let us dig more into the details and check out the benefits of geranium oil for tick control.

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The ticks that usually roam around your house and might also infect your pets are very dangerous if you do not repel them at the earliest. Strong essential oils like geranium oil for tick control can get rid of them. Yes, we know you might be wondering how and when. Well, it might take some time but once your house gets used to the fragrance of essential oils for ticks it will instantly repel them along with other insects like mosquitoes, spiders, and flies.

Using Harsh chemicals and sprays might ruin the ambiance of your house and may certainly lead to harmful diseases. But guess what this won't happen if you employ natural alternatives like essential oils for tick control. Geranium oil tops the list in this case as it has a strong fragrance along with potent properties. These qualities of the Essential oil serve as an ideal tick repellent and can be used in various DIY remedies to combat ticks and other insects. Let us now understand more about the benefits of geranium oil for tick control.

Benefits of Geranium Oil For Tick Control 

1. Natural alternative 

By now you might already know that geranium oil is a natural alternative as compared to other toxic and chemical-based insect repellent sprays. Uranium oil is extracted from the plant of geranium and has various properties along with nutrients that nurture your overall help and keep you safe from insects like spiders bugs and ticks. The insect-repellent properties of geranium oil are truly the best in the industry. Studies have finally confirmed that uranium oil serves as an ideal natural remedy to get rid of various insects that might be roaming in your house relentlessly. 

To repel those pesky ticks from your arena simply combine 10 to 15 drops of Uranium oil peppermint oil and cinnamon oil and transfer it in a water spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the areas where you see insects frequently.

2. Best Aroma in the town 

How can we not mention the fact that uranium oil has the best fragrance in the town? Yes, you heard that right. Essential oil carries a sweet floral and enchanting fragrance that is loved by human beings. But the same goes exactly the opposite for insects bugs and even rodents. Interesting isn't it? Geranium Oil oozes a smell that ticks hate to the core. They are certainly mind-blown by the smell and think of it as humans. But the reality is something else. The fragrance that ticks are attracted to initially is mainly the one that repels them away. 

3. Packed with properties 

As per recent studies, it is fair to say that geranium oil is a powerhouse of exceptional properties that prevent the entrance of various insects like rodents ticks and flies in your house. The Essential oil has anti-inflammatory antifungal and anti-microbial properties that not only repel the ticks effectively but also scare them so that they do not wander in your residence. The rich anti-inflammatory properties of geranium oil are truly the best as it enhances your overall health as well. 

You can diffuse the Essential oil in a diffuser for about 10 to 15 minutes and see the ambiance of your house getting richer and warmer over time. The Essential oil brings in a glorious fragrance that keeps the unwanted insects at bay.

4. Controls ticks 

The sole reason to use geranium oil is to repel ticks and control them over some time. This Essential oil is undoubtedly the most effective one to keep ticks away. It has incredible qualities along with a tacky smell for ticks. Geranium oil for tick control is a traditional remedy that has been used by the older generation of grandparents. They were compelled to keep insects away and for that essential oils for tick control were used. One of those many essential oils is Geranium Oil. The essential oil is widely prevalent because of its unique properties that keep insects away and also bring in a cozy atmosphere in your house. 

5. Effective insect repellent


One of the best insect repellents that you will actually adore now and then is Geranium oil. Geranium oil for tick control is a tried and trusted natural way that works without any fail. The essential oil not only keeps ticks at bay but repels other insects. Known as one of the best essential oils for insect repellent, it does wonders to keep your house clean and hygienic. Yes, you heard that right. The essential oil is widely recognized as being used in cleaning formulations and floor cleaners because of its amazing properties.

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You can now live tick-free with the best essential oils for tick control. On another note, using essential oils comes with a lot of safety measures. So, one should always dilute the essential oils before using them. At Moksha Essentials, we are all set to offer you 100% pure and organic essential oils and carrier oils