Herpes Healing: Best Essential Oils for Managing Breakouts Naturally

Herpes Healing: Best Essential Oils for Managing Breakouts Naturally

Inflammation around the lips or herpes Breakout can be quite disturbing. These are simply blisters that are highly inflamed and usually found around the mouth area. Not only this but these blisters are triggered by HSV. Researchers are making great progress in identifying a vaccine to eliminate this condition. On another note, one can also try prescripted medications or simply the best natural remedies for herpes breakout. Yes, you heard it right natural remedies are the ones that are extracted directly from the plant which are unadulterated and toxin-free. Are you thinking about what these natural remedies are all about? Well, they are none other than the best essential oils for herpes breakouts. Essential oils are potent extracts of plants that are majorly known for their therapeutic properties. Not only this but they also nurture your body with the much-needed nutrition content. Let us know more about them. In basic terms, herpes can lead to itchy and painful blisters on your lips. Although they can be treated using prescripted medicines one should always rely on natural remedies before indulging in medical interventions. Essential oils have been known to have exclusive advantages over meditations. They majorly help to tackle the symptoms of herpes and also make it less evident on the skin. As per a recent study essential oils are used to treat the symptoms of harpers without leading to any side effects with just topical application. You just have to dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil and use it on the affected areas.

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Best essential oils for herpes breakouts

1. Lavender oil

The very famous and recognized lavender Essential oil has been used in the industry for centuries to reduce skin irritations and tackle the associated inflammation. If you are suffering from herpes breakouts and want an effective solution that doesn't hurt then definitely try lavender Essential oil. Lavender oil has the much-needed nutrients and potent properties that effectively tackle the pain due to herpes breakouts. Additionally, if you use the Essential oil for the first time make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil or even if you use it multiple times dilution is the only way for usage. Studies have also demonstrated that lavender Essential oil is a strong choice to tackle any skin concern that includes severe redness inflammation and outbursts of pus.

2. Peppermint oil for herpes Breakouts

Peppermint Essential oil is the only Essential oil that offers phenomenal cooling effects on your skin. In a recent study, the results concluded that peppermint Essential oil restricts the ability of the growth of herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex virus type 2. The presence of menthol in peppermint Essential oil is a successful treatment for infections associated with herpes. It not only treats the redness and inflammation but also cures the infection from the road. The amazing proper properties of peppermint Essential oil are not restricted to herpes treatment. State the Essential oil works great for other skin infections including acne pustules, pimples, cysts, and pigmentation. Use the essential oils wisely and you will experience the best results from peppermint Essential oil for herpes breakouts.

3.  Eucalyptus Essential oil

Eucalyptus oil is already known for treating various kinds of skin infections. Did you know that it successfully rets the growth of herpes breakout and also soothes the skin? Well, as per studies published by the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, the results have indicated that the usage of eucalyptus Essential oil potentially decreases the redness inflammation, and other severe symptoms linked with herpes breakouts. Additionally, it has major anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which effectively tackle cold sores, and heal the skin faster than ever. Another set of studies has also included the effectiveness of eucalyptus Essential oil as a potent anti-allergic treatment for herpes Breakouts. If you are looking for the best essential oils for genital herpes breakouts then there is nothing better than Eucalyptus oil.

4. Clove Essential oil

Clove Essential oil, known for years for its major properties to tackle tooth pain, also has amazing qualities to get rid of herpes simplex virus. Yes, you heard it right. The sudden outburst of herpes Breakout can lead to severe infection around the mouth which can make it difficult for you to eat or drink anything. However, the case is not the same anymore. Close Essential oil has antiviral, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties which treat the herpes virus along with other viruses including hepatitis C. Studies have claimed that clove Essential oil offers a major anti-viral effect on your skin which majorly helps to reduce the pain linked with blisters. You are wondering about how to use essential oils for herpes Breakout by simply combining them with carrier oil. Ensure that the quantity of essential oils is less than carrier oil.

5. Tea tree Essential oil

tea tree essential oil

Tea tree Essential oil is another great addition to the list of best essential oils for herpes breakouts. According to a recent study, the reviews have concluded the efficacy of tea tree Essential oil. The International Journal of Dermatology has proven that tea tree Essential oil has incredible qualities that successfully treat herpes breakouts. Not only this but the Essential oil also has anti-microbial antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties which first restrict and then majorly stop the bacteria that triggers herpes breakouts. Using tea tree Essential oil is quite simple. Just combine it with the carrier oil and use it around the affected area.

6. Chamomile essential oil

Chamomile Essential oil has phenomenal absorption properties. But how it benefits your blisters is the main question. Herpes breakouts can lead to inflamed skin which also turns red at times. But one should not fret anymore because chamomile Essential oil absorbs deep into the skin and works on the root cause of herpes breakout. The essential oil has major properties which are also useful to treat the drug-resistant strains of this condition. The anti-viral properties successfully combat the virus and stop its growth.

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Managing herpes breakouts is a serious task and one should do all their best to get rid of it. Thankfully the power of essential oils is here which helps you sustainably combat this disease. Alleviating the symptoms is also easy with the best essential oils for herpes breakouts available at Moksha Essentials.