Cardamom Oil: Your Skin's New BFF (Best Flawless Friend)!

Cardamom Oil: Your Skin's New BFF (Best Flawless Friend)!

Cardamom is a fragrant, spicy seed that's been used for centuries as a natural medicine. It has an earthy, sweet taste and it has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Cardamom oil is one of the most underrated essential oils out there – in fact, many people don't know it's even an essential oil at all! Cardamom can be used for so many different things including migraines, arthritis pain relief, sleep aid, and anxiety relief. It's an all-natural alternative to pain relievers, anti-depressants, and sleep aids. The versatile essential oil is also great for skin, hair, and nails! Get ready to learn all about the miracle spice that is cardamom. Cardamom oil comes from the seeds of the cardamom plant. The plant is a perennial herb, native to India. There are two different varieties of cardamom which are considered "true" or "green" cardamoms: Malabar and Mysore. The green variety of cardamom seeds is used in cooking, such as in Indian ice cream called faluda. Malabar cardamom is the more popular of the two types of cardamom. Green cardamom is used to flavor food and beverages and in the Indian spice blend garam masala. Cardamom oil produced from these seeds can be made from the dried pods, both green and black. The pods should be removed once they are dry because they will keep for months on a shelf without spoiling. You might have also heard of "green" or "black" turmeric. The color of turmeric comes from different chemical compounds that are present in it, including some pigments that are contained in the outer husk of the whole turmeric plant, not just its root.


Benefits of Using Cardamom Essential Oil For Skin:

1) Arthritis Pain Relief

The scent of cardamom is said to be calming and soothing, bringing peace and joy. It's also believed to relieve arthritis pain. The sweet scent of cardamom is a perfect way to relieve stress and anxiety, which can cause pain in people who suffer from arthritis. Research has shown that aromatherapy with essential oils has a profound positive effect on mood, and this can help those with arthritis cope with pain better. Cardamom essential oil can help treat asthma symptoms like bronchial constriction, wheezing, and breathing difficulties. Studies also show that cardamom is effective in reducing inflammation of the lungs in animals.

2) Skin Cancer Prevention

Cardamom is one of the most powerful antioxidants we know about today. Antioxidants are known for their ability to prevent and repair cellular damage, which is why cardamom oil can help with skin cancer prevention. The antioxidants in cardamom boost the immune system to fight off existing and future harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. And because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it can help reduce signs of aging.

3) Sunburn Relief

Don't forget the cardinal rule about essential oils: always dilute them! Cardamom oil is a great way to soothe sunburn because its scent is cooling and soothing so you don't end up feeling like a lobster as soon as you go outside after applying it topically. It also helps to relieve pain and soothes skin.

4) Hair Growth

Hair growth

Because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, cardamom oil is a great way to reduce inflammation in the scalp, hair follicles, and roots of hair. It can help treat dandruff and prevent new dandruff from occurring.

5) Repairs Damaged Hair

 Cardamom oil contains natural biotin, which is known for its ability to repair damaged hair and stimulate hair growth. The biotin is what helps your body make new cells that keep your hair strong and healthy by producing keratin proteins that help build strong healthy hair.

6) Sunburn Treatment

Cardamom has cooling, soothing properties that make it great for sunburn. It helps to soothe the pain and calm inflammation which is what causes the pain in the first place.

7) Anxiety Relief

Cardamom's anti-anxiety properties have been known for centuries. The scent of cardamom is known to help calm the mind and ease stress, which can cause anxiety in people who suffer from panic disorder. It can also help relieve symptoms of depression and improve mental focus.

8) Reduces Acne

Cardamom oil can help reduce acne! The antioxidants in it can prevent new acne from forming by removing toxins and excess sebum. It can also disinfect skin and clean wounds because of its antiseptic properties. Because of its antibacterial properties, cardamom oil is thought to help fight bacteria that cause acne.

9) Sleep Aid

Studies have shown that cardamom essential oil has sedative effects on rats and mice, which makes it great as a sleep aid. Its scent has been known to calm the mind and help you relax, which is helpful for insomnia. The anti-anxiety properties of cardamom oil can also help those who suffer from sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea.

10) Opiate withdrawal

Because of its anti-anxiety properties, cardamom oil can help treat withdrawal symptoms of narcotics like heroin and Oxycontin. It helps reduce cravings and ease pain, so it's a great alternative to prescription medication.


How to use cardamom oil for the skin?

  • Step 1: Start by diluting your cardamom essential oil with a carrier oil like jojoba, coconut, olive, or almond. The dilution ratio should be 1:1 (1 part essential oils to 1 part carrier oils).
  • Step 2: Apply the diluted cardamom essential oil to the area of the skin that you want to treat. Let it dry before getting dressed. You can also add a few drops to your favorite lotion and apply it daily.
  • Step 3: You can also add diluted cardamom essential oil to a warm bath and soak in water for at least 15 minutes, preferably overnight for maximum effects. Do this for at least two weeks for best results.
  • Step 4: To use cardamom essential oil in a diffuser, add 2-3 drops of cardamom essential oil to a diffuser that uses water and let the diffuser run for at least 1 hour.
  • Note: Always do a skin patch test before using any new product.
    Precautions for using cardamom essential oil:
    1) If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use this oil unless advised to do so by your physician.
    2) Avoid contact with your eyes, and if it accidentally gets into your eye, flush it with plenty of clean water immediately.


Q1) What is cardamom essential oil?

Answer: Cardamom oil is a fragrant plant oil extracted from the root of the cardamom plant. It smells like a cross between cinnamon and clove.

2) Is cardamom oil safe to use?

Answer: Yes, because it is just one of hundreds of plants that can be used for their essential oils, and there are no known negative effects. You can use it on your pets as long as you dilute it first with water or other carrier oils before applying it topically. It's not recommended to apply directly onto their skin.