The Battle of Oils: Olive Oil vs. Sesame Oil

The Battle of Oils: Olive Oil vs. Sesame Oil

For so many years oils have been used in the beauty and cosmetic industry for various purposes. Career oils like olive oil, sesame oil coconut oil, and many other oils are employed to Naresh and hydrate your skin from within. Talking about the two main oils namely olive oil and sesame oil do you know which one is better? Are you looking for a differentiation between the two? Well, there are times when folks seem to be confused between olive oil and sesame oil and need a verdict based on their properties and usage. So, here we are with the clear differentiation between the two including olive oil for hair, sesame oil for hair, olive oil for skin, sesame oil for skin, and olive oil from massage and sesame oil for massage. Olive oil vs sesame oil is a tough battle and today will discuss more about it.

What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil  is a powerful source of healthy mono-saturated fats which are extracted from the compression of olives. Extra virgin olive oil is made from olives and exhibits a peppery, gushy, juicy, and/or flowery flavor based on the olive cultivars utilized. Because olives come in numerous varieties than sesame seeds, there exists a far greater diversity of olive oil Flavors accessible. Olive oil is important in Mediterranean food preparation, yet its diverse flavor allows it to be successfully utilized in a wide range of dishes.


The fruits of olive trees, olive are used to extract pure olive oil which is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, and other components. Olive oil is widely recognized in the Mediterranean region where people use it for cooking and other purposes. Several dishes including healthy pasta, salads, noodles, and even meals are prepared using olive oil. As per studies olive oil is considered safe for cooking and is healthy as compared to other available options for oils. Olive oil has a tantalizing butter-like taste with hints of pepper. It might not taste the very best but it surely is an ideal option for cooking and even for skin care and hair care. The colour of olive oil varies from source to source. It has a golden you with hints of dark green colour.

What is Sesame Oil?

Sesame oil  is considered one of the healthiest oils available on the market. Studies have revealed that several ayurvedic treatments and remedies are derived using sesame oil in the concoction. No wonder why people rave about sesame oil for skin and sesame oil for hair. It is widely used in several beauty products and remedies. Sesame oil is made from sesame seeds and possesses a spicy, woody flavor. Because sesame oil has a unique and powerful flavor and scent, it works best in moderate amounts so that it does not overpower the whole meal. Sesame oil is frequently found in a variety of Asian cuisines across diverse places. It's a great addition to Asian meals and stir-fried dishes.

Difference Between Sesame Seed Oil vs Olive Oil

To be precise both the oils are very similar and nature and possess a very slight difference in terms of nutritional value and benefits. As mentioned earlier olive oil and sesame seed oil are used in several culinary dishes and recipes. They both differ in terms of flavor and taste. Olive oil smells buttery and has a pepper-like aroma and it tastes the same as how it smells.

Sesame seed oil is extracted from sesame seeds and is considered one of the healthy alternatives for market-bought oils. It is very easily available in the store

Olive Oil vs Sesame Oil For Skin

Olive oil is considered one of the best carrier oils for the skin. It is naturally utilized as a body oil to keep your skin supple and hydrated. Not only this but olive oil is loaded with essential fatty acids, nutrients, and vitamins which keep your skin softer in winter. All you need is olive oil to make your skin shine like a bright light.

If your body tends to get dry and patchy during winters then you need sesame oil for skin in your routine. Yes, you heard it right. Sesame oil reveals soft, hydrated, and silky-smooth skin in just one go. Sesame oil for skin is packed with moisturizing properties along with fatty acids like linoleic acids which lock the moisture content in your skin and keep it hydrated for a very long time.

Both the oils have their properties and it is essential to choose the one that suits you. Olive oil suit many people as it can also be used on the face after a patch test. Sesame oil on the other hand can be used on the body and might not be safe to use on the face. But a patch test must be done in both cases.

Olive Oil vs Sesame Oil For Hair

Are you wondering how both oils will benefit your hair and which one is best for you? Olive oil is high in antioxidants and provides intense moisturization to your hair. Olive oil also makes your hair soft, shiny, and smooth as it has a high concentration of oleic acid which penetrates your hair strands and follicles and provides hydration.


There are times when your hair tends to get brittle and dry due to the heat present in your body and exhaled by the atmosphere. But not anymore. Sesame oil is highly rich in conditioning, cooling, and calming properties which brings a positive impact to your hair and moisturizes it well. It also cools down your hair shaft and protects it from environmental pollution.

Sesame Oil vs Olive Oil For Massage

Sesame Oil vs Olive Oil For Massage

There is no distinction between the two oils when it comes to massage. Olive oil vs sesame oil for baby massage is a proven therapy that is used by mothers to hydrate their baby's body without making it feel greasy or tacky. Both oils work well once employed in the task. Sesame seed oil vs olive oil in this category does not compete against each other. Both are a gem of a product and are truly advantageous.

Olive Oil vs Sesame Oil. Which one should I choose?

Both olive oil and sesame oil are an amazing addition to your routine. While both of them perform exceptionally well for your skin, hair, health, and massages, it is important to choose the one that suits you. Olive oil is slightly lighter in consistency as compared to sesame oil. So, it is quite evident that olive oil can be used in any season owing to its lightweight nature. On the other hand, we recommend you use sesame oil only in the colder months.


Wrapping up the series of battles between olive oil and sesame oil. We hope you found your lucky one to use it for several purposes. Always remember carrier oils like olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, argan oil  or almond oil  should be used in the purest form. Do not compromise the standards and quality of the product. Buy pure and extra virgin olive oil and sesame seed oil from Moksha Essentials.


1. Can I use olive oil for my nails?

Yes, you can. Olive oil is very moisturizing and has hydrating properties that nourish your dry and brittle nails.

2. Is sesame oil good for hair?

Sesame oil is an ideal choice for people looking for hair growth remedies.