Blood Orange vs. Sweet Orange Essential Oil: What's The Difference


Many people embrace citrus fragrances especially while peeling lemon or oranges. Aroma therapy plays a very important role in everyone's life especially if you are a sucker for tantalizing and juicy fragrances. It instantly lights up your day and the juicy and tangy Aroma makes you happy like sunshine. While talking about citrus essential oils how can we overlook different types of citral oils specifically blood orange and sweet Orange Essential oils? Today's blog mainly focuses on the difference between Blood Orange and Sweet Orange Essential oil. Both the essential oils are a variety of citrus Essential oils and hold diverse properties. Along with unique properties they also have a lot of similarities and differences. Both Blood Orange and Sweet Orange Essential oils share the same botanical name and are widely famous for their mood-boosting and stimulating properties. But to make it clear they both are different and some differences are pretty evident in them.

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In today's era, citrus essential oils are widely used because of their exquisite qualities and the benefits they offer. Several citrus essential oils are usually extracted from the upper layer which is the peel of the fruit which holds a strong aroma. These essential oils are mostly extracted using the cold-pressed method and are a great choice for your skin, hair, and health. Well, it is enough of blabbering about the best citrus essential oils and now is the time to look at Blood Orange vs Sweet Orange Essential oil.

Blood Orange Essential Oil

Blood Orange Essential oil is one of the top varieties of sweet Orange oil and is botanically known as Citrus Sinensis. As the name suggests, blood orange signifies the cherry red color pulp which is present inside the fruit. The blood Orange Essential oil or the fruit is majorly known for its top chemical constituents. It is antiseptic and has healing properties. The red color pigment in Blood Orange Essential oil is popularly known as Anthocyanin. This is a potent antioxidant that is very difficult to find in other fruits and is usually found in citrus fruits and essential oils. This essential oil has a bright and tempting appearance with a tarty flavor. Blood Orange Essential oil has some incredible qualities and benefits for your skin. So, without any further delay let's check out the benefits of blood Orange Essential oil.

Benefits Of Blood Orange Essential Oil

Blood Orange Essential oil is very similar to Sweet Orange Essential oil and hence the qualities and benefits are almost the same.

  • Blood Orange Essential oil has exceptional properties to enhance your skin. It helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin. The anti-aging qualities of blood Orange Essential oil come to the rescue, especially in your mid-20s and 30s.
  • Blood Orange Essential oil is an ideal choice for your lymphatic system it invigorates the lymph nodes and helps to remove harmful toxins from your body. Anything severe for your body or the chemicals that might be damaging your health are not needed. Blood Orange Essential oil promptly eliminates them without any side effects.
  • Blood Orange Essential oil has detoxifying qualities. Yes, you heard it right. Essential oil helps to detoxify your body system and plays a very important role in keeping your health in check. Apart from detoxifying your body, it is also as as a perfect treatment for your skin.
  • Blood Orange Essential oil sinks deep into your skin and eliminates environmental pollutants. It also supports the formation of collagen in your skin and makes your skin look smooth plump and soft over time.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange versus Blood Orange Essential oil holds great importance. And therefore here is everything you need to know about sweet Orange Essential oil along with its benefits. Do you remember the orange candy which was filled with juicy pulp and tart-like fragrance? The Sweet Orange Essential Oil holds the same properties and has a very citrusy, sweet, and fruity Aroma. It is also extracted using a cold-pressed method. But before concluding it is important to look at some of the amazing benefits of sweet Orange Essential Oil. So here we go.

Benefits Of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

  • Sweet Orange Essential oil is naturally antibacterial. The antibacterial qualities of sweet Orange oil help to kick off the bacterial infections in your body and keep it germ-free.
  • Sweet Orange Essential oil is an ideal choice for your skin. If you dealing with any skin issues be it pimples acne dark spots hyperpigmentation dullness or under-eye bags make sure to include sweet Orange Essential oil in your skin care routine. Sweet Orange Essential oil when used with a carrier oil like sesame seed oil, almond oil or coconut oil works well.
  • Sweet Orange Essential oil also helps to reduce sore muscles and joint pain. The power-packed Essential oil keeps track of your muscle health and also reduces inflammation and swelling.

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    Blood Orange vs Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Which Is The Best?

    Both blood Orange versus sweet Orange Essential oils have quite a lot of similar properties. The major difference lies in their fragrance and some of their benefits for your body. If you are looking for an all-rounder Essential oil that works great for your skin and also manages your health effectively then check out pure blood Orange Essential oil from Moksha Essentials. Alternatively, if you are looking for a juicy, tangy, and fruity fragrance that stimulates your senses and reinvigorates your mind for that fresh feeling then scroll through the benefits of sweet Orange Essential oil. Sweet Orange and Blood Orange Essential oils both are a great choice for your skin. But at last, the decision is up to you and depends on your requirements.