Kiss Acne Good-Thyme: Essential Oil Guide


In the era of fancy and bougie skin care products, people usually forget the beauty of natural remedies. Natural ingredients extracted from nature are the best ones. One such Essential Oil which is extracted from an exceptional culinary herb has remarkable skincare benefits. The herb is none other than thyme. Thyme Essential oil extracted from the plant of time has been long used in several recipes as a seasoning and to add pungent flavor and aroma. Thyme essential oil might be deemed as only the seasoning used in exotic dishes. But did you know that thyme Essential oil also has some extra benefits as well? Well, it has a lot to offer you and one of its most loved benefits is its beauty benefits. Yes, you heard it right. Thyme Essential oil has a lot to offer your skin in the most amazing ways. The benefits of thyme Essential oil for acne have been in the beauty industry for quite a long time. But not many people are aware so today will discuss them in detail.

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The usage of Thyme Essential oil in the beauty industry can be new to some people. However, studies have revealed that thyme Essential oil has several purposes apart from its usage in the culinary industry. Thyme oil is native to the Mediterranean region and is used in several recipes. Researchers have also demonstrated that Thyme Essential oil has anti-hypertensive, expectorant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities. It is known to be a great choice for people who deal with acne, pimples, and blemishes regularly. It not only helps to clear out your skin but also reveals a glowing and improved skin tone over some time.

Now that we have discussed enough about thyme Essential oil and its Glory in the beauty industry it is now time to check out the benefits of thyme oil for acne in detail. So, let's get started.

Is Thyme Oil Good For Acne?

To be precise, thyme oil is a great choice for Acne-prone skin people. The Essential oil is loaded with rich compounds that visibly improve your skin condition and also treat acne and acne scars. Studies have revealed that Thyme Essential oil when used in the Skincare industry helps to promote circulation in your skin and enhances the blood flow which improves your overall skin health. However, it is very important to do a patch test before applying thyme Essential oil to your skin. Also, do not forget to dilute thyme oil for Acne before applying it on your skin as it can be a strong irritant if used solely. It might lead to inflammation and redness anytime soon.

Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil for Acne

1. Thyme oil for glowing skin

If you are wondering about natural remedies for glowing skin then here is everything you need to know. Thyme Essential oil makes your skin glow from within and keeps signs of aging at bay. Studies have revealed that thyme Essential oil is an all-natural remedy that overpowers the claims of synthetic beauty products. Not only this but it is a natural alternative for various chemical-based skin care products that can potentially irritate your skin. You can include thyme Essential oil for glowing skin in your routine after diluting it with a potent carrier oil.

(Disclaimer - A patch test is very important while using thyme oil for the skin. Thyme oil is very strong and might not be a suitable choice for all skin types, especially sensitive ones.)

2. Thyme oil for acne 

Are you suffering from acne? Are pimples making you feel conscious about your overall appearance? If yes, then treat those feelings with a boost of self-confidence and include natural and organic ingredients in your skincare routine. Thyme Essential oil for acne is a great solution as it is rich in compounds like thymol which reduces the severity of acne and pimples. Thyme Essential Oil is also loaded with anti-inflammatory properties which keeps inflammation and redness associated with acne at bay.

Additionally, Thyme Essential oil also acts as a natural defense against skin rashes that are triggered by touching pimples. The best way to use thyme oil for Acne is by adding it to your clay mask.

3. Thyme oil for skin texture 

If you are frustrated by seeing the regular skin texture of your facial skin and want an upgrade then check out Pure Thyme Essential Oil for acne. Thyme oil is rich in antioxidants and compounds that help to enhance the texture of your skin and glorify its overall appearance. The presence of antioxidants in thyme Essential oil fights free radical damage in your skin and also tackles the signs of aging. It visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin and thereafter brightens it pretty well. 

4. Thyme oil controls excess sebum production

Oily skin beauties, can we have your attention here? The best way to deal with oiliness and greasiness in your skin is here. Check out thyme oil which is an ideal choice to tackle the moisture and humidity in your skin which usually triggers excess oil production. Thyme Essential oil tackles blackheads, whiteheads, breakouts, and clogged pores which are induced by sebum production in your skin. Thyme Essential oil has relaxing and calming effects on your skin which naturally balances the oil and also tightens pores over time.

How to use Thyme Essential Oil for Acne?

  • The best way to use time oil for Acne is to combine it with Aloe Vera Gel or clay mask.
  • While applying a clay mask on your skin simply add a drop to it to promote a cooling sensation on your skin.
  • Alternatively, you can also combine a drop of thyme oil for Acne in pure aloe vera gel and use it as a spot treatment to get rid of pimples and acne.

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    Using Thyme Essential oil for acne and other skin conditions has proved to be very beneficial in the long run. If you are a lover of essential oils you might know that they are the true essence of nature. However, on the same side, it is very important to discover its potential side effects. Although there are not so many, it is important to use essential oils wisely and in a diluted form to avoid any skin condition. Check out the best essential oils for acne and Hyperpigmentation at Moksha Essentials.