Revitalize Your Skin: The Benefits Of Bay Leaf Oil


Have you ever thought about how the flavor in your dishes is so flavourful and exotic? This is all because of the spices that you add to it. Yes, you heard it right. The spices like cardamom and bay leaves are just so flavourful that they instantly amp up your culinary dishes. Thankfully one of the spices like bay leaf is a very strong one and its Essential oil has immense benefits for your skin. That might sound interesting, isn't it? As per recent studies bay leaves oil is immensely used to nurture your skin with its goodness and nutrition content. Not only this but bay leaf oil for skin surprisingly reduces acne, tackles hyperpigmentation, and also serves as an effective remedy for pus-filled acne and pimples. To include bay leaf oil in your skincare routine brings amazing benefits if used in a diluted format with proper precautions.

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In the upcoming section, we will learn more about bay leaf oil's benefits for the skin along with the properties that make it a strong companion for your skin. Bay leaf oil is derived from the leaves of the bay tree through the steam distillation method. This oil is a staple to the Mediterranean region and the spice is used in various culinary and fine dining dishes. Additionally, this flavourful spice is also added to vegetable soup meat and stews because of its exotic flavor. Recently, bay leaf oil has been used to nurture your skin and is added to various skin care products as a strong agent to tackle skin concerns.

Bay Leaf Oil Benefits For Skin

If you are eager to know more about the benefits of bay leaf oil for skin then keep an eye.

1. Bay leaf oil reduces Acne 

If you are suffering from severe acne pimples and other skin concerns that are ruining your skin appearance then it's high time you include bay leaf oil in your routine. Its rich and very potent oil works wonders, successfully eliminating pimples, acne, breakouts, and blemishes with regular usage. Not only this but, bay leaf oil also promises clear skin once you start using it daily.

Of Course, one should take necessary precautions while using such strong essential oils on their skin and patch test it. Further, these essential oils are a great one to battle several skin issues.

2. Bay leaf oil tackles hyperpigmentation 

Are you dealing with constant hyperpigmentation, dull skin, and dark spots? Does that make your skin look uneven and textured? Fret not we have got you covered. At Moksha Essentials we have 100% pure and organic bay leaf oil which helps you get rid of the hyperpigmentation, dullness, dark spots, and blackness around your mouth. It not only clears out the darkness in your skin but also improves your skin texture over time.

The presence of potent vitamins and nutrients in bay leaf oil is effective in discarding the hyperpigmentation in your face. Be very careful while using bay leaf oil because it is very strong and might cause skin irritation if not used properly. So keep a check on your skin and always do a past tense before using bay leaf oil for the skin.

3. Bay leaf oil for wound healing 

You know that bay leaf oil has healing properties. It is amazing to know that the oil offers prominent healing properties along with major antibacterial and antifungal qualities that help to tackle various infections in the body. Not only this but it also combats yeast infections and treats candida while offering a cooling sensation to your skin. Studies have revealed that candida can disrupt your body mechanism and might also lead to various consequences. But not anymore. With the potent extracts of bay leaf oil, you can get instant relief from this condition as it has healing properties that treat wounds effectively and also keep them at bay.

4. Bay leaf oil for damaged skin 

Have you suffered from damage to the skin barrier for a very long time? Is your skin taking a long time to heal due to barrier issues? Well, you do not have to worry anymore because bay leaf oil effectively manages to keep your original skin texture and keep the barrier situations at bay. Yes, you heard it right.

Bay leaf oil has de-stressing properties along with antibacterial and antifungal qualities that help you get rid of damaged skin. It keeps skin infections along with skin concerns like acne pimples, dullness, darkness, and hyperpigmentation at bay. All these skin concerns are away from you will instantly feel that you are skin barrier is coming back to normal. It gets better day by day. You can start applying bay leaf oil by diluting it with the carrier oil on your skin to de-stress the skin.

5. Bay leaf oil for natural cleansing

Are you looking for a natural and effective cleansing solution for your skin? This can also help you procure a refreshing bath as bay leaf oil is the only thing you need in your routine. Bay leaf oil works as a natural cleansing solution for your skin as it treats a variety of skin problems. It not only helps with skin conditions like acne and pimples but also treats stinging nettle skin rashes and other wounds. With its prominent cleansing properties, it serves as a natural antiseptic for your skin and clears out the dirt and dust from your face.

How to use bay leaf oil for skin?


Many of you might be wondering about the usage of the very effective yet strong bay leaf oil for the skin. Well here is the best way to include it in your skin care routine.

  • The first way to use bay leaf oil for skin is by diluting it with a carrier oil. We add two to three drops of bay leaf oil to 1 or 2 tablespoons of any carrier oil that works for you. Once that is done massage your face with this concoction. But always do a patch test before going all in.
  • Another way to include bay leaf oil in your skincare routine is by adding it to a moisturizer. Add only a drop of bay leaf oil to your regular moisturizer and apply it to your skin.

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    Using essential oils to nurture your skin is the best way to heal various skin concerns including acne pigmentation, dark spots, melasma, and Eczema. However, while using potent skin oils one should be very careful as they might irritate your skin if it is already sensitive. Make sure to always opt for 100% pure and organic essential oils from Moksha Essentials