Hydrosols | Certified Organic

Hydrosols | Certified Organic

Order Pure Organic Wholesale Hydrosols Oils in USA From MokshaEssentials

Moksha Essential’s is one of the premium suppliers of natural floral waters which are often used in the Beauty, Health and Wellness Industry. Based our of Herndon (Virginia), we have manufacturing facilities in India and ship to all over USA and Canada from our central warehouse in India. Moksha is proud to be one of the first few companies to start Floral water online delivery not only in USA but worldwide using our large network of shippers and warehouses.

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The term “Hydrosol” is coined by combining two words “Hydro”, the latin word for water, and “sol”, the latin word for solution. Hydrosols are natural waters which are produced during steam distillation of plant materials like flowers, leaves, bark etc. They are produced during the same steam distillation process which is used for extraction of essential oils. The major constituent of hydrosol is water with fine traces of essential oils which gives hydrosols fragrant aroma. Distilling of hydrosols is an energy intensive process and Moksha ensures proper quality and low temperature distilling of hydrosols to ensure the best product.

Pure hydrosols are also termed as Floral waters and is the water based byproduct obtained during the extraction process. Various factors may affect the quality of hydrosols. These include quality of the plant particle, heat of the distillation, length of distillation process, and so on.

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The best hydrosol is as pure and unadulterated as possible. These possess similar properties like that of essential oils but are comparatively less concentrated due to them being the distillates with approximately 0.5 to 0.8% Essential Oil content in them. Their aromas are soft and subtle in comparison to essential oils. Moksha’s Hydrosols are crafted by experienced distillers who specialize in water and steam distillation and extraction of botanicals. These are then concentrated 5x-10x times to make them cost effective for shipping purposes.

We offer a wide range of USDA Certified Organic Hydrosols with over 75 varieties of pure steam distilled floral waters. From luxurious Rose to refreshing Peppermint, Calming Chamomile, and woody Rosewood, you can certainly find the aroma of your choice.

Pure Floral water bottles offer a wide array of skin care benefits and possess uplifting aromatherapy properties. They are often used as single ingredients in in mist form in perfumes, face mists, room sprays, linen sprays  and aromatherapy sprays. Essential oil hydrosols can be added in formulations like creams, lotions, shampoo, conditioner etc instead of water. They not only add light aroma to the product but also add therapeutic benefits.

Explore The Health Benefits Of Organic Wholesale Hydrosols

Face Mist: Hydrosols are often used as single ingredients in mist form. These can be used as Face mist or Toner for their antibacterial and astringent properties.

Body Spray: You can spray hydrosol as body spray and make your own natural, organic body mist. These not only provide soothing aroma but also provide therapeutic benefits from their natural aroma. Many people now carry floral water bottles as personal deodorant or body spray to get benefit of Moksha’s organic hydrosols.

Room Mist: Floral waters can also be used as Room spray or Linen spray to freshen your surrounding and provide therapeutic benefits. Floral water bottles are popular to carry in person to use as natural room freshener nowadays as well.

Hydrosols for Skin: Organic hydrosols can be used in skin care products such as face masks, body lotions, cold creams etc. We are detailing details about benefits of hydrosols below.

Creams and Lotions: Pure hydrosols can be added to skincare products like Creams, Lotions, and other skin care products. They contain properties like antibacterial, astringent etc which helps treat various skin conditions like dryness, dark spots etc. They also contain rejuvenating properties which helps keep skin hydrated and supple.

Skin Care Masks: You can use your favourite hydrosol as a wetting agent instead of water in fresh face mask recipe. These can be easily added to make simple clay facial mask with just two ingredients – clay and hydrosol.

Hair Care: Floral water are found in many hair care formulations like curl gel, hair spray, leave in conditioner etc as they provide benefits like dandruff reduction, hair softening or conditioning properties. There are some essential oil hydrosols like Neroli hydrosol which have excellent cleansing properties which help cleanse scalp due to their astringent properties. They can also be used to reduce irritation and inflammation to certain extent.

Soap Making: Using hydrosols in soap making helps enhance the natural scent of the soap. In addition to providing soothing aroma to soap, these also provide benefits for skin like moisturization, reduce inflammation etc. These can also be added to foaming soaps to incorporate gentle aroma and properties.

Hydrosols for Cats: Many brands are now using hydrosols for cats and for dogs and other pets as well. Rose hydrosol, Catnip hydrosol and others are very popular for feline products and our catnip hydrosol is a great attractant for cats.

Buy Hydrosols Floral Water Bottles Online In USA From Moksha Essentials

Wholesale prices: Moksha’s pure essential oil hydrosols are available online at best prices. We are suppliers of pure floral waters and offer wide range of organic hydrosols for sale in bulk at wholesale prices. You can now shop for pure steam distilled hydrosols in bulk quantities at wholesale prices in USA with full confidence.

Wide Variety: We offer over 75 varieties of hydrosols for sale and are proud to have widest selection in the industry. These organic floral waters can be used for a wide variety of purposes each having its own property and benefit.

