Holistic Healing: Using Essential Oils to Address Scar Tissue Naturally

Holistic Healing: Using Essential Oils to Address Scar Tissue Naturally

One of the major skincare concerns of all time is the healing of scar tissue. Whether it's from a surgery or through a wound, scar tissue on the skin can be quite prominent and may lead to restricted movement, stiffness, and intense pain. Since it occurs after a very long time once a surgery is done it might lead to moderate pain. Healing this card issue with all-natural remedies is helpful in the long run. Yes you heard it right. Natural remedies like intense moisturization using the best essential oils for healing scar tissues and some exercise might help to treat it fully. So are you excited to discover the natural ways to treat scar tissue pain? Well, stay tuned as we share some incredible and effective remedies as well.

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What is Scar Tissue Pain?

Before we hop on to the remedies let us check out what is scar tissue and how the healing process takes place. Once you go through surgery wound, cut, or even burn, the skin usually heals on its own. Once the skin heals completely, it leaves a pinkish or red scar on the surface which grows into scar tissue. This car tissue might be painful in some cases and the structure makes your skin feel tight and restricted. External scar tissue can heal on its own or by using an ointment. But when it comes to internal scar tissue pain it might lead to intense stiffness and problems in the body. A person might encounter internal scar tissue pain after going through surgery. This is very common and many people ignore it thinking it to be an after-surgery pain. But the irony is that the scar tissue triggers the pain and leads to skin tightness and restricted movements.

If you are thinking about what essential oils are good for soaking feet with scar tissue then we have assorted the best. These essential oils heal scar tissue pain and also tackle inflammation, loss of functioning, and severe pain. As experts, we recommend you try the at-home therapies to manage internal scar tissue and the side effects related to it.

Best Essential Oils for Internal Scar Tissue Pain

1. Lavender Essential oil for scar tissue pain

Lavender Essential oil is known for its anti-inflammatory antifungal and analgesic properties. Extracted from the most delicate lilac flowers and packed with the most soothing and divine Aroma, the Essential oil unlocks skin-benefiting properties. Additionally, lavender Essential oil also promotes soothing skin by bringing down the inflammation and redness associated with scar tissue. Not only this but Lavender oil has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties which makes it an ideal ingredient to kick off the bacteria in your skin and reduce the chances of infections. As per studies, lavender Essential oil offers a calmness in your environment and when used internally it heals the internal scar tissue. Using it for relaxing massage therapy on the affected area majorly helps to reduce the stiffness in the body. It additionally promotes enhanced movement tightens the skin and improves elasticity.

2. Peppermint Essential oil

One of the well-known essential oils in the industry is peppermint oil. Known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and analgesic properties the Essential oil is a great natural solution that treats internal scar tissue pain. It has a cooling compound known as menthol which is absolutely safe and effective to treat scar tissue pain. If you are thinking about what essential oils are good for soaking feet with scar tissue then peppermint oil can be the perfect one. Peppermint Essential oil majorly helps to cool down the skin reducing the chances of swelling and inflammation due to scar tissue pain after surgery. You can simply soak your feet and bath salt combined with a few drops of peppermint Essential oil. This remedy is an effective treatment to promote skin elasticity and relax the muscles.

3. Tea tree Essential oil for healing scar tissue

tea tree oil for  healing scar tissue

Did you know that tea tree Essential oil can be used to heal scar tissue? The Essential oil is one of the most widely recognized oils for its antifungal anti inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Not only this but it also eliminates the chances of skin infection due to its concentrated nature. Using tea tree Essential oil for internal scar tissue pain is one of the best things you can do. You can simply combine it with a carrier oil of your choice and massage the affected area for that instant relaxation. If you are suffering from internal scar tissue pain due to knee replacement surgery or any such wound make sure to consult your doctor before trying the remedy.

4. Geranium Essential oil

How about using the flower-enrich geranium Essential oil to treat scar tissue pain? Geranium oil has been known for its antibacterial qualities as it reduces the infection on the skin quite prominently. Not only this but it also helps to relieve various skin disorders be it acne pigmentation, dullness or scars. Thankfully it can also be utilised as an effective treatment to deal with scar tissue pain. You can combine it with a carrier oil for a nourishing massage therapy. Or else you can also diffuse geranium Essential oil to relieve anxiety and stress associated with intense scar tissue pain.

5. Chamomile Essential oil

Chamomile Essential oil has immense qualities along with soothing properties that instantly calms your mind and also keeps scar tissue pain at bay. As per studies the Essential oil has skin-benefiting properties along with anti-microbial and other qualities that not only treat the scar issue externally but also relieve internal pain. You can simply use the Essential oil for massage therapy to enhance movements and improve elasticity. Healing the internal scar tissue pain can take longer than expected especially considering the effectiveness of natural remedies. So be patient to see results on the affected area.

6. Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil comes under the category of best carrier oils but is majorly used to treat scar tissue pain. Are you wondering how? Well, sweet almond oil has major nourishing and skin-benefiting properties that go deep into the skin and soothe the area. It additionally reduces pain after a relaxing massage.

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The bottom line expects you to utilize essential oils for scar tissue pain for a good period to see amazing results. Natural remedies do take time but once you are consistent with the usage it shows amazing results.