Stomach Flu SOS: Essential Oils for Fast Relief and Recovery

Stomach Flu SOS: Essential Oils for Fast Relief and Recovery

Summers are around the corner and so is the condition of stomach flu which is usually triggered by unhealthy eating and loading your body with excessive junk. If you are also tired of the upset stomach and the flu that comes with it, here's a natural way that might help you in the long run. Yes, you heard it right. The best essential oils for stomach flu are packed with phenomenal properties that instantly provide beneficial effects to your body. Through stomach flu, you can also go through nausea abdominal pain, diarrhea vomiting dizziness, and other gastrointestinal problems. Thankfully the rich essential oils for stomach flu are here to the rescue. These essential oils elevate the symptoms of stomach ache and also promote the healing process. Additionally, we will also explore the ways to use the essential oils for a wonderful blend that performs incredibly well.

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Are Essential Oils for Stomach Flu Effective?

You may have countless questions about the efficacy of essential oils for stomach flu. Well, to be precise essential oils have anecdotal evidence that supports its effectiveness in curing stomach ache and flu. Additionally, scientific evidence has also concluded that essential oils are packed with medicinal properties and also have antiemetic qualities that initially help to cure infections in the stomach tackle stomach aches, and help to get rid of the flu. Some of the best essential oils are also great and ideal for tackling other health disorders. So overall using essential oils for health concerns is YAY and one should always adore its effectiveness.

Best Essential Oils for Stomach Flu

If you are wondering what essential oils are good for stomach ache or stomach flu then we have a list of the best of them mentioned below.

1. Ginger Essential oil for stomach flu

If there is one Essential oil that you need in your life to get rid of all things stomach concerns then Ginger Essential oil can be a perfect choice. Ginger oil as everyone knows has a long history of being used in the medicinal industry. Widely known for its anti-inflammatory and antiemetic properties the Essential oil has scientific evidence that supports its potency. Additionally, clinical trials have revealed that Ginger Essential oil works great to provide relief from stomach flu stomach aches, and other infections. As per studies, Ginger Essential oil is packed with an important compound known as gingerol-10. This compound is mainly responsible for treating vomiting, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and even stomach aches. The Essential oil also includes zingerol, shogaol, and other strong compounds that assist in reducing the problem of acidity bloating and gas.

2. Peppermint Essential oil for stomach ache

Another Essential oil that performs like a charm and helps to reduce stomach flu is peppermint Essential oil. Peppermint oil has soothing and cooling properties as it contains menthol which instantly calms your gastrointestinal muscles. Not only this but the Essential oil also reduces stomach flu and stomach ache and promotes digestion. The cooling properties of this Essential oil come in very handy as it relieves the discomfort in the stomach. Once you combine peppermint Essential oil with a career oil you can simply massage it on the abdomen and get rid of the stomach issues. Alternatively, you can also add a drop of peppermint Essential oil to your herbal tea to get rid of excessive heat in your body which ultimately bids farewell to stomach flu.

3. Spearmint oil

You have another Essential oil from the mint family that alleviates the concern and also offers prominent benefits for your body. Are you wondering which Essential oil we are talking about? Well, spearmint Essential oil for stomach flow also contains menthol and is tried and tested to provide relief from stomach aches. Not only this but the Essential oil also has antiemetic properties that help to deal with a variety of symptoms associated with stomach flu. While providing relief from stomach disorders the Essential oil also offers benefits that ultimately tackle gastrointestinal problems like acidity, bloating, and gas.

4. Lavender Essential oil

We have the holy grail lavender Essential oil  for stomach flu and its incredible benefits will blow your mind. Lavender oil has been widely recognized for its therapeutic and multiple health benefits. But did you know that the Essential oil also helps you to get rid of stomach aches, stomach flu, and other digestive concerns? Well, studies have revealed that lavender Essential oil contains a strong compound known as Linalool. This compound is mainly responsible for its therapeutic properties and for relieving the symptoms of stomach flu like nausea, dizziness, and bloating. On another note lavender Essential oil for stress and anxiety is also used as it eases the symptoms quite prominently and also performs excellently to keep health concerns at bay. The other compounds present in lavender Essential oil also offer antiemetic effects on the body which ultimately improves your health over time.

5. Fennel oil for stomach flu

fennel oil for stomach flu

Fennel Essential oil is quite famous for its digestive properties as fennel is usually offered at the last after leaving the restaurants. It is quite obvious that fennel is provided so that your digestive system is on track and you can visit the hotels more often. With their prime benefit of accumulating consumers, fennel Essential oil also acts as an antidiarrheal agent that effectively cures stomach flu and stomach aches. Not only this but fennel oil also contains strong compounds and terpenoids including limonene that effectively manage to mitigate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

6. Eucalyptus Essential oil

Another essential oil that performs wonderfully to cure digestive concerns is Eucalyptus Essential oil. Renowned for its respiratory benefits the Essential oil is a useful agent that effectively cures stomach flu. Not only this but the Essential oil also offers a refreshing and stimulating Aroma along with expectorant properties that majorly reduce nausea and dizziness. Many people usually add eucalyptus Essential oil to their bathtub of warm water to experience its soothing and pacifying benefits.

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Wrapping off the series of best essential oils for stomach flu the list might go on and on. However, today we have mentioned the best of them which you can use in your routine or occasionally to get rid of stomach aches. These essential oils are very effective in their work and are true to their claims. However, the quality of essential oils also plays a very important role in proving their effectiveness. So, make sure to grab the best essential oils available at Moksha Essentials.


Q1. Can I use essential oils for stomachaches daily?
You can use essential oils for stomachaches. But using them daily might affect your digestive health. So if you are going through stomach flu or any such concerns make sure to use essential oils occasionally. So that your body doesn't go through anything bad.

Q2. Are essential oils safe for stomach flu?
Answer: Yes, they are. If you use essential oils in an optimal quantity they are quite effective.