No Artificial Fragrance: Our floral water are 100% pure and free from any artificial fragrance. They are extracted as a by-product during steam distillation of essential oils . They are holistically and ethically produced in order to ensure that customer gets 100% pure and natural floral water. Moksha Essentials is the top choice out of all hydrosols suppliers in the USA due to this reason.

Lab Tested: Moksha’s essential oil hydrosols are tested in our in-house lab for purity and quality. All of our hydrosol are also USDA certified organic and are backed by certificates of analysis and Material Safety Data Sheets for proof of quality and transparency.  We can proudly claim these as the best hydrosols for sale online.

Preservative Free: These are 5-10x concentrated using our patent technology and have low ph and therefore do not require preservation. We recommend our customers to dilute them before use as these can cause skin irritation and then add natural preservative like Geogard ECT to maintain their shelf life.

Eco-friendly packaging: Moksha Essentials follows best industry packaging for our products to ensure that your order reaches you safely. We try and incorporate eco-friendly packaging to keep up with our motto of keeping things natural. This makes us stand out from other hydrosols suppliers in the US.

Easy Payment Structure: You can easily buy hydrosols online using our safe and secure payment portal. We offer various payment options via Paypal on checkout for ease of mind for our customers.

Pan USA Delivery: You can buy floral waters online from our store from any part of the USA and we will deliver the products to you within 8-10 days. We use trusted courier partners such as DHL and FedEx and ship using Priority mode to ensure safety during shipping. DHL and FedEx have approved us to make hydrosols online delivery anywhere in the US using their services due to our premium and safe packaging which avoids any leakage during shipping. 

Get Floral Waters Online Delivery From The Best Hydrosol Suppliers in USA - Moksha Essentials 

Moksha Essentials is one of the leading hydrosol suppliers in USA and offer a wide selection of floral water bottles online. Our bulk hydrosols do not have addition of preservative or synthetic chemicals and thus are pure, unadulterated and organic. Our wide selection of wholesale hydrosols is of highest quality and offer therapeutic benefits.

We apply high packaging standards using our large network of trusted shipping companies like DHL, Fedex to ensure fast and secure delivery all over USA. You can shop for our pure hydrosols online using safe and secure payment method and get them delivered doorstep.

Moksha essentials provide premium quality products at affordable rates and deliver organic hydrosols all over USA at wholesale prices to leading as well as home based businesses.


What are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols or Floral Waters are distillates that are left behind after steam distillation of Essential Oils. They are the water that is left over from the distillation process and contains small amounts of the water soluble portion of the essential oil dispersed in them. 

How are Moksha Essentials Bulk Hydrosols made?

Following the distillation process, Moksha uses a proprietary technique to concentrate to our hydrosols to 5x to 10x levels compared to regular floral waters. This is done by boiling off the excess water to increase the concentration of the essential oil in the hydrosols.

Why are Moksha’s Bulk Hydrosols Concentrated and how can I use them to get the regular floral waters?

The concentration process helps to reduce Storage and Shipping costs for the hydrosols and also extend their shelf life since the pH level is reduced after concentration. The only disadvantage of the concentration process is that the hydrosols become milky or translucent after this.

But you can simply get a clear transparent floral water by just diluting the hydrosols with filtered or distilled water.

Please note that if diluting, then it is recommended that you add a natural preservative such as Geogard ECT 1% by weight of the final diluted product.

What are Hydrosols used for?

Hydrosols are a dynamic product which can be used to replace water in cosmetic formulations or as a face/body mist, linen spray, anti mosquito spray, etc

How to Use Hydrosols?

You can either use them directly, or if needed dilute and then use in your personal care and cosmetic formulations!

Where to buy the best Hydrosols? Which company is best for hydrosols online delivery?

Moksha Essentials online store is the best place to order hydrosols online and get delivery within 7 working days.

How are you different from Young Living Hydrosols or Plant Therapy Hydrosols?

Moksha Essentials is one of the largest manufacturers of bulk hydrosols and provide to many brands and businesses worldwide. While they also sell hydrosols young living is a retail company and does not own its production plants. That is why Moksha Essentials provides the best prices for hydrosols compared to any one in the industry.

Can you mix Hydrosols? 

Yes absolutely. Since hydrosols are completely inert, they can easily be mixed with each other to make your own exotic and unique hydrosol blends. For example, you can blend lavender, rosemary and neroli hydrosols to make a unique exotic hydrosol spray. You can also blend lemongrass, citronella and thyme hydrosols to make an anti-mosquito spray. Follow our blog to see various ideas of how to blend hydrosols and formulations which you can adopt to make your own as well.

How long do wholesale Hydrosols last?

Moksha guarantees a minimum shelf life of 1 year from the date of supply. You can also refrigerate the hydrosols to increase shelf life by 2-3 months. If you dilute the hydrosols with filtered/distilled water, then you must add a natural preservative such as Geogard ECT 1% by weight of the final diluted product to keep the claimed shelf life intact.

Which are some of the best hydrosol suppliers in the USA?

Moksha Essentials is one of the premium suppliers but some others you can get from are Young Living hydrosols and Plant therapy hydrosols.