Cinnamon Essential Oil: Your Secret Weapon Against Ants


Repel those pesky ants with natural cinnamon Essential oil. Are you wondering how? Well, today's blog post is all about natural ant repellent which is essential oils. Essential oils are a great way to repel pesky mosquitoes, ants, and other insects. One of the best essential oils which is very popular in repelling ants is cinnamon Essential oil. Cinnamon has been known for years because of its culinary uses along with some amazing skincare benefits. While being the best in the Skin Care industry along with healthcare Cinnamon Essential Oil is also known to prevent the entrance of ants in your house. It has potential effects that help to kill ants and also scare them to enter the borderline. Are you wondering how this happens? Well, the deal is pretty simple. Using cinnamon Essential oil for ants in a spray form works well. The severe effects of cinnamon Essential oil kick off the ants and also repel other insects.

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Cinnamon Essential oil is very strong and using it to repel ants is a powerful remedy. Recent studies have revealed that cinnamon oil for ants helps to keep them away and also reduces their presence in your house. Studies in the laboratory have also revealed a huge success of using cinnamon Essential oil to repel ants. Guess what several people also use cinnamon powder in their homes to restrict the passage of ants. This remedy also works great to spice up your house and offers a dazzling fragrance. So what are you waiting for? Keep your eyes on the best natural remedies to repel ants, one of them being cinnamon Essential oil.

Cinnamon Essential Oil For Ants

Cinnamon Essential oil is undoubtedly a perfect choice to repel ants and bothersome insects. But you cannot use any quality of cinnamon to repel ants. The one that you use to bake savory dishes and warm cakes is a big NO. This cinnamon powder is not very concentrated and does nothing to repel ants. On the other hand, if you use concentrated and strong Essential Oil it works effectively to keep vexatious ants at bay.

Cinnamon Essential oil is the one that you need to make a toxic web in the passage of ants. Cinnamon oil is packed with cinnamaldehyde. This is a very strong compound that is said to repel ants and is very toxic to other fleas and insects. When ants inhale the fragrance of cinnamon oil, it instantly destroys their senses and the nervous system which can restrict their passage and ultimately keep them away from your home.

The strong and provoking aroma also comes in between the ant's potential to move and communicate. In some cases, cinnamon oil also leads to the death of ants as it is very strong and uses a bothersome aroma.

Cinnamon Essential oil for ants is also used directly as it has amazing qualities that divert the passage of ants. However, you can also prepare a cinnamon Essential oil recipe for ants which is crucial to prevent the passage of ants in your house.

Does Cinnamon Essential Oil Work Effectively To Repel Ants?

Well, to be honest, cinnamon Essential oil is not a foolproof way to discourage the passage of ants. With the usage of oil, you cannot expect the ants to go away or be eliminated like they were never here. However, it repels them and restricts the entrance for a few hours or days. No natural remedy claims to eradicate the entire group of ants as it is just a measure to repel them and does not address killing and or eliminating them from their roots. So make sure to use it with caution on your flooring or tile to repel infuriating ants.

Cinnamon Essential Oil Recipe For Ants


Recipe 1 - Cinnamon Oil

  • You can simply pour a few drops of cinnamon Essential oil on the passage of ants and see how they react to it.

Recipe 2 -

  • Another way to use cinnamon oil for ants is to make a DIY cinnamon Essential oil ant repellant spray.
  • For this, you need a spray bottle, water, and 12 to 15 drops of cinnamon Essential oil.
  • Simply pour water in a spray bottle and add cinnamon Essential oil.
  • Now spray this mixture on the entrance of your door house and the places where ants reside.

Recipe 3- Cinnamon Powder

  • If you do not have cinnamon oil you can simply dust a spoon full of cinnamon powder on the passage of ants.
  • However, make sure to use high-quality and concentrated synonym powder, unlike the one that is used in bakeries.

Recipe 4- Strong Cinnamon Ant Spray


  • Half a cup of vinegar,
  • Spray bottle,
  • 20 drops of cinnamon bark Essential oil for ants, and
  • 10 drops of Black pepper Essential oil.


  • In a Spray bottle add vinegar.
  • Now add both the essential oils and close the lid.
  • Shake the spray bottle well.
  • Now spray it on the areas where you see ants mostly.
  • You can also spray this mixture directly on the floors or tiles of your house to eliminate the presence of ants and repel them.

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    We are nearing the end of the series and it is incredibly amazing to note how ants can leave your space by using cinnamon Essential oil. Essential oil is very strong and the Aroma is truly the one you need to deter those disturbing ants. But, make sure to use it in moderation as the access of using might destroy the appearance of your floors and tiles. Using cinnamon Essential oil for ants as an anti-repellent spray is a proven remedy to deter them. Also, do not forget to buy pure essential oils to repair and from Moksha Essentials.