Naturally Respiratory: Harnessing Essential Oils for Better Breathing

Naturally Respiratory: Harnessing Essential Oils for Better Breathing

Breathe easily and fresh by expanding your lungs without any disturbances. Do you know how that will proceed in your human body? Well, some of the best essential oils for easy breathing are here to the rescue. Although this extremely simple pleasure feels very difficult, especially during the cold and flu season. You can simply enhance your respiratory health using the best essential oils for easier breathing. Also, these essential oils are not just limited to enhancing your respiratory health it also comes with several other benefits. So, let's get started.

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Essential oils are potent extracts of plants that are directly derived from the stems, leaves, bark, and flowers of the plant. Since they are extremely concentrated and loaded with essential therapeutic properties, they support the overall health of the lungs along with effortless breathing patterns. In the upcoming section, we will explore about top 7 essential oils for easier breathing. The essential oils must be included in your routine not just during the flu season but also to tackle the allergies that you might be dealing with. These essential oils for better breathing are packed with essential nutrients along with major properties that promote seamless breathing and healthy lungs throughout the year.

5 Best Essential Oils for Better Breathing

To promote better breathing and to keep respiratory issues at bay we are presenting some of the best essential oils below. But before that, you must know how your respiratory system becomes weak which usually endangers your breathing patterns. As you age your respiratory health degrades over time and the tissues lose vitality and become non-resistant to change. This usually degrades your lung health and also leads to difficulty in breathing.

Along with this a few habits also demolish your breathing pattern. Your lifestyle intake of tobacco and alcohol and other habits might lead to issues in breathing. Researchers have recommended using the best essential oils for better breathing and some natural practices supporting your respiratory system. So here’s presenting the best essential oils that you must try to breathe better.

1. Eucalyptus Essential oil

Eucalyptus Essential oil  is derived from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree and serves as an ideal remedy for several respiratory issues. Popularly known as Eucalyptus Dives in Latin, the Essential oil is loaded with anti-inflammatory antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties it majorly helps to tackle congestion sinusitis, and migraine issues and helps you breathe easily without any difficulty. Along with this the Essential oil also clears out the nasal passages and Airways which promotes better breathing patterns. Studies have also revealed that the potent anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus Essential oil tackle the inflammation that might be emerging in the respiratory system. Essential oil is mostly found in holistic natural remedies that include a blend of Essential oil for steaming, chest rubs, and salves. All these remedies using the best essential oils for breathing majorly support your respiratory health in the long run.

2. Peppermint Essential oil

Peppermint Essential oil is one of the most popular herbs used for aroma therapy practices for its soothing and cooling properties. The Essential oil is derived from the herb peppermint and is rich in an essential compound known as menthol. Menthol is primarily responsible for tackling respiratory issues including cough, cold flu congestion, blocked nasal passages, and other problems. Not only this but it also provides relief in your respiratory health and keeps you feeling fresh and clean. Studies have concluded that peppermint Essential oil prominently helps to clear out the symptoms of respiratory conditions while clearing out blocked air passages. Not only this but it also works as an ideal decongestant which instantly clears out the mucus collected in your lungs. Once the mucus gets eradicated it helps in easier breathing patterns.

3. Tea tree Essential oil

tea tree essential oil

Let's talk about the potent tea tree oil. As you might no tea tree Essential oil is packed with several antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal anti-microbial, and Aromatherapeutic properties. All these qualities of the Essential oil have been used for over 100 years as they majorly help to provide relief from sinus cold flu and blocked nasal passages. Earlier when oils were not accessible, the ancients used to smash the leaves of the tea tree and use it for instant relief from flu, and congestion and to clear out the mucus. Not only this but  tea tree Essential oil is packed with antitussive anti-inflammatory and anti-coughing qualities which provides instant relief from respiratory concerns and other sinusitis infections.

4. Rosemary Essential oil

How about using Rosemary Essential oil that clears out your ear passages and also provides a cooling and relaxing effect to your trachea muscles? As per research,Rosemary Essential oil is believed to be one of the top herbal essential oils that provide instant relief from respiratory concerns including congestion, blockage in the airway, sinus, and other problems. Additionally, Rosemary Essential oil also offers potent effects to tackle the symptoms of asthma in the long run. It is majorly combined with career oils or diffused in a diffuser for better respiratory health.

5. Lavender Essential oil

One can never get rid of the coming and pacifying effects of lavender Essential oil for better breathing. No wonder why it is recommended now and then to suppress respiratory concerns including coughing cold flu congestion and other problems. Rosemary Essential oil is packed with antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties that reduce the chances of infections in your respiratory system. Not only this but it also helps to tackle the symptoms of asthma and clears out the nasal passages which are majorly provoked by bronchial asthma. You can simply take a whip of  lavender Essential oil from its bottle or add it to a tab of steaming water to get instant relief from respiratory issues.

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The best way to use essential oils for better breathing is to combine them with a carrier oil  or simply diffuse them. They are undeniably the best option to support your respiratory health without leading to any side effects as such. Get your hands on the best essential oils for breathing from Moksha Essentials.