Healing Heart: Best Essential Oils for Soothing Chest Pain

Healing Heart: Best Essential Oils for Soothing Chest Pain

Are you experiencing sudden chest pain especially after eating a heavy meal or simply drinking any beverage? Does that happen with you quite often? If yes then it is time to ease your pain with natural ways instead of relying on medications. Today in this blog we will discover the ways to take care of your heart health without investing too much. Only a handful of budget and you are good to go with the natural remedies for chest pain. These natural remedies or the inclusion of best essential oils for chest pain in your routine highly amplifies your overall health and also promotes physical and spiritual well being.

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Additionally, the essential oils are great for your heart health and to tackle the chest pain that you might be suffering due to heart burn Acid reflux or bloating. The reasons can be countless. That's why we present you with natural remedies to tackle it. Enrich your heart health as we introduce you to the best essential oils for chest pain. Essential oils are known for their heart health properties as they majorly reduce inflammation, enhance the flow of healthy blood cells and also lowers your blood pressure over time. Not only this but these essential oils for chest pain further improves your heart health and also maintains your health in such a way that it does not attract any other disease. So are you geared up to explore and dig in the world of essential oils for chest pain? Let's get started.

Chest Pain & Heart Health

If you are experiencing minor chest pain then we usually recommend you see your doctor. People also go through serious heart failure which is a health condition. This usually occurs when the heart does not have the enough ability to pump the blood as per your body's needs. The major symptoms of this condition of congestive heart failure first begins with chest pain. It is important to take your health issues seriously and recognise their severity. There are some of the major symptoms of heart failure which you might experience.

● Constant coughing or sneezing or wheezing
● Swelling in legs feet and ankle
● a sudden increasing heart rate
dizziness and fatigue
● lack of appetite
● shortness of breath

Best essential oils for chest pain

Now that you know about chest pain and its sudden symptoms it is now time to finally check out the natural ways to prevent the condition. Here some of the best essential oils for chest pain.

1. Eucalyptus Essential oil

The one that tops the list of best essential oils for chest pain is Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus Essential oil is commonly known for its astounding abilities to reduce breathing conditions along with cold cough and sneeze. Yes you heard it right. The Essential oil directly affects your body and improves your heart health over time. Additionally eucalyptus Essential oil is known for its ability to reduce blood pressure, tackle chest pain and manage the condition of Acid reflux or bloating. Studies have concluded that eucalyptus Essential oil has calming properties that majorly helps with lowering the heart rate while enhancing your stamina.

2. Basil Essential oil

Did you know that the Basil Essential oil is rich in antioxidants along with potent vitamins and minerals that offer tremendous heart benefits? Well as per researchers Basil Essential oil comes from the holy Basil and extracted using the steam distillation method procuring the essence of the leaves. So once you include Basil Essential oil for chest pain in your routine it immediately works on your overall help and nurtures your body with the goodness of nature. Additionally the Essential oil also enhances your heart health by managing the bad cholesterol in your body and counter balancing it with the good ones. Research have also demonstrated that Basil Essential oil reduces the chances of atherosclerosis which is a serious heart related disease. The Essential oil with its phenomenon qualities lowers the cholesterol level and reduces the risk of chest pain, heart burn and other heart related diseases.

3. Lavender Essential oil

Lavender Essential oil which is widely recognised because of its over the top benefits and versatile actions is known to help you with chest pain and heart burn issues. If you are experiencing serious chest pain you can simply dilute the Essential oil with the carrier oil and massage it on your body. The essential oil holds the essence of violet flowers of lavender even though it is extracted from the buds. And of course how can we forget the oh sooting extremely therapeutic fragrance of Lavender oil that instantly lowers blood pressure reduces anxiety tackles sleeplessness and builds spiritual connection.

4. Clary Sage Essential oil

clary sage essential oil

Clary sage Essential oil is directly linked to heart health as it reduces chest pain by lowering the blood pressure and reducing stress levels. As per recent studies the Essential oil has relaxing properties which helps in aroma therapy practices and also promotes relaxation. Another set of research has demonstrated that clary sage oil majorly drops down the systolic blood pressure and also manages your heart rate.

5. Peppermint Essential oil

We are now on to our last Essential oil that helps with chest pain and offers instant relief once included in the routine. It is none other than the peppermint Essential oil. Peppermint oil helps to reduce the symptoms of chest pain and also offers a cooling sensation if applied topically.

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We are finally nearing the end of the list of best essential oils for chest pain. To be precise these essential oils are quite affected in their working and they definitely show results over a period of time. One has to be very consistent while using them and do not use them in undiluted form. So if you are intrigued by the properties of the essential oils for heart health and chest pain then make sure to buy the pure ones from Moksha Essentials.