Lavender Oil: A Natural Mouse-Repellent


If you are searching for some home remedies on natural ways to keep those pesky and irritating mice at bay then you are at the right spot. One of the most popular essential oils of all time which also makes its place in the top most essential oils in almost all categories is here to rescue you. We are talking about Lavender oil for mice. Yes, you heard it right while the information might seem a little weird but it is true lavender Essential oil can be used to keep mice at bay. Since it is good news many people utilize Lavender oil for mice and it acts as an effective repellent to keep other insects and bugs at bay. Since mice are allergic to the fragrance of lavender Essential oil it is one of the most preferred options by many people.

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Using pure Lavender oil for mice is very uncomplicated and an effective choice for many people today in this blog we will discuss the ways to use lavender Essential oil for mice. Yes, we understand that the fragrance of Lavender oil might fade away after a few hours but utilizing it regularly might repel mice to a great extent. Do not worry about the fragrance fading because you can instantly pour another drop of this oil to make it perfect for mice and other insects like bedbugs mosquitoes scorpions etc. It is quite interesting to note that lavender Essential oil for bed bugs lavender Essential oil for mosquitoes and Lavender oil for scorpions is used by several people. They rely on Lavender oil for insects and bugs because the fragrance is just too strong for their tolerance.

Are you also excited to make your house mice-free then stay tuned as we share some of the major information about pure Lavender oil for mice.

Lavender Essential Oil For Mice

Lavender Essential oil is extracted from the lavender buds and has a very strong fragrance. This Essential oil is a favorite of humans but not the one that mice prefer. The toxic fragrance of lavender Essential oil for mice deters them and restricts their entrance into your house. In the upcoming section, we have some of the amazing benefits of using lavender Essential oil for mice repellent:

  • The pure Lavender oil for mice is truly Jain because the scent is the one that mice hate. They also go away once they whiff a hint of lavender. So using Lavender oil for mice can be a great choice.
  • Lavender Essential oil is loaded with several qualities like anti-inflammatory antibacterial and anti-microbial properties. No wonder mice are very toxic and are not afraid of these properties of lavender essential oil. But these qualities of lavender Essential oil come in handy because mice do not adore them at any cost so once you start with the treatment of Lavender oil for mice they get scared to enter your house.
  • Lavender Essential oil is loaded with soothing and coming properties. But they are not good for mice. Humans go haga over the pacifying and sedative qualities of lavender essentials but mice hate them. So using pure Lavender oil for mice in an Essential oil spray form can bring in a lot of benefits. It will amp up your sleeping pattern and reduce stress to a great extent. On another note, it will repel mosquito bed bugs insects, and mice.

How To Use Lavender Oil For Mice?

Are you wondering if pure Lavender oil for mice will help to deter them or not? Well here are some of the best ways to use Lavender oil to repel mice so without any further do let's get started. 

Recipe 1: Lavender Essential Oil Spray


  • One spray bottle,
  • 500 ml water,
  • 15 to 20 drops of lavender Essential oil, and
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.


  • In a spray bottle add water.
  • Now add lavender Essential oil to it along with apple cider vinegar.
  • Close the lid of the spray bottle and shake it well.
  • Make sure that everything is combined properly and then gently spray the mixture on areas where you spot mice frequently.
  • You can also spray this concoction on the corners of your house preferably near the wash area, under your bed, near the gates, and other places.

The best way to determine other insects is by making an Essential oil spray using Lavender oil helps to repel my and it is pretty economical and easy to use you can just spray it anytime at the corners of your house or near the gates from where the mice usually enter. But if you have pets make sure to be very careful because cats and dogs do not adore the scent of lavender Essential oil.

Recipe 2: Essential Oil Cotton Ball



  • Place the cotton balls on a plate.
  • Now pour 5 to 6 drops of lavender Essential oil and eucalyptus Essential oil in one cotton ball.
  • Now repeat the process with all the cotton balls.
  • Simply place this cotton ball in your cabinets wardrobe kitchen cupboards and places where mice usually come from.

Using cotton balls loaded with lavender Essential oil can be a very effective way to repel mice. You can simply place them in mice-prone areas so that the mice do not enter your house. Mice are very allergic to the strong fragrance of lavender and eucalyptus Essential oil. So if you repeat this process daily in your house they will stop trying to enter your house.

Does Lavender Essential Oil Help To Repel Mice?


Yes, it does. Lavender Essential oil repenses mice because of its strong and toxic fragrance you can never go wrong with using lavender Essential oil for insects lavender Essential oil for bed bugs and Lavender oil for mosquitoes. This Essential oil is very popular for its toxic fragrance which is very soothing for human beings but not for insects. While using Lavender oil for a mouse be very careful as the fragrance might overpower your senses at times. Not everyone is easygoing with the fragrance of lavender Essential oil. It is a must-have for mice repellant. But if you are allergic to the aroma of Lavender oil or any other Essential oil make sure to wear a mask. 

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Wrapping of the series of Lavender oil for mice on a very positive note. We know you enjoyed this blog and if you did make sure to check out other remedies like Lavender oil for mosquitoes Lavender oil for scorpions and Lavender oil for bed bugs to keep your house safe and free from insects. In the meanwhile do not forget to use 100% pure and high-quality lavender Essential oil there are a lot of varieties of essential oils available in the market but if you opt for the cheap ones it might ruin your experience. Check out 100% organic and pure essential oils at Moksha Essentials