Earache SOS: Discover the Best Essential Oils for Relief

Earache SOS: Discover the Best Essential Oils for Relief

Ear infections are one of the most common problems that are very prominent these days in children and adults. The most prevalent year infection is the middle ear infection which is popularly known as otitis media. Is very common among children and adults as well which is triggered due to viral infection in your body. Well, we can't deny the fact that ear infection leads to intense ear pain which is unbearable most of the time. You can take antibiotics to relieve pain but those medicines won't work on the viral infection that brings in the earache. Search cases the essential oils for earache come in handy. Yes, you can use essential oils for an ear infection to treat it. The essential oils for earache in adults are used by herbal specialists as a popular remedy.


But before relying entirely on essential oils for year infection or year ache it is important to discover the major causes of earache. There are some of the symptoms and causes of ear infections.

  • If you notice fluid buildup happening in your ear anytime soon then there are high chances that the infection has spread all over your ear. It usually happens when your Eustachian tubes are blocked.
  • Swollen tissues, sinus infection, excessive mucus, and other allergies may trigger this ear infection.
  • Earache in children is very common these days and you can notice the same when your little one faces difficulty in relaxing and sleeping.
  • If your baby experiences frequent headaches and the flow of fluid from their ear then it's high time you consult a doctor to check for your infection.
  • Adults also experience severe pain in the ear due to ear infections.
  • It also increases the flow of fluid from their ear which is a serious condition.

It is surprising to note that several common issues may lead to serious ear infections at times. The effort is very important to keep a check on your health especially when you notice something unusual happening with you or your baby.

In such cases using the best essential oils for earache helps to solve the condition. Essential oils for earache in children are also recommended by some doctors as they are loaded with pain-relieving and therapeutic properties. So without any further do let's have a look at some of the best essential oils for earache in adults.

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil For Earache in Adults

Tea tree oil is employed for treating several kinds of ailments caused by microbial and viral invasions. This is accomplished by removing unnecessary accumulation of fluids. This particular essential oil contains anti-inflammatory components that can help to relieve pain and swelling. Tea tree oil has been shown in cultures of cells to suppress the herpes simplex virus, also known as HSV, as an antimicrobial.

According to research, it additionally safeguards from the virus that causes flu. Tea tree, which acts as an antifungal, could be helpful in the treatment of Candida overgrowth by ripping apart the protective coverings of microbial cells.

  • Clove Essential Oil - Topical Essential Oils For Earache

We cannot miss on the amazing qualities of clove essential oil for ear pain. It substantially reduces ear infections and manages the fungi and parasites developing in your ear silently. Clove essential oil also eliminates staph infection and Candida Albicans. What's even more promising about clove oil is its auto-immune properties. These qualities of clove oil help to fight against influenza bacteria and bid farewell to viruses, flu, infection, colds, and cough. On another note, clove oil is also utilized by several people to tackle tooth pain and infection. So, it is a must-have in your life.

  • Basil Essential Oil

If you are searching for essential oils for earache in children then you cannot miss basil essential oil. Basil oil is a natural relaxant and has antibacterial, antiviral, and antispasmodic properties. You can simply dip a cotton ball in basil oil and apply it as a topical essential oil for earache. It is one of the most used and effective essential oils for earache from cold weather. Basil oil also tackles lung infections, respiratory conditions, and throat infections. So, all in all, basil essential oil is an excellent choice for people looking for the best essential oils for earache in children.

  • Thyme Essential Oil - Best Essential Oils For Baby Earache

Thyme oil, much like rosemary essential oil is a strong one for your kids. So, it is important to dilute it before usage. Coming onto the prevalent properties of thyme oil, they are really good. Thyme oil is packed with antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce ear infections and earaches to a great extent. Thyme oil also contains an active compound known as thymol which helps to alleviate pain and infection in the baby's ear. However, you should be mindful while using essential oils for kids. They might be very potent for your little ones so always keep that in mind.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Mint and herbal essential oils are always a win-win over others. Peppermint essential oil for baby earache is one of the best choices for everyone out there. It is loaded with menthol content which keeps fungal infections at bay and manages the ear pain that you are dealing with for a very long time. Not only this but the anti-inflammatory qualities of peppermint oil help reduce earache and eliminates the chances of infection.

How To Use Essential Oils For Earache?

A lot of discussion comes in while we talk about using essential oils for ear pain. So, what exactly is the best way to use essential oils? To be precise, you can dilute essential oils in a carrier oil of your choice and apply it around your ear.

For kids, it is important to do a patch test before applying essential oils for earache in children.

As mentioned dilution is the key. But, do not pour this concoction inside your ear as it might be harmful to your ear.


We are finally coming to the end of the series and it's a wrap. Essential oils have come a long way when we talk about their benefits and uses. Undeniably essential oils for earache in adults work like a charm to cure pain and discomfort. However, you should always be careful while using essential oils for your sense organs. Using pure essential oil also plays a very important role when we talk about using them for a variety of purposes. Make sure to opt for essential oils from a trusted brand like Moksha Essentials. We provide you with 100% pure essential oils along with other natural ingredients for DIY recipes.



  • Can I use essential oils for earache in children directly?

    No, we do not recommend it. As per studies and certified aromatherapists it is recommended to not use essential oils directly on the skin as it might burn your skin, especially the sense organs. If your skin is extra sensitive make sure to dilute essential oils before using.

    • Which is the best Essential oil for earache in adults?

    The best essential oils for earache are mentioned above. But to choose one you can try clove and tea tree Essential oil.