Argan Oil For Acne-Prone Skin: A Miracle Solution?


Is it a contradictory fact that oils can be applied to your skin for amazing benefits? Well, many people argue about applying oil on already acne-prone oily or combination skin types. While it is surprising but a real fact that argan oil does work wonders for Acne-prone skin. Is organ oil good for Acne is everyone concerned these days? Thankfully now we have an answer that argan oil is not just hyped because of its name of liquid gold. It is a gold-quality oil that promises spotless and clear skin with its mind-blowing nourishing qualities. Argan Oil is truly a magical product that works for acne-prone skin. Does that sound weird? Well, it shouldn't. It is because argan oil is a great ingredient for Acne-prone skin. The oil is purely based on plants and is derived from the ripe nuts of the argan tree. The oil is a rich source of essential vitamins carotene phenolic compounds and other fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6.

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Apart from all the goodness that argon oil has for your skin, it does an amazing job for your hair as well. Argan oil has conditioning and moisturizing properties which instantly tames frizzy and dry hair. Not only this but it also helps in hair growth and that's why argan oil for scalp and argan oil for hair growth is a much-raved combo. Likewise, it does wonders for your skin.

Is Argan Oil Good For Acne-Prone Skin?

Acne-prone skin is usually a reason for clogged pores with a bunch of bacterial infections. When the bacteria comes out on the skin visibly it turns into cystic acne or pimples. This further leads to the excess production of oil in your skin and blackheads and whiteheads. The acne-causing bacteria is truly harmful and might lead to severe inflammation on your skin. However not anymore because we have the only pure argan oil for Acne-prone skin.

Argan oil is a great one for acne-prone skin as it has some amazing benefits. The oil is rich in antioxidants nutrients and what not and it amazingly transforms your skin from dull and dehydrated to spotless and glowing. However, using it directly on acne-prone skin might cause irritation or bursts of pimples in very rare cases. So as skin care specialists we always recommend you to do a patch test and see if argan oil suits acne-prone skin or not. Also, our piece of advice is to use high-quality and 100% pure argan oil to keep your skin safe from the cheap quality ones.

Benefits Of Argan Oil For Oily Acne-Prone Skin

Here are a whole lot of benefits that argan oil presents for Acne-prone skin. So, here we go:

1. Controls Excess Oil Production

Did you know that argan oil does help to control the excess oil production in your skin? Argan oil controls sebum production and thereafter prevents acne and pimples on your skin. Not only this but studies have revealed that argan oil is non-comedogenic. This simply means that it does not clog your pores at any cost it is very safe for your skin. So, next time you search for the best carrier oil for Acne-prone skin do not forget to add argan oil to your list.

2. Rich Source Of Antioxidants

Argan oil is such a savior for Acne-prone skin as it is rich in antioxidants. The power plant carrier oil helps to protect the skin cells from damage and also reduces oxidation. Since the oil has essential antioxidants like Vitamin E it helps to clear up acne faster than ever. Not only this but it also leads to healthy glowing and spotless skin in just a few weeks. But make sure to use pure organ oil diligently on acne-prone skin to see visible results over some time. It will simultaneously help to clear blemishes and acne scars on your skin.

3. Natural Treatment For Acne

Argan oil serves as a natural treatment for Acne-prone skin. The power-packed formula unlike other expensive products has amazing properties and long-term effects. Not only this but argan oil truly lives up to your expectations as it creates a barrier on your skin that protects it from environmental factors. It also maintains suppleness on your skin thereby locking in all the moisture and reducing oiliness.

4. Promotes Soft Skin


Soft skin and that too on an acne-prone barrier is a daunting task. With pure argan oil for acne-prone skin, there are no chances of side effects or dehydrated skin. You simply need a few drops of pure argan oil and apply it on your damp skin to promote soft and breathable skin. It also combats damaged skin cells and rejuvenates them for softer and smoother-looking skin.

5. Antibacterial Properties

Argan oil has potent antibacterial properties. Yes, you heard it right. The powerful formula has antibacterial qualities which fight fungal and bacterial infections on your skin. Not only this but it also boosts your skin health and promotes the immunity of your skin thereby keeping it acne-free. So next time when you use treatment for Acne-prone skin make sure to dilute algan oil with an Essential oil of your choice to combat acne and pimples.

6. Enhances Skin Elasticity

The elasticity of your skin major depends on how your skin feels and its overall health. Argan oil keeps your skin feeling hydrated and soft and hence improves skin elasticity and hydration. It has major moisturizing properties with does not make your skin look oily or greasy at any cost. Instead, it provides a hydrolipidic layer that balances your skin and makes it look fresh, spotless, and radiant.

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We are finally nearing the end of the series and it is a fact that argan oil is a great ingredient for Acne-prone skin. Using argan oil to clear blemishes breakouts and even pimples is a great natural remedy. However, if you are sensitive or allergic to carrier oil for acne-prone skin make sure to stay away from it or dilute it with any other Essential oil. Moksha Essentials offers 100% pure carrier oils and essential oils for all skin types. These oils are a great choice for your skin and it benefits it to the core. However, using it diligently is your course.