Tangerine Oil: A Natural Remedy For Luscious Hair


Envision yourself gliding your fingers through a lion’s mane of plush, vibrant tresses that are head-turning and dominating. For most of us, attaining this desirable hair nirvana seems like a pipe dream since we strive for dullness, droughtiness, and damaged scalps. Tangerine oil is the ultimate hair care game-changer due to its sweet citrusy scent and strong antioxidant properties. With tangerine oil, you can nourish your strands, protect them from harmful elements, promote their healthy growth, and say goodbye to dandruff all in one go, it is like Pandora’s box of perks opened. Tangerine Essential Oil is one of the lesser-known oils but has tremendous potential in terms of promoting healthy luscious locks. This sweet-tangy oil is derived from peels of tangerines which act as a natural antiseptic, and antifungal having an antioxidant blend like no other.

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The beauty of tangerine oil when used on the hair or scalp is that it penetrates the hair shaft thus nourishing it right at the root level while encouraging blood flow at the same time. This enables stronger hair follicles through better circulation thus lessening flaking off along with itchiness; even leading to new sprouts on our heads. Tangerine oil has a refreshing and lifting scent which is not only meant to cater to your hair but also boosts mood making one feel more energised and confident. We will now plunge into the surprising facts concerning tangerine oil that makes it so beneficial when used on hair and your locks will look more alive, healthy, and glamorous than ever.

Benefits of tangerine oil for hair

1. Hair growth promoter

Tangerine oil, as an organic stimulator of hair growth, improves blood flow to the scalp, thereby promoting healthier and stronger hair follicles. By using it regularly you can have fuller hair instead of thinning strands. What makes this possible is how the oil boosts collagen synthesis in the body; a protein that’s crucial to maintaining healthy growing hair. In addition, by inducing the production of collagen, tangerine oil assists in preventing breakage or fallout by strengthening the roots of the hairs. This along with equalizing natural pH levels on one's head creates perfect conditions for long and strong manes to grow. Such properties as being antifungal and antibacterial make this oil effective against such scalp problems as dandruff, itchiness, or irritation that hinder the normal growth of one’s hair.

2. Shiny hair

With tangerine oil, your hair will become a vibrant and healthy mane that turns heads. In addition to looking amazing, the oil ensures that your locks feel incredibly silky and soft as well. In this case, try imagining running your fingers through your hair; you feel the smooth strands glide effortlessly between your fingertips; you catch glimpses of yourself in the mirror marveling at the stunning shine coming from within. Therefore, with tangerine oil, one can say goodbye to dull lackluster hair and welcome luscious glowing locks.

3. Removes dandruff

For most people who suffer from dandruff and flakes, it is a nightmare of hair care that leaves you frustrated and self-conscious. It contains natural antifungal and antibacterial properties that help fight against dandruff which includes fungal infection and product buildup. Adding tangerine oil into your hair care routine can result in a significant diminution of flaking and scaling, leading to a soothed and calm scalp. Furthermore, the scent of tangerine oil is citrusy, leaving your hair smelling fresh and clean which will give you confidence. 

4. Soothes itchy scalp


This citrus superstar has antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory properties that are great at soothing irritated scalps and getting rid of itchiness. Incorporating tangerine oil into your hair care routine allows you to wave goodbye to an itchy scalp that makes you uncomfortable and ashamed while saying hello to a composed, collected, cool you. Simply blend a few drops of tangerine oil with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil then gently massage onto the head for instant relief.

5. Reduces frizz

The presence of antioxidants and fatty acids in tangerine oil makes it an excellent choice for smoothing out the cuticle thereby making one’s locks silky while also looking luscious. Tangerine oil applied on hair assists in weighing down strands hence reducing frizz as well as flyaways. In this regard, bad hair days become something of the past while sleeping up becomes part of reality with head-turning polished manes. Also, tangerine oil has a sweet and tangy smell that will make your hair fresh, and cleaner; this is why it is very good for your hair care routine. When there is humidity, dryness, or even simple hair problems, tangerine oil serves as the best anti-frizz warrior for your hair.

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1) How to use tangerine oil on hair? 

You can also add several drops of tangerine oil to your preferred shampoo or conditioner if you want extra nourishment. Alternatively, mix it with any carrier oil such as coconut or olive oils for pre-shampoo treatment or hair mask. Wait for about 30 minutes to an hour then clean so that you see how silky and soft they are after rinsing your head.

2) Should you dilute tangerine oil before use? 

Because tangerine oil is highly concentrated, it should be diluted in some carrier oils like olive one before applying on hair/scalp. Skin allergy can result from undiluted usage let alone skin irritation and even possible hair harm. Therefore, people with sensitive skin or allergies should test patches before using this product to eliminate adverse reactions.