Cinnamon Leaf vs. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil For DIY Beauty Recipes


Fall is approaching and the colder months are on their way. Do you know what feels enticing about the upcoming season? It is the warmth of aroma, hot soups, dishes, and relishing small moments. While talking about warm fragrances how can we overlook cinnamon which is very prevalent these days? Cinnamon oil is one of the most warm and cozy fragrances which feels exotic and opulent when diffused in the air. The Essential oil uses a spicy, warm, and musky fragrance which is a must-have for the upcoming winter season. But did you know that cinnamon Essential oil is not the only variety of cinnamon? Cinnamon oil is categorized into two major cinnamon leaf vs cinnamon bark Essential oil. Both the Essential oils are different in terms of chemical constituents and fragrance. Also, they differ in their usage and aroma therapy practices as well. There is a lot of distinction between cinnamon leaf oil and cinnamon bark oil. And today our only focus is to clear the differences between them. So let's have a look.

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The classic Aroma of cinnamon leaf oil versus cinnamon bark oil is almost the same. While cinnamon leaf oil is a little less potent cinnamon bark oil is very strong and holds an exotic warm aroma. Using cinnamon oil for that extra spice brings a soothing aura to your house. It is incredibly amazing to note that cinnamon oil which has major two types is also used in a variety of DIY beauty recipes. Yes, you heard it right. Cinnamon leaf oil vs cinnamon bark oil is widely used in beauty DIY home remedies including face packs and toners. These essential oils have some amazing beauty benefits for your skin. So without any further delay let's check out the difference between the two and their usage in d i y beauty recipes.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil Versus Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

When talking about cinnamon bark Essential oil the fragrance is quite nutty, strong, and spicy. This Essential oil will reinvigorate your senses as it holds a very strong aroma. The Essential oil also promotes appetite and floods your nervous system with its sweet yet woody Aroma. Cinnamon bark Essential oil is strong and is extracted from the bark of cinnamon trees. You might have noticed the bark of cinnamon which appears reddish brown. It usually comes in a stick form and the essence extracted from the same is known as cinnamon bark Essential oil.

Benefits Of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

  • Cinnamon bark Essential oil for aroma therapy is also widely used because of its soothing properties. Inhaling it brings instant freshness and rejuvenation to your life. The mind-coming and pacifying qualities of cinnamon bark essential oils are great for aroma therapy.
  • Cinnamon bark Essential oil is a great staff if you want to rejuvenate your mind and census this one tingles like no other you can simply diffuse it in your room to uplift your mood and energize your mind during moments of stress and fatigue. This Essential oil will instantly bring freshness to your mind and will keep away negative emotions be it depression stress or nausea.
  • If you are suffering from a cold cough sneeze or seasonal illness of any sort try to use cinnamon bark Essential oil. Cinnamon bark oil for health has some exceptional benefits. When used in minimal quantity it helps to reduce coughing sneezing and runny nose. Apart from this cinnamon Essential oil treats other health problems as well.
  • Cinnamon bark oil can be used as a natural aromatic compound. Yes, you heard it right. The sweetest Aroma blended with the most spicy notes is a perfect addition to your home fragrances. You can simply diffuse cinnamon bark oil for that instant rush of magical Aroma. Alternatively, you can also add it to your household cleaner for a natural yet invigorating scent

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil vs Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Let's talk about cinnamon leave Essential oil for a while. This Essential oil is an excellent choice for people who embrace warm fragrances in the chilly weather of winter. Cinnamon leaf Essential oil has a very warm and comforting Aroma which instantly brushes up your space with a cosy atmosphere you can add A pinch of cinnamon to your chai latte for that instant spice mix. Cinnamon leaf oil is extracted using the steam distillation method the pure essence is derived from the cinnamon tree that also Pro offers cinnamon back oil. The only difference between cinnamon leaf and cinnamon bark Essential oil is that leaf oil is extracted from the leaves of cinnamon trees while bark oil is extracted from long sticks like bark.

Benefits Of Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

  • If you are a lover of home remedies, especially d i y beauty home recipes then cinnamon leaf Essential oil is the one for you. It is less potent as compared to cinnamon bark Essential oil and acts as a perfect treatment for Acne scars and pimples. Cinnamon Lear Essential oil for skin benefits is commendable as it keeps dullness and dry skin at bay.
  • Cinnamon leaf Essential oil is an ideal choice to create a cozy and warm atmosphere around your house. If you are intrigued by warm and masti sense then cinnamon leaf Essential oil is the one for you. Cinnamon leaf Essential oil instantly uploads the aura of your space with a greeting and pleasing Aroma.
  • This natural Essential oil is also high in eugenol content which makes it less irritating as compared to cinnamon bark Essential oil. This is why cinnamon leaves Essential oil for the skin works like a charm and people prefer it over bark oil.
  • Cinnamon leaf Essential oil is a great ingredient for painful joints and sore muscles. The potent Essential oil produces stiffness in the joints and also tackles Arthritis pain tender joints muscles and tightness. You can use it by combining it with a carrier oil.
  • You can use both cinnamon leaf oil and cinnamon bark Essential oil in DIY beauty recipes. However, make sure to dilute it before usage as both oils are very strong and might irritate your skin if used alone. You can combine cinnamon leave oil or cinnamon bark oil for skin remedies in your beauty face pack for instantly glowing and hydrated skin.

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    Cinnamon leaf and cinnamon bark essential oils are a perfect addition to your daily life. However, if you ask to choose one will recommend you go as per your requirements. Cinnamon bark Essential oil is strong as compared to cinnamon leaf Essential oil. So, choose as per your requirements pure and organic essential oils from Moksha Essentials.