Healing Harmony: Essential Oils and Gallstone Relief

Healing Harmony: Essential Oils and Gallstone Relief

As you all know gallbladder is an important part of your body as it plays a very important role in the absorption of fats and the digestion of food properly. This pear-shaped part of your body stays just below your liver and on the right-hand side of the abdomen. Is majorly responsible for the storage of bile which is produced by the liver. It casts so much more into it and has various other properties. Due to a small issue in the gallbladder, it leads to gallstones which many people fear. Yes, you heard it right. This issue is widely recognized in Indian society owing to the digestion problem. Many people refer to taking medicines and surgery as the treatment to treat gallstones. However, specialists at Moksha recommend you use the best  essential oils  for gallstones.

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The best essential oils for gallstones are loaded with essential properties that majorly target the issue and treat it over some time. Are you wondering how? In the upcoming section, we will explore the best essential oils for your gallbladder and treat gallstones along with their benefits.

 Best Essential Oils for Gallstones

The essential oils for gallstones  are used during aroma therapy practices as massage oil to provide relief from pain and inflammation. Additionally, these massage oils made of essential oils treat the condition well and also tackle other stomach-related disorders. Essential oils are loaded with fruitful benefits that enhance your lifestyle and keep digestive issues at bay. So they are a must-have in your routine. It is now have a look at the top 5 essential oils for gallstone treatment.

1. Grapefruit essential oil

The only grapefruit Essential oil for gallstone treatment is widely recognized because of its rich properties. Yes, you heard it right. Grapefruit Essential oil comes under the category of citrus oil and treats several stomach disorders. Additionally, grapefruit Essential oil also promotes an easy digestion process and manages the fluid retention in your stomach which in turn keeps your gut health in check. We are still in progress because the best essential oil for gallstones which is grapefruit oil also improves the blood circulation in the digestive organs of your body. It majorly includes the bladder, stomach, kidney, and liver and also eradicates the harmful chemicals and toxins from your body. Using grapefruit Essential oil for gallstone pain can be the best thing you can do.

2. Peppermint Essential oil for gallstone

Peppermint Essential oil  is truly the best Essential oil for gallstone pain. For an effective and one-stop remedy, you can try peppermint Essential oil with water to get relief from stomach pain abdominal issues digestive issues and gallbladder pain. Peppermint Essential oil is loaded with an essential compound known as menthol which provides immense relief from the pain and also soothes your body. If your body is going through a tough time due to gallstones the anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint oil can come to the rescue. The Essential oil breaks down the inflammation in your gallbladder and detoxifies your body reducing the chances of dizziness nausea and stomach pain. Massaging peppermint Essential oil by combining it with a career oil on your stomach provides instant relief and also prevents gallstone situations in the future.

3. Rosemary oil for gallbladder and gallstone treatment

Rosemary oil for gallbladder and gallstone treatment

Rosemary Essential oil  tops the list of best herbal essential oils. Rosemary as a herb is used for culinary purposes for its distinct Aroma and oh-so-impressive flavor. Not only this but Rosemary Essential oil also tackles the infections in the gallbladder and treats biliary colic and gallstones effectively. It majorly helps to enhance the digestion process and also prevents the emergence of gallstones as it is lipolytic. On another note, Rosemary Essential oil is also rich in essential compounds including camphor, alpha penin, and Cineole. All these essential compounds of Rosemary Essential oil effectively reduces gallstone pain and also acts as a tonic for your liver.

4. Frankincense Essential oil

Frankincense Essential oil  supports immune health and has phenomenal benefits in treating gallstone problems. The Essential oil possesses major anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties which reduce gallbladder pain and also tackle digestive issues. A recent study has revealed that frankincense Essential oil reduces inflammation in the abdomen and gallbladder and also treats renal diseases due to the presence of curcumin in it. If you are intrigued to include Francis Essential oil in your routine simply combine it with a carrier oil  and follow it up with a regular massage on your abdomen. This remedy works well as it enhances the detoxification process and also tackles various stomach-related issues. The anti-fungal, antibacterial, and other properties of frankincense Essential oil serve as a defense mechanism for your body.

5. Lemon Essential oil

While talking about the best essential oils for gallstones how can we overlook the major properties of Lemon Essential oil ? Citrus essential oils are loaded with abundant properties as they help to dissolve the gallstones sooner than ever. Lemon oil is banned with a rich compound known as D-Limonene. This usually helps to provide relief from inflammation pain and other digestive issues without leading to any side effects. Along with this lemon Essential oil also promotes blood circulation and increases the production of bile in the stomach. It encourages the effortless flow of digestive juices in your body and also reduces the chances of gallstone buildup.

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Using the best essential oils for gallstones reduces tackles liver-related and stomach problems. However, using it optimally and after proper precautions is the key. So, make sure to get your dosage of premium essential oils available only at mokshaessentials.com