Tanning Bliss: Shea Butter Secrets For You


Tanning, sunburn, and itchy skin can destroy your natural skin barrier. Keeping your barrier safe and protecting it from detruncating sunburn and tan is essential. But how do we do that it is very important to ditch the chemical and toxic ingredients for your skin and rely on natural remedies like shea butter for tanning. Yes, you heard it right. Shea butter is a natural formulation that not only helps you achieve glowing and spotless skin but also reduces tanning to a great extent. While you might not have heard of the benefits of Shea Butter for skin it is important to know that it does wonders for your tanned body. Today we will explore some of the amazing benefits of Shea butter for tanning and its usage for maximum benefits.

Shea butter is primarily rich in anti-inflammatory properties which helps to soothe burns, cuts, wounds, and itchy skin. Additionally, it also tackles several skin conditions and one of them is Tan. Sunburn and regular exposure to harmful UV rays may lead to intense timing on the open parts of your body. This further degrades the texture of your skin and also leads to skin damage. Thankfully organic shea butter for tanning helps to improve your skin barrier and contains vital nutrients that enhance soft and smooth skin. Not only this but regular application of Shea butter reduces sun tan drastically. But as always we recommend you include other products containing Kojic acid, vitamin C, and AHA/BHA to get drastic improvements in a short period.

Is Shea butter good for tanning? 

It's a constant battle of natural ingredients when it comes to severe skin conditions like tanning. While talking about Shea butter it is important to know that it does help to soothe sunburn and tan and reduces it with regular usage. Regular exposure to light leads to darkness in some parts of your skin and comes out as tanning. Using shea butter in this case is truly beneficial. It helps to improve your skin texture with its moisturizing properties. Apart from this it also heals itchiness, irritation, redness, and burnt skin to a great extent. So including Shea butter for turning in your routine comes with various benefits.

Is Raw Shea Butter good for tanning at the beach?

If we talk specifically about RAW Shea butter for tanning at the beach then it is quite hard to predict. Shea butter improves your skin texture and reduces tanning over time. But the tan that you get on the beach, especially from the harmful UV radiations of the sun may turn your skin intensely red and dark. Recovering from the beach tan can be a long process. Yes, shea butter helps in the process but it cannot be considered as the sole remedy for tanning at the beach. One must include other favorable ingredients like aloe vera gel, essential oils for tanning, and other natural carrier oils that shorten the period of the healing process.

Benefits Of Shea Butter for Tanning

Sun tan can become worse if not treated on time. It can lead to severe inflammation, itchiness, and redness all around your skin. So make sure to use shea butter for tanning and here are some benefits of using it. 

1. Ideal for sensitive skin 

Sensitive skin usually catches up on tan and sunburn at a faster rate than normal skin types. To cure it and to get instant relief use raw shea butter for tanning. Shea butter provides a calming sensation to the tanned area and also reduces the chances of rashes and itchiness. It is great for sensitive-skinned people. Since it has a low melting point it effortlessly sinks into your skin and leaves no feeling of greasiness or oiliness. Guess what Shea butter for tanning also does not clog your pores. So you can be assured of applying it on every part of your skin. 

2. Repairs the damaged skin barrier


You have a damaged skin barrier that needs instant repairing ingredients. Sun tan usually damages the skin barrier and leads to dry and irritated skin. Thankfully shea butter comes to the rescue in this case. It helps to repair the damaged skin barrier and it contains potent vitamins like vitamin A and Vitamin E.

3. Reduces inflammation

Bid farewell to inflammation and other serious skin conditions like Eczema and rashes with African shea butter for the skin. Sun tan can lead to serious inflammation and other skin disorders which might take a very long time to heal. But with the help of Shea butter, you can be assured of the recovery process as it tackles several skin conditions. Shea butter is rich in healing qualities along with antioxidant minerals and vitamins that restore the original skin texture. It moisturizes the skin well. It also reduces irritation and inflammation associated with sun tan.

4. Moisturizes the skin

Do you want an all-rounder treatment to moisturize your skin along with reducing tanning and inflammation? We have got you covered. At Moksha Essentials, we offer organic shea butter for skin which is rich in vitamins along with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. All these qualities of Shea butter make it a versatile ingredient in the beauty industry. It helps to moisturize dry skin and sinks in like a dream. Several people use chia butter for diaper rash for their babies as it calms the itchiness around their genitals. Using shea butter for a tan at the beach is a very effective remedy with other powerful ingredients.


Shea butter is such a saviour for all skin types especially if it is stand and needs instant relief. This versatile ingredient keeps your skin soft and moisturized all day long. Using shea butter for tanning helps and that's why one must always consider pure quality Shea butter. Moksha Essentials offers pure shea butter along with other kinds of butter, carrier oils, and essential oils. Check them out.