Hives Hacked: Best Essential Oils for Quick Relief

Hives Hacked: Best Essential Oils for Quick Relief

Itchy irritated or rash-prone skin usually causes a lot of discomfort. It not only causes constant irritation but the restlessness triggered by bee hives can be irritating at times. It might also lead to situations where you just cannot stop scratching it and this can further lead to intense damage to your skin. So it becomes very important to try a natural remedy that works just as best as a rash cream to provide instant relief from hives. Guess what we have a solution. The best essential oils for hives are known for their soothing and therapeutic benefits. They are best capable of providing instant relief from itchy red and allergic skin types. Not only this but the best essential oils for itchy skin also reduce pumps on your skin and reduce the outbreak of bee hives. So are you excited to know about the best essential oils for hives itching? If yes then stay tuned as we share a list of soothing essential oils. But before jumping on to the list of essential oils for bee hives and itching it is important to know what our hives are and how they appear. So without any further delay let's check out all about hives.

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What are Hives?

Hives are commonly known as Urticaria  which usually leads to Red bumps and itching on the surface of your skin. The appearance is quite pale, reddish, and swollen in nature. They are usually triggered due to an allergic reaction on you skin. Once you learn about this condition it can become very irritating and may lead to a lot of discomfort. Studies have revealed that more than 20% of people in the current scenario are suffering from bee hives. While bee hives can lead to constant itchiness on your skin, one should not worry as it is not something deadly. The allergy on the skin causes irritation and the constant urge to scratch on the damaged area. However, this disease is not at all life-threatening or contagious at any cost. So one can be rest assured and can rely on the best essential oils for hives and use regularly for better results. So now that we have a clear picture of what hives are and It is major reason, that it is time to check out natural remedies that work great to cure hives.

Best Essential Oils for Hives

1. Lavender Essential oil for hives and itching

The all-rounder Essential oil which truly serves the purpose and is usually known as a Multi Tasker is a lavender Essential oil. It is one of the community's well-known essential oils with abundantf soothing and relaxing properties. If you are looking for essential oils for highs from allergic reactions then make sure to try lavender Essential oil. Lavender oil has antiseptic properties which instantly eliminates the bacterial infection on your skin. It also removes all the possible microbes and irritants that may trigger the condition of hives. Not only this but lavender Essential oil for stress and anxiety is also a great choice as it keeps you calm during the aggravated situation especially when you feel like scratching your skin constantly.

How to use Lavender Essential Oil for Itching and Hives?

If you are enticed by the supreme benefits of lavender Essential oil then use it during your bath. Yes, you heard it right simply add 7 to 8 drops of lavender Essential oil in a bucket full of warm water. Make sure the water is warm and not to toot as it might lead to another round of redness and irritation on your skin. Having a bath with lavender water can bring immense benefits to tackling itchy skin.

2. Peppermint Essential oil for itchy skin

One of the most popular essential oils to treat itchy and bumpy skin is peppermint Essential oil. People who suffer from constantly inflamed skin should try the best essential oils for rash or hives. Peppermint Essential oil  truly does the job really well as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties which treat hives to a great extent and also reduce itching and burning sensation. Not only this but the peppermint oil is loaded with a cooling agent commonly known as menthol which instantly provides a cooling sensation to burnt itchy and inflamed skin.

How to use Peppermint Essential Oil for Hives?

If you want to experience the benefits of the schooling Essential oil you can simply make a spray and apply it on the affected area. Are you wondering how? Simply combine a few drops of peppermint Essential oil with one and a half cup of distilled water and add it to a spray bottle. Shake it really well and spray on the affected area to get instant relief.

3. Tea tree Essential oil for hives

tea tree oil for hives

While talking about the best essential oils for itchy and inflamed skin how can we not mention the OG tea tree Essential oil  for bee hives? One of the best essential oils for hives on kids includes tea tree oil it is mainly responsible to cure itchiness and redness on your skin tea tree oil is loaded with anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties which eliminates bacterial infection on your skin not only this but it also ever the chances of further infection reduces redness and also naturally hills your skin from inflammation.

How to use tea tree Essential oil for hives?

To use the best essential oils for hives on the face you can simply combine tea tree oil with a carrier oil of your choice. Simply combine a drop or two of tea tree oil with sweet almond oil or coconut oil. Apply on the affected area and you will see the results very soon.

4.  Lemon Essential oil Essential

Lemon oil  as you all know is very strong and is considered as a natural antiseptic. If you are exploring essential oils for hives and itching then lemon oil can be an ideal choice. Lemon Essential oil is widely known to reduce pain inflammation and irritation on your skin not only this but it is also loaded with antioxidant and anti-microbial properties which makes it an effective solution to treat hives, insects, and mosquito bites. Are we done? Well not yet because lemon Essential oil also serves as an organic cleanser for your skin. So it permanently helps to eliminate bacteria and fungi on your skin thereby decreasing the chances of further infections.

5. Chamomile Essential oil

Are you suffering from acne Psoriasis Eczema itchiness or hives? Do you want a natural remedy that works just like the OTC treatment and does not lead to any side effects on your skin? Well, you are in the right spot. Chamomile Essential oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. It immensely helps to kill the bacteria on your skin and also treats a number of skin disorders including inflammation, redness, rashes, Eczema, and hives. Apart from this camomile Essential oil is very strong and initiates the healing process as soon as you start using it.

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With the best essential oils for hives, you have to take this tagline very seriously that is ‘Less is More’. So make sure to use the potent essential oils for hives after diluting it with the carrier oil. At Moksha Essentials , we offer pure and organic essential oils, carrier oils, raw butters like shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter for skin and hair.