Aromatherapy Aid: Essential Oils Strategies for Managing Trigger Finger

Aromatherapy Aid: Essential Oils Strategies for Managing Trigger Finger

After a tiring day, many of you experience weakness and sometimes the thumb or the fingers get locked up. Surprised! Aren't you? Well, we all have been there when you try to pull your fingers back and straighten them but the technique doesn't work at all. The finger usually remains bent towards the inside and creates a trigger movement in your hand. This trigger movement is usually referred to as the trigger finger. While you might think this is an injury taking place in your fingers it is simply something that happens beyond your control. If you feel the need to go to a doctor then we recommend you do the same at first. However, there are chances that you might be dealing with a trigger finger and its symptoms. So dealing with it at home and reducing its chances before it gets worse is the only thing you should try. As experts recommend, the best essential oils for trigger fingers are meant to provide amazing results and manage them effectively. So let's dig deep into the explanation of the trigger finger along with its symptoms and the natural remedies to tackle it.

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What is Trigger Finger?

As the name suggests the trigger finger usually occurs when the tendon in your finger which is mainly responsible for the movement moves top and bottom and beyond the sheath. This condition is also known as stenosing flexor tenosynovitis. It mainly happens in the thumb finger and the middle one and experiences extreme stiffness, pain, and discomfort. Not only this but this disorder can affect anyone and might sometimes require medical treatment from a certified specialist. So, it is important to keep a check on your fingers and observe their movements now and then to avoid the chances of a trigger finger.

Some of the major causes of trigger fingers include the following:
Diabetes patients usually go through this problem
● Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis might develop trigger finger
● Low thyroid function can lead to trigger finger
● Old age men and women might see it frequently
● Previous record of injury in fingers specifically thumb

Now that you are aware of the major causes of the trigger finger, here are some of the symptoms. You might experience these initially and still be unaware of the condition. So always look out for the symptoms if you are facing any discomfort in your hands.

● Intense pain while bending the thumbs or fingers
● Constant stiffness in the fingers
● Redness and soreness around the trip and base of your fingers
● Difficulty in maintaining a grip while holding objects
● Swollen palms or fingers
● A bulky lump due to swelling

Best essential oils for trigger finger

1. Basil Essential oil

Many of you might know about the Basil Essential oil which is primarily extracted from the holy basil leaves. Considering its potency the Essential oil is extracted using the steam distillation method and has phenomenon properties to deal with a variety of Health and skin care concerns. Talking specifically about trigger fingers, Basil Essential oil assists you in numerous ways. Well, to be clear this Basil is not the one you use to make your oh-so-scrumptious pasta or pesto sauce. This Basil usually works to bind the protein in your body which further eliminates the chances of pain and swelling. Additionally, Basil Essential oil possesses major anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties that deal with the condition of the trigger finger. No wonder people value basil Essential oil's properties as it restores your original finger and helps you feel calm.

2. Ginger Essential oil for trigger finger

Are you searching for the best essential oils for trigger fingers that have amazing benefits for your health too? Well, Ginger Essential oil is the one you need to make an amazing difference to your health-related concerns. The Essential oil is widely recognized for tackling nausea, dizziness, and digestive issues including acidity, gas, bloating, and other health disorders. But did you know that Ginger oil also brings out the best in you by eliminating the chances of a trigger finger or reducing its symptoms in the long run? Well, studies have revealed that Ginger Essential oil promotes heat in your body as it is warming in nature. The properties of the Essential oil instantly calm the stiffness in the trigger finger and help your finger move effortlessly. Not only this but it also prevents the finger from other symptoms of trigger finger by eradicating swelling discomfort and inflammation.

3. Wintergreen Essential oil

winter green oil

Another great addition to the list of best essential oils for trigger fingers is wintergreen oil. This Essential oil might be a new one on your vanity but it has crazy benefits for health-related problems researchers have found that wintergreen Essential oil majorly helps to eradicate the inflammation swelling and pain associated with the trigger finger. Well, that's not it applying the Essential oil topically after proper dilution visibly helps to reduce stiffness and allows gentle movement of the fingers. The active compounds present in wintergreen oil are high in essential properties that are more or less similar to the anti-inflammatory and other medicines available in the pharmacy. Using wintergreen Essential oil to tackle trigger fingers offers immense release in just a few applications. However, as a disclaimer, we would like to add that the Essential oil is quite strong and the fragrance might churn in your head.

4. Frankincense Essential oil

How about using the immensely beneficial frankincense Essential oil for the trigger finger? Known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antifungal properties the Essential oil is known to treat a variety of ailments. Well, that's not it. It also brings down the inflammation and swelling due to the trigger finger. Extracted using the steam distillation method from the raisin or gum of the Frankincense tree, the essential oil performs incredibly well for health concerns.

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Talking about trigger fingers, one should always avoid the overuse of fingers if they feel restless. Also depending on the severity of the condition one can opt for other treatments or even surgery in major cases. But for now, in the initial phase, you can try 100% pure and organic essential oils from Moksha Essentials.