High Altitude Relief: Best Essential Oils for Alleviating Altitude Sickness

High Altitude Relief: Best Essential Oils for Alleviating Altitude Sickness

Going to the mountains for a pacifying vacation sounds satisfying. But for many people, this isn't going to last for a long run. Do you know why? Well, a lot of people go through altitude sickness which mainly ruins their experience and also builds fear in their mind. The problem of attitude sickness is very common and is a real one, especially for mountaineers who are just beginning their journey and even experienced ones. Well, this condition is quite evident and today we will have a look at the ways to tackle it effectively without the need of a therapist or any treatments. So, are you ready to check out? Today we will list down the best essential oils for altitude sickness which are very effective in the long run and also reduce your anxiety and hangover.

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So if you are planning any trip to mountains or places which are on peak then you might know about altitude sickness. Many people go through it, and some do not even know about it. So basically altitude sickness is like feeling anxious and hungover when going to heights. Some people experience extreme dizziness headaches and nausea while moving up above the sky. This is commonly known as altitude sickness which also leads to low oxygen levels and provokes your body to build extra hemoglobin which helps the body to sustain. However, this process happens way too fast and the blood turns out to be thicker over time. Further, the thick blood makes it quite difficult for the heart to pump oxygen to several parts of the body. This further leads to altitude sickness.

When you go to high peaks, the production of oxygen becomes less and the air turns out to be thinner than expected. In such cases, the body produces hemoglobin at a faster rate while trying to adapt to various changes including heart rate, fast breathing patterns, and high blood pressure. These conditions lead to altitude sickness and in some cases might also provoke any health disease. It is better to avoid going to high altitudes if you are a heart patient. But other than that one can visit there and include the best essential oils for altitude sickness in their Routine.

Symptoms of Altitude Sickness

You might need to be made aware of the main symptoms of altitude sickness. So, here are some of them.

● Fast breathing patterns or breathlessness
● Dizziness
● Constant headache
● Palpitations in Heart
● Improper thinking and low concentration level
● Lethargic
● Appetite loss
● Vomiting
● Insomnia and swelling

Best Essential Oils for Altitude Sickness

So these were some of the major symptoms of altitude sickness and now is the time to discover a solution for the same. Presenting you with very strong yet effective essential oils for altitude sickness.

1. Lemon Essential oil

Let's begin with a citrus Essential oil which is widely used for aroma therapy practices because of its uplifting fragrance. Essential oil is an ideal choice to tackle altitude sickness as it offers a refreshing aroma. Not only this but, lemon essential oil is an excellent choice for aroma therapy massages. As per a study conducted in 2014, the results have demonstrated that lemon Essential oil substantially reduces the chances of nausea and dizziness. Not only this but the Essential oil saws as a perfect dietary supplement as well so if you are looking for an oil that enhances relaxation and also improves your mood at high altitudes then, refer to lemon Essential oil.

2. Lavender Essential oil

The very was a tile and holly grail lavender Essential oil is a staple to the Mediterranean regions. Guess what Aroma therapist has routed this Essential oil for its exemplary benefits for your health. Are you wondering what benefits lavender Essential oil offers? Known for its relaxing properties the Essential oil effectively tackles the stress and anxiety triggered due to altitude sickness. Additionally, lavender Essential oil also promotes relaxation and helps you sleep like a baby without any disturbances. Studies have concluded that lavender Essential oil has a soothing effect on your nerves which majorly discharges negative sleep effects dizziness nausea and other major symptoms of altitude sickness. The floral fragrance of lavender Essential oil serves as a calming therapy for millions of people. So we recommend you diffuse pure and high-quality lavender Essential oil from Moksha Essentials in a diffuser to bid farewell to attitude sickness.

3. Eucalyptus Essential oil

Another great Essential oil which is very popular for its uses in the aromatherapy industry is Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus Essential oil is great for people who suffer from respiratory issues. Yes, you heard it right. Eucalyptus Essential oil is known to ease breathlessness and control breathing patterns. Additionally, it also helps to purify the bronchial route while offering mild effects to deal with symptoms of altitude sickness. A recent study concluded that inhaling eucalyptus Essential oil consistently helps to reduce blood pressure, manage heart rate, and also tackle pain in patients. However, one should not do it regularly as a routine, as it might lead to other problems. People who go through altitude sickness usually suffer from a lot and that's where eucalyptus Essential oil does its job like a pro. Thyme Essential oil relaxes our muscles and pacifies our minds.

4. Peppermint Essential oil for altitude sickness

peppermint oil

How can we not mention peppermint Essential oil which is renowned for its cooling effect on the body? Packed with a potent compound known as menthol the Essential oil has been known to relieve migraine issues dizziness fatigue and pain. Peppermint Essential oil is also known to tackle the stress and anxiety due to altitude sickness. In a study conducted in 2013, researchers revealed that peppermint Essential oil supports phenomenal respiratory health and also enhances your breathing patterns over time.

5. Thyme Essential oil

A highly underrated Essential oil known for its medicinal properties has prominent benefits for people who suffer from altitude sickness. We are talking about thyme Essential oil. Time oil for altitude sickness has been used for years because of its soothing properties and impeccable advantages. Essential oil majorly supports your immune system and minimizes the symptoms of altitude sickness. Not only this but the Essential oil effectively promotes blood circulation in the body.

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It's finally time to get rid of the fear of altitude sickness. These are the best essential oils mentioned above that help in the long run to alleviate altitude sickness. But if you are new to the Essential oil industry make sure to opt for a quality-oriented product. At Moksha Essentials, we offer 100% pure essential oils for altitude sickness you can simply diffuse or use with a carrier oil for promising benefits.