Smooth And Vibrant: How Cocoa Butter Revitalizes Faded Tattoos


Are you thinking to get inked in the coming days or do you have a new tattoo just now? Well, whatever the case might be we know that you are love for tattoos and art is infinite. People who get end several times or even first-time experience a vibrant sensation in their body. This beautiful feeling is full of different thoughts and a lot of love towards the tattoo and its look. It is quite evident that tattoo lovers go through some amount of pain in their life while getting inked. But it is all worth it when the results come out. The same goes for the healing process of a new tattoo. But today will discover a well-known remedy to promote the healing process of tattoos.

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Cocoa butter for tattoos is one of the widely known natural ways to heal new tattoos and nurture your skin well. Once you get inked, the tattoo artist might provide you with some ointments creams, and even moisturizers to heal your skin. But as you all know natural remedies are always a winner over pharmacy-based products or ointments. Therefore this time we are considering cocoa butter for tattoo healing which works like a charm to nourish your skin and heal new tattoos. Cocoa butter is enriched with excellent qualities for your skin which keeps skin issues at bay and hydrates it from within.

Is Cocoa Butter Good For A Fresh Tattoo?

Yes, it is. You can use cocoa butter on a new tattoo to moisturize it once it stops sobbing. If your tattoo is in the weeping stage make sure to avoid the application of any product be it ointment, creams, or even cocoa butter. The necessary healing will begin after 72 hours of getting and only then you can use cocoa butter for a new tattoo. If your tattoo reveals signs of patchiness and peeling sensation then you can begin to use cocoa butter for tattoo aftercare as it is a natural remedy to get rid of dryness and scabbing that your skin might be suffering from.

Apart from all this cocoa butter is loaded with calming, soothing, nourishing, and hydrating properties that make it an ideal choice for people who got tattoos recently. Cocoa Butter is packed with essential nutrients and fatty acids that keep your skin moisturized for a very long time. But make sure to use cocoa butter after two or three days of the new tattoo as it is a comedogenic ingredient and might clog your pores.

Benefits Of Cocoa Butter For Tattoo Healing

This section of the blog will discover the major benefits of using cocoa butter for tattoo healing. Cocoa butter lotion for tattoos is widely used by several people to induce nourishment and hydration in your skin. This natural product is suggested by specialized tattoo artists because of its incredible properties. So here are some of the major benefits of using cocoa butter for a new tattoo

1. Cocoa Butter For Skin Dryness

Cocoa butter is loaded with moisturizing properties and therefore it is used in several moisturizers these days. When used raw, cocoa butter has immense nourishing and hydrating properties that sit on the top layer of your skin and keep it soft while penetrating the deep layers of the epidermis. It seems the moisture content in your skin keeps it safe for a very long time which keeps your skin nourished and prevents skin dryness. Cocoa butter is also an effective remedy to treat a bunch of skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, dryness, roughness, and patchiness. 

2. Heels Your Skin

Cocoa butter is widely recognized for its calming and healing properties. Several studies have also revealed that cocoa butter is a great option for people looking for a moisturizer cum body butter for their skin. It is used in various medicinal creams and ointments along with several skin care products you find in the market. The presence of antioxidants in cocoa butter helps to reduce inflammation tackle itchiness and also take care of your skin barrier while your tattoo is still healing. Cocoa butter for tattoo aftercare is an excellent way to get rid of the aftereffects of a new tattoo like rashes, itchiness, dryness, and rough patches around your skin. A recent study demonstrated that cocoa butter nourishes your blood with potent nutrients and also increases the rate of absorption of oxygen. All this helps to regenerate your new skin cells and to heal your tattoo faster than ever.

3. A Little Goes A Long Way

While using cocoa butter you do not have to worry about the usage and its application because it is pretty simple. A small quantity of cocoa butter goes a long way which means you need a very little amount to hydrate your body. You can apply a small finger scoop of cocoa butter on your dry tattoo and experience its flourishing benefits on your skin. It is interesting to know that cocoa butter comes as a very economical product that has endless benefits and uses.

4. Cocoa Butter For Itchy Skin

After getting aimed the most frustrating thing that people experience is the itchiness that comes along. Constant itchiness may lead to rashes and may also destroy the appearance of your new tattoo. Thanks to cocoa butter for tattoo healing which solves this issue well by keeping your skin calm and composed. If you feel constant itchiness and irritation around your new tattoo cocoa butter can be your favorite till the healing process continues.

5. Cocoa Butter For Scabs

Scabs can look very disgusting on a new tattoo, especially when healing. At times scaps can also lead to uneven skin tone and texture problems in your skin. Cocoa butter for tattoos works well in this case as it helps to fix the appearance of small scabs on your new tattoo. Cocoa butter hydrates your skin with a potent layer that keeps it soft and hydrated for almost 12 hours.

It further helps to prevent the appearance of scars and also minimizes visibility making your tattoo look more prominent and superior.

How To Use Cocoa Butter For My New Tattoo?


The commendable benefits of cocoa butter for a new tattoo end. But, the uses are still prevalent and today will discuss how to use coco butter for tattoo healing:

  • The first step while applying cocoa butter on a new tattoo is to discard the cling flick from your tattoo.
  • Once you remove it, take a small amount of cocoa butter on your fingertips and gently applied around the area of your new tattoo.
  • Slowly and gradually start applying it over your tattoo but make sure you do not overdo it with the product quantity.
  • While applying organic cocoa butter for tattoos, notice its effects and make sure that you are not allergic to it.

Can I Use Coco Butter On Old Tattoos?

There is no way we can deny using cocoa butter for old tattoos because it is a perfect choice for people looking for an ideal moisturizer + hydrator. Cocoa butter for old tattoos is a great option as it keeps your skin moisturized and also counterbalances the skin disorders around your tattoo like patchiness, itchiness, and other skin concerns. Guess what cocoa butter for old tattoos also helps to keep your skin healthy soft and glowing all day long. The best part about using coco butter on old tattoos is that it provides the ultimate sun protection that your skin needs after getting inked. So, there's no way that it harms your skin instead it glorifies it way too much.

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The best cocoa butter for tattoo healing is a perfect natural remedy. It is indeed a task to take care of a new tattoo while it is healing so that it doesn't cause much pain. Make sure to use raw cocoa butter from Moksha Essentials so that you do not get a skin allergy after using it.